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Posted on January 9, 2021 by martyrashrakat South Front 08.01.2021  On January 8, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) unveiled an underground missile base located on the Persian Gulf coast, in the province of Hormozgan.IRGC Commander-in-Chief Major General Hossein Salami and the guards’ Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri attended the unveiling ceremony. A […]

Celebrate the revolutionary life of Savitri Mai Phule

Greetings to all on revolutionary Savitri Mai Phule Jayanti. Her life is a reminder to all of us to rededicate ourselves the cause of the people on the margin through radical changes particularly through education. That social taboos, gender prejudices are still prevalent even among those who are victims of the brahmanical hierarchical system. It […]

A revolutionary Sindhi peasant leader: Comrade Hyder Bux Jatoi 

The British colonization didn’t only produce the feudal class but also provided them with immense political power in the subcontinent. In 1793, according to Permanent Resettlement Act the lands were declared as the personal property of feudal lords. The British authorities distributed lands among their obedient and loyal ones as gifts. In Sindh, whoever took […]

The Revolutionary Promise Of New Year’s Day

Above image: By Anastasya Eliseeva. In 1804, enslaved Africans seized their freedom on the Caribbean island that became Haiti. It came at an unthinkable cost, but it remains an inspiring example of what popular commitment and organisation can achieve. The celebration of New Year’s Day as a moment to contemplate renewal, usually personal renewal, follows […]

‘We had to get our land back’: Tunisian date farm proves revolutionary bright spot

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Revolutionary Changes Awaiting the Middle East?

17.11.2020  Author: Vladimir Odintsov Although some of Donald Trump’s advisers still believe in his possible victory and support his attempts to fight, their number is gradually decreasing. Trump himself also is gradually realising the fact that the election results will not be canceled, and he has lost these elections… The increasing reality of the failure of […]

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launches aircraft-carrying ship

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Top Coup Experts Training Left with Revolutionary Tactics Ahead of Election

Using their expertise in past coups, professionals who assisted in overthrowing governments globally have developed thorough resources and a radical guide to instruct far-left groups — who have been training for months — in toppling a government.  Under the guise of preventing a coup, left wing groups have been planning their own — if things […]

Fauci’s Revolutionary Ties to Communists/Globalists For After All The Rothschild ZIONISTS Created Communism! Communism is Slavery Which is the Ultimate ZIONIST AGENDA.

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked October 30, 2020 PreviousNextStudies Prove This Root Helps You Sleep and Manage StressLeast Favored Veggies Are Top for Your Heart STORY AT-A-GLANCE A report by Dr. Peter Breggin reveals Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and globalists who have profited from the pandemic measures promoted by […]

A New Revolutionary Alternative For The People Of Venezuela

Above photo: Protesting teachers on World Teachers’ Day (October 5) holding placards that read: “‘An uneducated person is an incomplete person,’ Bolivar” and “Low salaries … enough of misery”. For many on the left in Britain and within the heart of the global capitalist system, Venezuela has been an example of staunch opposition to US and […]

Skills For Revolutionary Survival: Communications

Above photo: Subcomandante Marcos communicates by radio with his soldiers in a road close to the Zapatista stronghold of Prado Pacayal, in southern state of Chiapas, March 22, 1994. Heriberto Rodriguez. Face the facts. We are tied to our devices in ways that are incredibly useful for organizing, but that also expose us to isolation […]

Revolutionary Organization In Venezuela

Revolutionary Organization In Venezuela [embedded content] Venezuelan grassroots organizations continue fighting for the socialist project despite very tough conditions. Here is a look at five examples. Our latest joint production with Tatuy Televisión Comunistaria looks at five examples of revolutionary organization in Venezuela: El Maizal Commune, Pueblo a Pueblo, the Pobladoras Movement, Tinta Violeta and […]

Soros sees ‘revolutionary moment’ in pandemic: ‘The range of possibilities is much greater’ (which is why we have the ‘pandemic’ as you have known all along)

Billionaire liberal activist George Soros told an Italian newspaper that he sees the coronavirus epidemic as a “revolutionary” opportunity. In an interview with La Repubblica, the Hungarian-born Mr. Soros also denounced President Trump as a “transitory phenomenon” but expressed hope that the COVID-19 crisis has opened up politics in a radical direction. “I would describe it as a revolutionary moment when the range […]

ACH (1319) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of Demonic Possession And Its Role In The Revolutionary Movement

ACH (1319) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of Demonic Possession And Its Role In The Revolutionary MovementTHE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on August 13 2020, Andy interviews Dr. Peter Hammond, for a show entitled, “The Real Story Of Demonic Possession And Its Role In The Revolutionary Movement.” We discussed: the […]

An Israeli Addresses Iranian Students and Revolutionary Guard Cadets

YAZD, IRAN — As I looked at the two hundred or so young cadets sitting on the floor of the prayer hall, all I could think of were my two boys, Eitan and Doron, who are about the same age as they. The previous day I visited the families of Iranian martyrs, boys who fell […]

9 Revolutionary Thoughts That Will Help You Improve Yourself To A Whole New Level

We have come to the point in time where more and more people are embracing new ideas, thoughts, or concepts that can revolutionize their lives. These radical thoughts are very helpful in our quest for growth and self improvement. If you want to grow to be your best self, then you may use these thoughts […]

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard welcomes Trump’s pullout from nuke deal

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Antifa Group Hangs Trump in Effigy, Calls for ‘Revolutionary Violence’ Against ‘the Capitalist State’

An antifa group in Los Angeles celebrated May Day by holding a small march, hanging a Trump effigy, and advocating for “revolutionary violence” against the “capitalist state” in order to “create real political power.” “We must carry out military actions against the enemies of the people!” a member of the L.A. cell of the Red Guards said in […]

Why hemp seeds from cannabis are a revolutionary superfood ready to save the people and the planet

(Natural News) Cannabis is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man, dating back as far as approximately 8,000 B.C. There are many different varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant that are used for many different purposes, all of which have great value to people and the planet. However, most people have […]

Company Develops Revolutionary Way to Create Leather, Wood, and Bricks from Mushrooms

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times  In a world where the average person consumes more resources than could possibly be regenerated in their lifetime, it’s no surprise to hear that our quickening resource consumption is resulting in a slow-motion collapse of the environment and all life on the planet. However, researchers at a San […]

Revolutionary Strategy In A Warming World

Revolutionary Strategy In A Warming World Above Photo: From It doesn’t take much imagination to associate climate change with revolution. If the planetary order upon which all societies are built starts breaking down, how can they possibly remain stable? Various more or less horrifying scenarios of upheaval have long been extrapolated from soaring temperatures. In […]

CFPB Director Makes Revolutionary Budget Request and Washington Faints

Mick Mulvaney, former member of Congress, now heading up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) just forced an epidemic of fainting in our nation’s capital. CFPB, an independent agency. does not receive its funding from Congress, but from the Federal Reserve. Every quarter, the agency is supposed to request operating funds from the Fed. Last quarter, […]

Will USian PseudoLeft Evolve True Revolutionary Consciousness?

Will USian PseudoLeft Evolve True Revolutionary Consciousness? Above Photo: londonstreetart2/ Flickr Admitting How Fiercely We Hate Our Oppressors Is Neither Ideology nor Ideological Discipline, but It Is the First Step toward Liberation THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA MACHINE, owned as it is by the same moral imbeciles who own the USian Empire’s economic and political systems and all […]

Revolutionary technology can diagnose heart and lung disease from a patient’s breath

(Natural News) Looking for signs of heart and lung disease in the future could just be as easy as checking your breath, according to experts who participated in the first East Midlands Breathomics Pathology Node (EMBER) Industry Symposium. The EMBER symposium, held at the University of Leicester, examined the most recent advancements in technology could […]

Revolutionary Alzheimer’s disease study points to vitamin C as a universal nutrient for prevention

(Natural News) Alzheimer’s disease is the scourge of the elderly. Characterized by mental decline, difficulty understanding and thinking, confusion, forgetfulness, disorientation, loss of memories and an inability to create new ones, and the inability to recognize common things, among other devastating symptoms, Alzheimer’s has no known cure. This is one of the most devastating illnesses […]

DEBATE: The Revolutionary Left vs The Revolutionary Right

Left and Right? It’s a battles of ideas and ideologies that’s still raging… The following debate took place on on July 8th in a small theater in Manhattan, 2017 between ‘Alt-Right’ personality Augustus Sol Invictus and leftist journalist Caleb Maupin. This event was formally titled, “The Revolutionary Left vs. The Revolutionary Right.” The debate has […]

Israeli Bombers Kill 12 Iranian Revolutionary Guards – War Imminent

Fears are mounting that a full-blown war between Israel and Iran is just days away after 12 members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard were killed in an Israeli airstrike on Friday.  According to reports on Lebanon’s Al-Mustaqbal TV and the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya network, the names of those killed were confirmed on a messaging app connected to the Iranian […]

Doctors bring nearly DEAD heart back to life using revolutionary new “box” that can keep it beating for eight hours

(Natural News) Doctors and surgeons have managed to save a man’s life in England after giving him a transplant using a “dead” heart they were able to bring back to life. Using a revolutionary new piece of technology that’s been called a “heart in a box,” the device can keep the organ preserved and actually […]

Missile program will ‘expand & continue’ despite US pressure – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

“Iran’s ballistic missile program will expand and it will continue with more speed in reaction to Trump’s hostile approach towards this revolutionary organization (the Guards),” the force said in a statement published by Tasnim, as cited by Reuters. Trump: Total termination of Iran nuclear deal is a ‘very real possibility’ On Friday, President Trump opted […]

Trump Authorizes Treasury to Sanction Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he has authorized the U.S. Department of Treasury to sanction Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization under terrorism Executive Order 13224, a move the leader of the free world said was “long overdue.” “I am authorizing the Treasury Department to […]

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