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A Proposed Healthcare FREEDOM Rights Amendment To The U.S. Constitution: We Need It NOW; Work To Enact It

By Catherine J. Frompovich The current oppressive and progressively mandated healthcare issues, matters and disputes U.S. citizens are grappling and suffering with, i.e., denying, under penalty of law, the right to self-determination and individual sovereignty pertaining to personal health and one’s children’s healthcare choices, imposed by CDC/FDA ‘dictates’ actually result in a profoundly active “medical […]

Defending the Amazon, Indigenous Rights & Planetary Integrity

The Facts: The evidence around what happened on 9/11 suggests that either we are being lied to when it comes to the official story or 9/11 contained events creating the greatest coincidence of all time. Reflect On: Are you aware of the actual facts surrounding 9/11? Not unfound conspiracy theories, the actual facts that do […]

Human rights reports on Israel-Palestine (regularly updated)

A child in Gaza City. Photograph: Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images Through the years, numerous humanitarian organizations have produced detailed reports on the situation in Israel-Palestine. Below are some of them. – By IAK Staff While both the Israeli and Palestinian governments have committed human rights violations, the Israeli abuses have been far more numerous, significant, and […]

Rights group: Egypt prisons became ‘guillotine for executions’

An international human rights organisation yesterday reported several violations against prisoners in Egyptian detention during the first half of this year, warning of what it described as “a danger facing the lives of detainees inside Egyptian detention centres.” “The Egyptian regime has been committing violations against civilians in Sinai, carrying out enforced […]

FM spox vows to use every lawful means to ensure Iranians’ rights

IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Sunday that the Iranian government is to take advantage of any possible lawful means to support the legitimate rights of Iranian citizens throughout the world. In response to the question raised by reporters on sanctioning Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), the spokesman said that […]

Indigenous People’s Rights and Canada’s ‘Vampire’ Pension Plan

Wet’suwet’en people have never ceded their land through treaty; like many Indigenous people they continue to practice relations of responsibility with the places and beings that give them life, including protecting them from ecological devastation. In January 2019, the RCMP raided Wet’suwet’en territories to end their blockade of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, which is meant […]

Discussion: Surveillance, alarmism, land rights

National CCTV is set for Australia. Photo: EDS Information has become a subjective and convoluted concept in the modern world, primarily used as a narrow weapon to justify biased perspectives, rather than a tool that informs understandings. Why have our priorities shifted from matters of importance to mediocrity? In Australia, ‘climate change’ and #Epstein continues […]

Austerity without End. Neoliberal Reforms and Labour Rights

In 2019, the now 187-member International Labour Organization celebrated its 100th anniversary. As one of the oldest agencies of the United Nations, the ILO used the occasion to renew calls for improved opportunities and working conditions, social protections and collective bargaining rights. The ILO’s Global Commission on the Future of Work (2019, 2) proposed a […]

These 3 lawsuits are protecting the rights of companies like Beyond Meat to call their products ‘burgers’, ‘hot dogs,’ and other words associated with meat

   As demand for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives is booming, so is legislation around how such products can be labeled in grocery stores – and lawsuits protecting the free speech rights of companies that make them. In nearly half of the states in the US, bills have been announced or passed that would monitor […]

Court Upholds North Dakota Law Stripping Voting Rights From Native Americans

Court Upholds North Dakota Law Stripping Voting Rights From Native Americans Above Photo: North Dakota is one step closer to ensuring thousands of Native American residents will never be able to vote. SCOTT OLSON / GETTY IMAGES The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals last week upheld a law that strips nearly 10 percent of all voting-age Native […]

Paul Findley, longtime advocate for Palestinian human rights, dies at 98

Former Republican Congressman Paul Findley speaks at the National Summit to Reassess the US-Israel ‘Special Relationship,’ March 7, 2014 (video here). The Republican Congressman from Illinois worked for human rights for Palestinians for almost half a century, penning the first exposé on the Israel lobby. A documentary about his life is below… By Alison Weir […]

I said no to a Netflix audition because I support Palestinian rights

A version of this article was first published by Truthout on August 7, 2019. I’m an actor in the U.S. film and television industry. I’ve been around for more than 40 years. Recently, I was invited to audition for a new Netflix television series with the working title “Sycamore.” The appointment sheet informed me that […]

‘You don’t have any rights’: CBP agents interrogate US citizen returning from Venezuela, seize his phone

   The detention of a US citizen returning from Venezuela was an apparent extension of the US government’s efforts to punish citizens who have protested its policy of regime change and economic warfare. A US citizen has told The Grayzone that the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) service detained him on his way […]

Netanyahu: Concern for Palestinian Rights Is “Crazy”

Benjamin Netanyahu is caught in a hot mic moment. During a closed meeting that was inadvertently broadcast to journalists by an open microphone, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the European Union’s approach to Israel, which conditions high levels of trade on human rights for Palestinians, as “crazy.”  by Robert Mackey, reposted from The Intercept […]

Israel incites death threats against human rights defenders

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 1 August 2019 Al-Haq director Shawan Jabarin, left, receives the Human Rights Prize of the French Republic, along with B’Tselem director Haggai El-Ad, center, December 2018. (via Twitter) Israeli government propaganda is inciting violent threats against human rights defenders. On the Facebook page for the 4IL website visitors left comments […]

Nicaraguan ‘Human Rights’ Director Accused By Staff Of Massive Theft Of US Taxpayer Money, Death Toll Inflation

Nicaraguan ‘Human Rights’ Director Accused By Staff Of Massive Theft Of US Taxpayer Money, Death Toll Inflation Above Photo: From ANPDH’s board members are accusing their director of stealing huge sums from US soft power organizations and inflating death tolls during last year’s coup attempt in Nicaragua. The OAS, which relied heavily on ANPDH’s […]

‘We’re not slaves’: New doc explores Black Vest protests for migrant workers’ rights in France

Hundreds of migrant activists occupied Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris and the HQ of one of the world’s largest catering companies. They then staged a sit-in inside the Pantheon, a well-known historical landmark in the French capital. They call themselves the Black Vests (Gilets Noirs), undocumented workers from Africa, who campaign for labor rights and […]

Civil Rights Group Files Lawsuit to BAN Ilhan Omar From Israel

An Israeli civil rights group has filed a motion with the Jerusalem District Court to ban Democrat US congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Israel. Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Centre called on the Interior Minister Aryeh Deri to prohibit Omar entering Israel due to her support for the BDS movement, Ynet news reported.  On July 17, Rep. Omar […]

Action Alert: Tell Debaters to support Palestinian rights!

Photo of Gaza posted by Human Rights Watch. A fact sheet about Gaza is here. Democratic presidential candidates have the opportunity in the upcoming debates to stand up for justice and Palestinian rights. Will they have the courage? Pro-Israel Democratic organizations are encouraging the candidates to “stand with Israel” (in spite of its widespread human rights […]

Families of Children with Disabilities Sue New York State to Enforce Rights Under IDEA and Allow Children to Attend School

The Facts: I received a heartfelt email from a reader who captures the feeling of hopelessness that some people who are awakening feel in the face of global child trafficking. I felt that it would be good to address this in an article for all to consider. Reflect On: What is each individual’s role in […]

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