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PCHR: Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in Palestine (23– 28 July 2020)

Source Summary Israeli forces continued to commit crimes and multi-faceted violations against Palestinian civilians and their properties, including raids into Palestinian cities that are characterized by the excessive use of force, assault, abuse and attacks on civilians. This week, the Israeli’s excessive use of force rendered 3 injuries among Palestinian civilians, including a child, during […]

Portland: Getting Out of Jail Requires Relinquishing Constitutional Rights

Above photo: Portland protester enveloped in tear gas holds US flag on July 21. By Nathan Howard/Getty Images. UPDATE: Pro Publica reports: “Federal defenders and prosecutors in Portland, Oregon, have teamed up to try to end a court practice of releasing arrested protesters only after they have agreed not to attend protests — a restriction that legal experts […]

Human Rights Fraud From Ukraine To Nicaragua

Current Western human rights industry practice has nothing to do with establishing the truth. Increasingly in recent years, US and allied elites have sought to legitimize illegal aggression by exploiting human rights motifs in their attempts to recolonize the majority world. In any given crisis, human rights NGOs funded by the US and allied corporate […]

Watch What Happens when ONE Jew Says He Support Palestinian Rights..

They must take after their Israeli racist cousins? Jewish activist have been kicked out of an Illinois synagogue for supporting Palestinian rights. Check out the faces of hate when they lash out at this brave person. Such malevolence from people who always proclaim they’re peaceful. He came damn close to getting mugged by his fellow […]

John Lewis, civil rights icon, is also mourned by pro-Israel groups

John Lewis, the civil rights icon and Georgia congressman who died five days ago, was also a celebrated figure in the organized Jewish community, with many Israel lobby groups mourning the death of a steadfast supporter. Lewis described Israel as a refuge for Jews whose history was shaped as black people’s history is, by slavery […]

Podcast Ep 21: How the EU polices Palestinian rights groups

Man wears protective mask and holds sign

Nora Barrows-Friedman The Electronic Intifada Podcast 23 July 2020 On Episode 21, we are joined by Lubnah Shomali, advocacy manager with Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights, to talk about the detrimental impact that international aid agencies can have on Palestinian civil society. Badil, which is based in Bethlehem in the occupied […]

Authoritarian Jasper Violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom by Attempting to Silence Monika Schaefer’s Violin in Canada’s Jasper National Park by Prof. Tony Hall

To Dave Baker, I am dumbfounded by the decision you delivered on behalf of some unnamed authority. To Ms. Monika Schaefer you write, ‘We have considered your application for a busking permit in Jasper. In light of your recently publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs we have decided to decline a permit to you at […]

Liberal Israeli human rights organizations need to learn how to listen

Liberal human rights organizations in Israel are not very good at listening. Indeed, there is a widely-held assumption that the work of human rights organizations is always good and important. In this contribution, I explain how their failure to listen to Palestinians in particular is having negative consequences for the realization of human rights and […]

Top EU court rules gay couples have equal residency rights regardless of country’s marriage laws

The highly publicized case began in 2012 when Romanian LGBT activist, Adrian Coman, and his US partner, Robert Clabourn Hamilton, who were legally married in Belgium in 2010, attempted to relocate to Coman’s home country. ‘Support gay marriage’: Cake row case to be heard at Supreme Court Romania doesn’t allow same-sex marriage so immigration authorities […]

Shareholder Accuses Facebook Of Human Rights Violation At Tense Meeting

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As Civil Rights Cases Are Dismissed, National Groups Take on DeVos

Weeks after civil rights advocates began receiving notifications from the Department of Education that their cases regarding discrimination in schools were being dismissed, three national groups filed a lawsuit Thursday arguing that the department’s new complaint guidelines are undermining its own obligation to investigate civil rights violations. “You don’t have be an attorney to know […]

According to israel “Gaza Protests Are State of War, Human Rights Law Doesn’t Apply” WRONG

By Kathryn Shihadah The topic of Israel generates a distinctively unified spin in mainstream media and among politicians (with a few notable exceptions). Sometimes that spin is so cleverly disguised that it is almost invisible. There’s a lot at stake in this issue: Palestinian lives, Israeli lives, freedom, justice, and democracy – and over $10 million […]

Rebel Cities 4: In Warsaw, “Rights To The City” Means Clean Air And Affordable Homes

Rebel Cities 4: In Warsaw, “Rights To The City” Means Clean Air And Affordable Homes Above Photo: From This is Part 4 in a series about Radical Municipalism looking at ways people worldwide are organizing in their cities to build power from the bottom up. Read Part 1 (Brazil), Part 2 (Rojava) and Part 3 (Chiapas). “We fight for a […]

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Faces Civil Rights Complaint After Key Permit Is Blocked

A federal court has invalidated a key permit for the Atlantic Coast pipeline project, a step that could give civil rights advocates more time to build their environmental justice case against the $6 billion project to carry natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina. Opponents of the Atlantic Coast pipeline allege the Dominion Energy-led project would […]

UN head says Gazans ‘caged in a toxic slum from birth to death’ as human rights council votes to investigate Israel

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley criticized the council after the meeting, defending Israel for engaging in “legitimate defense of its own border against terrorist attacks.” “It is another shameful day for human rights,” Haley said. Clearly Ms. Haley has been thoroughly stripped of her identity as a woman of color and former member […]

The UN Celebrates 70 Years of Human Rights While Condoning 70 Years of Israeli Massacres

On 14 of May 1948 – Israel declared unilaterally her independence in a foreign land, called Palestine, supported by a UN Resolution sponsored by the UK (the United Nations “Partition Plan of Palestine” at the end of the British Mandate (euphemism for British ‘colony’), was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 29 November 1947 as Resolution […]

Say what?! UN Human Rights Council declares Israel world’s No. 1 human rights violator

Say what?! UN Human Rights Council declares Israel world’s No. 1 human rights violator By Anne Bayefsky Published March 24, 2017 Fox News Facebook Twitter livefyre Email Print Israel, Greece, Cyprus: Cooperation and combating terror According to the U.N.’s top human rights body, Israel is the worst human rights violator in the world today. That’s […]

ADAPT Holds Annual Fun Run For Disability Rights And Independent Living

ADAPT Holds Annual Fun Run For Disability Rights And Independent Living Above Photo: By Anne Meador Washington, DC–Disability rights organization ADAPT held its 13th annual Fun Run in Spirit of Justice Park near the U.S. Capitol on Mother’s Day. Several hundred people took part in the event, which kicked off its Week of Action in […]

Israel expels Human Rights Watch official

Tamara Nassar Rights and Accountability 8 May 2018 Israeli authorities revoked the work permit of Omar Shakir, the director of Human Rights Watch’s office in Jerusalem. Israel has ordered Shakir to leave the country within 14 days, Human Rights Watch announced on Tuesday. Israel’s strategic affairs ministry said the decision was based on Shakir’s support […]

Rights group: Israel arrested 500 Palestinians over Facebook posts

Palestinian Prisoners’ Centre (PPC) said yesterday that Israel had arrested 500 Palestinians, including women and children, as a result of their social media posts, Al-Resalah newspaper reported. PPC spokesman Riyadh Al-Ashqar said that the Israeli occupation began arresting Palestinians because of their social media posts following the start of the Jerusalem Intifada claiming such uploads incite terror […]

Israel deports Human Rights Watch representative over BDS

Israeli interior ministry said on Tuesday it had to deport the representative of Human Rights Watch in Israel and he has to leave within 14 days, accusing him of supporting BDS.  Human Rights Watch, a New York-based rights organisation, said the decision showed that Israel was seeking to suppress criticism of its human rights record, […]

Six Animal Rights Activists Charged With Felonies For Investigation And Rescue That Led To Punishment Of A Utah Turkey Farm

In January 2017, the six activists entered a farm in Moroni, Utah, that supplies turkeys to Norbest, a large company that aggressively markets itself to the public as selling “mountain-grown” turkeys who are treated with particularly humane care. Its marketing materials feature bucolic photographs of Utah nature, designed to create an image that its turkeys are raised in fresh and healthy natural settings, […]

Israel to Top Court: Human Rights Law Doesn’t Apply To Gaza Protests

HAARETZ – The protests by Palestinians on the Gaza border fall into the category of a state of war and thus human rights law does not apply to the rules of engagement, the state said in its response to a High Court petition filed by human rights groups. According to the response, the Israeli forces’ rules of engagement […]

Two officials of Center for Constitutional Rights are detained by Israel, then deported

RE: “Two officials of Center for Constitutional Rights are detained by Israel, then deported” MY COMMENT: I guess this is Israel’s way of “upping (or raising) the ante”! ■ up the ante English Verb up the ante (third-person singular simple present ups the ante, present participle upping the ante, simple past and past participle […]

Worker Rights For Cannabis Trimmers

Worker Rights For Cannabis Trimmers Above Photo: Pandora Young Trimmers make from $100 to $300 for a day that can run 15 hours. The bad gigs are the grows where weapons are numerous and the bosses are stressed out and high. What’s to become of trimmers, the untold thousands of minimally skilled laborers who haunt the […]

China releases human rights report listing ‘severe democracy flaws’ in US

     China has published a report listing the woes of American democracy, including human rights, interventions and discrimination, in response to a scathing paper published by the US State Department. The “Human Rights Record of the United States in 2017” report, released by the Information Office of China’s State Council on Tuesday, is a response […]

Urgent Action To Protect Human Rights Defenders In Colombia

Urgent Action To Protect Human Rights Defenders In Colombia Above photo: Sara Quiñonez (left) and Tulia Maris Valencia. Photo credit: Afro Colombian Solidarity Network. From Black Alliance for Peace. Human-rights and social-justice organizations in Colombia as well as the international community demand all charges be dropped and the state immediately release Afro-Colombian activists imprisoned on frivolous “terrorism” […]

Human rights activists slam new French bill aimed at curbing illegal immigration

     After more than 60 hours of heated debate, France’s National Assembly has adopted a controversial immigration bill that speeds up the asylum process and steps up deportations, all aimed at controlling illegal immigration. The new legislation, approved by 228 votes in favor to 139 against, was adopted on first reading late on Sunday and […]

The Real Agenda Behind "Gay Rights"

(left, Prime Minister Castro and wife at Toronto Gay Pride Parade 2017)  Because of the Masonic control of government and media, society is stupidly oblivious to the hate-filled attack on our heterosexual identity, an attack more vicious, insidious, and pervasive. Do you remember any public debate and vote on this subject? The article below documents the real agenda behind […]

US Human Rights Report Sanitizes israeli High Crimes

US Human Rights Report Sanitizes Israeli High Crimes by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Annual State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices omit US high crimes – the most egregious human rights abuser over a longer duration in world history from inception. Each year, its horrendous abuses over the past 12 […]

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