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The Whirling Dervish Dance: A Sacred Ritual to Touch the Divine

The divine may be experienced through a variety of means. In various global spiritual traditions, these include prayer, meditation on sacred texts, participation in religious ceremonies, and going on pilgrimages. There are other means of achieving a religious experience that are perhaps not so common in the Western world. One of these is through the […]

The Anasazi and Anakim: Nephilim Ruins and Evidence of Ritual Murder

Across the ancient world, from the rocky deserts of the American West all the way to the shores of the Mediterranean, enigmatic parallels between ancient myths and archaeological sites are emerging. One such parallel exists between the Anasazi people of North America and the Anakim of the ancient Near East, the land of Canaan. Deciphering […]

Hebrew Abortionists: “Swedish Tax Payers Should Fund Jewish Ritual Murder of Polish Babies”

The feminist White traitor and Marxist whore Åsa Lindhagen, Minister of Equality (“Miljö Partiet”, Communist Green Environment Party in Sweden) has stated that Swedish tax payers should pay for Polish women to travel to Sweden so that abortionist Jew doctors can execute Aryan babies and cut European fetuses to pieces, as these innocent defenseless White […]

Antifa Conduct Satanic Occult Ritual in Boston Street, Eat Bloody Heart Symbolic of Trump

Antifa radicals conducted a Satanic occult ritual on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts this weekend as they burned American flags, chanted praises to “the chaos god” and ate a bloody heart symbolic of the President of the United States. The Antifa occult gathering was organized to supposedly counter a protest against left-wing violence also held […]

Christian Boy in Uganda Feared Killed in Ritual Sacrifice

Photo Credit: Charles Nambasi (Morning Star News) – A Christian boy has been killed after a woman said to be a radical Muslim opposed to his father’s conversion from Islam sold him and his sister to a witchdoctor for ritual sacrifice, sources said. Sulaiman Pulisi, a former imam (mosque leader) who became a Christian three […]

Connections Between CIA Child Trafficking, Ritual Abuse & MK-ULTRA Mind Control

125 Shares Child trafficking is run as a single, integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services. Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein was appointed to the first US taskforce to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the […]

Were Asclepian Centers Powered By Magical Ritual or Holistic Healthcare?

Doctors the world over take the Hippocratic oath swearing to do no harm to patients. In doing this, to quote the words of the oath itself, they “call upon Apollo the physician and Asclepius, Hygeia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses as witnesses, that [they] will fulfil this oath and this contract according […]

Bill Gates Sr., dead at 94, September 14, 2020, in very Satanic / Number of the Beast ritual (News on September 15)

Bill Gates Sr. is dead news has come on the 28, 44 and 64 date, which we circled many months ago, because it was also 266 days after Anthony Fauci’s birthday. 9/15/2020 = 9+15+20+20 = 64 9/15/2020 = 9+15+(2+0+2+0) = 28 9/15/20 = 9+15+20 = 44 Notice how the New York Times is keeping 44 […]

Ritual Public Shaming

Video of a group of black conservatives has gone viral, with them vowing support for President Trump and urging that others need to wake up to the duplicity of the black lives matter movement. “As you can see, black conservatism is the new punk rock,” commented Nick Cunningham, one of the group seen recently at […]

The Characteristics of An Initiation Ritual

299 Shares “Mark”, as in “the Mark of the Beast, in the Bible is translated “charagma” (Strong’s Concordance G5482); a scratch or etching, a stamp (meaning a badge of servitude; enslavement; a recognition of ownership), graven or mark. It’s derivative “charax” means to sharpen to a point and also describes “a stake”! “666”, the number […]

New York: More Babies Get Herpes from Penis-Sucking Ritual

New York: More Babies Get Herpes from Penis-Sucking Ritual July 30th, 2014 David Schulberg Daily Stormer July 30, 2014 Yes, Jews really actually do this. What sort of a people mutilates the genitals of babies and then performs a homosexual sex act on them, using the excuse their god told them to do so? These […]

Mariah Carey’s Sister Exposes Their Satanic Ritual Upbringing

161 Shares has learned exclusively the Grammy Award-winning singer’s mother, Patricia, led her daughters and other black-cloaked cult members in the creepy rites! “At a very young age, both Mariah and her sister, Alison, were involved in the ceremonies and participated in them,” a family source dished. Alison described the hair-raising services, saying one of her earliest […]

The Horrors of Satanic Ritual Abuse interview with Wilfred Wong

The Horrors of Satanic Ritual Abuse interview with Wilfred Wong – David Icke Latest Articles From our advertisers Popular Articles From our advertisers From our advertisers From our advertisers David Icke Websites Support & Advertising Your Privacy 00

Jewish Ritual Murder Explained (Video)


The “Black Eye” Club – Initiation Ritual of A Sinister Secret Society?

936 Shares Make no mistake, this isn’t an organization of any kind. In fact, the officially referred to “Black Eye” club is said to be a growing community of celebrities, businessmen, politicians & heads of state alike who have all wound up with black eyes. Most of the sustained injuries have been more significantly impacted on the […]


GEORGE PELL’S RITUAL ABUSE CRIMES On February 27, 2019 By Author The secrecy surrounding the court case – and now the verdict – is offensive. That’s especially so because it echoes the secrecy that has always been so appallingly a part of widespread sexual abuse by priests.  – Washington Post AUSTRALIA IS RUN BY JEWISH […]

Exposing the Occult Corona-Initiation Ritual

Get the latest Waking Times articles delivered to your inbox. Sign up here. Makia Freeman, Contributor Waking Times The entire world is participating in an occult corona-initiation ritual, although hardly anyone will realize it. The measures and policies which governments have rolled out worldwide ever since Operation Coronavirus began – such as quarantine, lockdown, hand-washing, mask-wearing, […]

RH – COVID-19 as an Occult Ritual

RH – COVID-19 as an Occult RitualRESTORATION HOUR Darrell and Eli discuss how elite occultists have taken over world politics and are using COVID-19 as an occult ritual to change our day-to-day reality into a Masonic nightmare. Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, “Social Separation” and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals […]

After religiously-mandated Judaic ritual human sacrifice in Gaza, Israeli Parliament Proposes Bill to Ban Photographing, Recording Soldiers

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Photos: ‘Nowruz Khani’ ritual heralds advent of Persian New Year

IFP- Every year, a few days before the beginning of the New Persian Year, traditional singers known as Nowruz Khans herald the arrival of spring in the villages of northern Iran by singing and playing their instruments. The Nowruz Khans – singers performing traditional songs heralding the emergence of the new season and Nowruz – […]

Multiple Arrests Made After Police Bust ‘Ritual Animal Sacrifice’ In Texas Home

Texas authorities discovered dead and dismembered animals in a West Bexar County home after receiving calls that animals were being sacrificed. Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies have busted what appeared to be a ritual animal sacrifice at a San Antonio residence. At least 11 people were arrested on animal cruelty charges. The deputies were dispatched around 7pm […]

A Native Smoke Ritual For Renewal And Clarity

February 17th, 2018 By Nick Polizzi Guest writer for Wake Up World Have you ever noticed that when you walk into any place of worship or sacred ceremony, there is always one repeating theme? Yes, the symbols and prayers spoken may be different, but one thing is universally present – the use of smoke. Beyond its pleasing […]

Police: 5-Year-Old Girl Burned Alive In Voodoo Ritual By Haitian Immigrants

Two Haitian immigrants living in Massachusetts have been arrested after being caught burning a 5-year-old girl as part of a voodoo ritual.  According to reports, the little girl is permanently disfigured as a result of a ritual that was intended to “rid her of a demon that was making her misbehave.” reports: The two East Bridgewater women, […]


BLOOD PASSOVER EUROPEAN JEWS AND RITUAL MURDER When I heard that a respected Jewish scholar had written a book affirming the ritual murders of Christian children by Babylonian Fake Jews as referred to in the Holy Bible, I wanted to read it. An e-mail ad I received announced that the Italian printing house Il […]

Kosher Jewish Ritual Slaughter is Barbaric vs Halal

Kosher Jewish Ritual Slaughter is Barbaric vs Halal   00

Was This A Winter Solstice Ritual: Tearing The Veil In Plain Sight???

Do you believe what the corporate media told us about last night’s phenomena …that it was SpaceX? If you do, then you’ll agree with Illuminati puppet Elon Musk as he makes fun of those who were questioning what they were told. Check out some of his sarcastic tweets: Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea […]

Jewish Woman Talks to Oprah About Ritual Murder

Long ago Oprah actually had an interesting show, wherein a jewish woman exposed what many jewish families are up to behind closed doors. Source Article from 00


Father Tikhon Shevkunov, the Orthodox bishop heading an investigatory panel, is among members of the church who claim the final Russian emperor was murdered in a Jewish ritual. Tsar Nicholas was shot with his wife and five children by Communist Bolsheviks in 1918 after Vladimir Lenin came to power, and rumours about the circumstances surrounding […]

Russia Investigates If Tsar Nicholas II Was Killed In Jewish Ritual Murder

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Inside an Ancient Pagan Ritual that Makes Men Become Monsters

An ancient ceremony in the heart of a wild country celebrates the rebirth of spring. A mysterious, ancient tradition takes place each year in Mamoiada, a small village tucked into the middle of wild and mountainous Sardinia. On the day of Saint Anthony, the saint protector of animals and fire, the men of the village […]

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