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‘What Kind of Jew Is Shlomo Sand?’ Bruce Robbins asks

Bruce Robbins, an English literature professor and political theorist at Columbia University, has long been active in the effort to bring democracy to Israel and Palestine. His latest effort is a documentary titled, “What Kind of Jew Is Shlomo Sand?” that he publishes today and that is embedded here. Shlomo Sand is the Israeli author […]

Unhinged Libshit Actor Tim Robbins Calls Americans Not Conforming to Lockdown Rules ‘Racist Sociopaths’

Tim Robbins is a complete nut job. Stay home, bigots! Robbins is best known for that movie Shawshank Redemption. His character gets falsely convicted for murder and thrown in jail where he befriends a self-righteous negro played by ape-man Morgan Freeman. Breitbart: Last October, Robbins also warned fellow Democrats that America was on the path toward fascism […]

Tony Robbins: Who is watching the watchdogs?

   The story BuzzFeed doesn’t want you to read U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter said, “Without a free press, there can be no free society.” Freedom of the press is central to the democratic experiment and our last, best line of defense against those in power who threaten the rule of law. But in […]

Tony Robbins Enters the Fight to Rescue Children Being Trafficked as Sex Slaves

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times Some things in our world are so terrible that no one wants to talk about them, much less try to do anything about them. Nearing the top of this list is international child trafficking, and shockingly, millions of children are sold into slavery each year, with many of them […]

Bees ‘Dumb Down’ After Ingesting Tiny Doses of This Pesticide

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