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LUCIFERIAN GREED (British Monarchy, Rothschild & Rockefeller ZIONISTS, etc. & 13 Satanic [Illuminati] Families)

Luciferic greed is the true sickness that underpins the globalonyist agenda. Herr Klaus and his filthy rich entourage have no ethical boundaries, follow no ‘rules’ and fabricate our “fake news”. Who owns and controls Big Media, Big Tech, Big Banks, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the CDC, the UN and WHO? Follow the money. +10 Hits: […]

Rothschild’s Israel’s Deadly 5G For Massive Mind Control and Death

5G Is An Israeli Creation Of Mass Mind Control And MoreKey Companies Involved All Traceable To Israel Edited By Gary Holland7-30-18 Stunning Photos Of A New 5G Tower In Las VegasBlasting Deadly EMF Into All Who Are Near It – PicsThe US Military KNEW 50 Years Ago How EMF DestroysHuman Reproduction And Breaks The Entire […]

The Dangerous Alliance of Rothschild and the Vatican of Francis

22.12.2020  Author: F. William Engdahl Holy Moly! The most globalist and interventionist Pope since the Crusades of the 12th Century has formalized an alliance with the largest figures in global finance led by none other than that noble banking family, Rothschild. The new alliance is a joint venture they call “Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican.” […]

Rothschild Investment Group Partners With The Vatican To Rebrand Communism As ‘Inclusive Capitalism’

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican (“the Council”), a historic new partnership was launched today between some of the world’s largest investment and business leaders — most notably the Rothschilds — and the Vatican: It signifies the urgency of joining moral and market imperatives to reform capitalism into a powerful force for the […]

Rothschild Connected Billionaire Arrested For Role In NXIVM Child Trafficking Sex Slave Ring

466 Shares Billionaire heiress Clare Bronfman was indicted on racketeering charges in federal court on Tuesday connected to her involvement as Operations Director for the NXIVM sex cult. Bronfman is the heir to the multi-billion dollar liquor fortune of Edgar Bronfman Sr, the billionaire philanthropist who was formerly head of Seagram. Additionally, Nancy Salzman, her daughter Lauren […]

Rothschild Global Crime Syndicate

Rothschild’s Crime Construct 1 The  Rothschilds are headquartered in the Babylon-BIS-Tower in Basel Debt is their control Mechanism Their power goes far beyond the Banking Empire War is their most profitable business Countries and individuals turned into corporations The world is ruled from three independent sovereign states Debt must first be created before being able to […]

Rothschild’s Media

New Human New Earth Communities President James Garfield Murdered “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country isthe master of all its legislation and commerce.”President James A. Garfield The Rothschild group purchased Reuters in London, Havas in France, and Wolf in Germany to monopolize the news creation nexus and information-dissemination business in Europe and […]

Fauci’s Revolutionary Ties to Communists/Globalists For After All The Rothschild ZIONISTS Created Communism! Communism is Slavery Which is the Ultimate ZIONIST AGENDA.

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked October 30, 2020 PreviousNextStudies Prove This Root Helps You Sleep and Manage StressLeast Favored Veggies Are Top for Your Heart STORY AT-A-GLANCE A report by Dr. Peter Breggin reveals Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and globalists who have profited from the pandemic measures promoted by […]

Bed of roses: The way Zionist pioneers solicited money from Baron de Rothschild

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00 Hits: 5

Discovering Rothschild’s surprising weakness helped Zionists get a donation

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00 Hits: 4

The Many VS the 1%; Dr. Rothschild Disects the Covid Swindle

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked October 18, 2020 PreviousNextScientists Want to Create Tasty Food From PlasticMetabolic Inflexibility Is Key Risk Factor for COVID-19 STORY AT-A-GLANCE In “Oneness Vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom,” Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., argues that the ultra-wealthy elite are responsible for a majority of the environmental, financial and health crises currently […]

DMT is Effective Treatment For Anxiety & Depression [Naturally It is Illegal In the Rothschild Zionist Controlled U.S.A. Cuz It Would Cut Into Their Big Pharma Profits=17,000% Profits on Pills]

HealthPsychology by Andrea D. SteffenMay 20, 2019SHARE0 Johns Hopkins researchers recently conducted a new survey into the anti-depressant qualities of DMT – a short-acting psychedelic. They reported that it resulted in extraordinarily positive improvements in well-being. The research thus revealed that the use of the synthetic psychedelic 5-methocy-N,-N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) appears to be associated with unintended improvements in self-reported […]

The Rothschild Zionists Are the Real Terrorists!

ON MAY 16, 2018 BY YUKON JACK If the United States wanted to end terror all it has to do is use its superior technology to blow away the real terrorists, who have addresses and homes, who’s whereabouts are exactly known at all times.  The fact that Soros/Netanyahu/Rothschilds are still alive proves the criminal nature of the American […]

Trump is a Pedophile Owned By the Rothschild ZIONISTS

Truth about Trump Trump is owned by the Rothschilds.Trump and ‘Q’ are what is called ‘controlled opposition’ to keep the populace confused and inactive.‘Political analysts have been saying that Trump’s tilt for the presidency has been 30 years in the making. This makes more sense than they realise. 30 years ago members of the Rothschild […]

The Rothschild Plan to Burn America with DEW’s

the fires of the Great Tribulation have begun Deborah Tavares predicted the West Coast Fires [embedded content] Notice how the trees surrounding the utterly destroyed buildings have not been touch by fire.   These are not natural fires.  They are DEW disintegrations.   13,000 buildings and only a few trees barely scorched!!! [embedded content] More info at […]

The Murdered Rothschild

© blogfactory [embedded content] People used the word “gentle” to describe Amschel Mayor James Rothschild. He was the only son of Victor Rothschild’s second marriage to Theresa Mayor, and heir to the Rothschild dynasty after his older half-brother Jacob. Amschel’s obituary stated: “Where his father was of large and pugnacious build, Amschel Rothschild was tall, thin and strikingly graceful [after his […]

Rothschild Khazarian [Zionist] Mafia Demolition of Food Supplies

by Admin · Published September 1, 2020 · Updated September 1, 2020 [embedded content] Comment: Rothschild ZIONISTS fund terrorists, Control CIA assassin creation, work with Rockefellers creating Sex Slaves & MKUltra assassins, have everything to do with burning down California, etc. etc. etc. own smart meters and utility co’s linked with California fires and know […]

Zionist Rothschild Crime Syndicate

June 27, 2018 by concisepolitics ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE ATTACKS ON AMERICANS’ AND HUMANITY’S BRAINS — Brad Pitt Reveals: Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America and Angelina Jolie reveals she was initiated into Hollywood Illuminati Brad Pitt outs Hollywood and at same time the Rothschilds Crime Syndicate that runs the Pedophile rings and controls America and most other nations […]

The Incredibly Evil Rothschild Zionist Mafia


Rothschild Zionists, Putin & Geopolitics aka Synagogue of Satan Vs Christianity

Comment: U.S. is on the side of Synagogue of Satan while Russia is clearly the Christian country. Putin Foils The Rothschild Zionists In Syria: Stopping Rothschild’s Central Banking Scheme For NWO! Posted by truther on December 26, 2014, filed in: Featured, Illuminati Dajjal, Latest News, New World Order, Strange, Unknown History2 Israel was founded by, and has always been controlled by, the Rothschilds […]

Jacob Rothschild Talks About How The Institutions of Israel Were Built by His Family

The Rothschild family proudly created the institutions of Israel. This is from a Jacob Rothschild presentation from November, 2018 at Sothebys in NYC. Bitchute link 00 Hits: 9

Jacob Rothschild on How His Family Protects Its Wealth by Inbreeding

Jacob Rothschild describes the 19th Century policy of keeping money in the family by inbreeding. James Mayer de Rothschild even married his own niece Betty Rothschild, the daughter of his elder brother Salomon Mayer von Rothschild. Bitchute link 00 Hits: 8

Epstein & Maxwell ran Rothschild Military Intelligence pedo VIP blackmail Op

Maria Farmer was the 1st and only Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell victim who reported to the FBI (back in 1996). Epstein & Maxwell procured Maria’s sister Annie for the pedophile blackmailing operation they ran for Military Intelligence. Ari Ben-Menashe worked for Israeli Military Intelligence and was prosecuted over the Iran-Contra affair. Ari worked with Ghislaine Maxwell’s […]

Macron: The Rothschild Agent Who Convinced Trump to Stay in Syria

Macron: The Rothschild Agent Who Convinced Trump to Stay in Syria By Christopher Bollyn In early April it was being widely reported that President Trump was seriously considering withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria. In an April 3rd news conference he told reporters that he had instructed commanders to prepare to withdraw U.S. troops with regional […]

Creepy Rothschild Castle with Satanic Symbols in Elite Rambouillet Forest France

Rothschild Castle in France Rambouillet is the core of the French elite, where kings and queens lived and the first G6 conference in history was held in the Rambouillet Castle. Take a close look at the building and the structures’ designs. It displays all kinds of dark symbolism of Illuminati, satanic, and other […]

Anonymous Just Exposed the Rothschild Connection to a Human Traffi*cking Ring

This anonymous message is intended to expose the possibility that some of the wealthiest families in the world are involved with or complicit with se*x crimes and/or human traffi*cking. In the midst of the scandal with “self help” group NXIVM, the wealthy heir to a fortune Clare Bronfman has taken control of the organization. She […]

VIDEO: The Rothschild Syria Connection – Major Revelations

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Rothschild Puppet Macron Says US Must Oust Assad & Build ‘New Syria’

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged the US to overthrow Assad in order to build a “new Syria” more aligned with globalism.  Speaking with Fox News on Sunday, Macron said France, the US and its allies “would have to build a new Syria after war,” adding that the US role would be “very important” in […]

Politician Claims ‘Rothschild’s Control The World Bank & Federal Government, As We All Know’

Next Story Within the past five years alone, it’s truly amazing just how many people have become aware of important information that was once, absurdly, labelled as a mere conspiracy theory. There are too many examples to list, with perhaps the latest being the UFO footage that was just released by the Pentagon, or perhaps, […]

DC Lawmaker Warns Public About Rothschild Climate Manipulation

A Councilman for the District of Columbia, posted a video warning the public about climate manipulation under Rothschild control. Trayon White, Sr. narrated a video while driving through a fresh snowfall in the capitol city: “It just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. You all better pay attention to this climate control, man. […]

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