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US Bishop Who Ruined Royal Wedding Says Trump Is An ‘Evil Heretic’

The US Bishop who ruined the royal wedding last Saturday has accused President Trump of being an evil heretic.  Rev. Michael Bruce Curry, who ruined the wedding ceremony between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has organized a march on the White House to ‘Reclaim Jesus’ from Trump on May 24. reports: Three march organizers were […]

Syrian Opposition Leader laments that ‘Trump Ruined the Element of Surprise on any US Attack’

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Organic family farm ruined by herbicide drift: A case study (and warning for humanity)

(Natural News) Herbicide drift continues to plague millions of acres of American crops, and the experience of one Missouri organic family-run farm shows just how devastating this problem can be. Vesterbrook Farm has been in Carol Brabo’s family for almost a century. Fed up with the prices of organic foods at stores […]

‘Desolate and deadly’: Weary Iraqis forced to return to ruined, booby-trapped areas (VIDEO)

Iraq’s new ground zero: Thousands of civilians desperately fleeing Tal Afar battleground In early January, disturbing reports emerged in international media, suggesting the Iraqi authorities are forcibly sending people from refugee camps to their home districts – despite these being unsafe, or even destroyed, in the conflict. While Baghdad denies that people are being sent […]

Arthur Finkelstein ruined Israel, says Ehud Barak

Over the weekend, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak published an op-ed in the New York Times, saying Israel needs to be saved from Benjamin Netanyahu, and spoke at the Saban Forum in Washington, arguing that Netanyahu, not Iran, poses an “existential threat” to Israel because he is slowly annexing the West Bank and destroying […]

Department of Justice Agent Who Blew The Whistle in 2012 Says Experience Ruined Him

In 2012, Dan Bethards had been a special agent in the Wisconsin Department of Justice for 14 years. But his career and life were upended after he reported his direct supervisor and friend, Jay Smith, for making and selling firearms without a license — a possible federal offense. Since blowing the whistle on Smith, Bethards […]

Gov’t Ruined 653,249 Lives Over Cannabis in 2016 Because 5 Corrupt Industries Paid Them To

By Matt Agorist In the land of the free, citizens found in possession of a plant — that grows wild on every continent except Antarctica — can and will be kidnapped, caged or killed. In fact, in just the short time it took you to click this article and read this first paragraph, […]

The Secret Society That Ruined the World: Rhodes, Rothschild, Milner

IMAGE: Globalist scribe for the American branch of international order, Carol Quigley. Jay Dyer21st Century Wire In this partial video, I continue my analysis of Quigley’s later work, The Anglo American Establishment, following upon my lectures last year on the total 1300 pages of Tragedy and Hope. Here, we look deeper into the key players […]

Kathy Griffin Says Trump’s Family “Ruined Her Life” Over Beheading Photo

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 3, 2017 This is a very, very, very important thing for you to understand, men. WOMEN ARE BIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE OF COMPREHENDING THE FACT THAT THEY CAN BE RESPONSIBLE FOR BAD THINGS THAT HAPPEN TO THEM IN THEIR LIFE. If you ever wish to have a successful relationship with […]

Boomsplainer: “How MGTOW has Ruined DS, Message to the Younger Crowd”

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 25, 2017 An older gentleman felt himself welcome to come to the DS BBS and explain to us young folks just what’s wrong with us in a post entitled “How MGTOW has ruined DS, message to the younger crowd.” Young men don’t have enough respect for women, who […]

Illinois Man Claims False Arrest By Chicago Police Ruined His Life

An Illinois man claims his life was ruined by Chicago police when officers, despite having no evidence he was guilty, charged him with a felony while he was a high school student with a full-ride scholarship to Cal-Berkeley. John Adam Jones of Chicago, now 20, says in a complaint […]

French Election Fraud? Images Show Ruined & Stolen Le Pen Ballots

French Election Fraud? Images Show Ruined & Stolen Le Pen Ballots Arab man appears to remove Le Pen ballots from polling station Paul Joseph WatsonPrison May 9, 2017 An image posted after Sunday’s French presidential election shows ruined Marine Le Pen ballots, as well as another video that shows an Arab man appearing to […]

Hungary PM: ‘George Soros Has Ruined The Lives Of Millions Of Europeans’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a powerful, emotional speech in the European Parliament on Wednesday, condemning globalist billionaire George Soros for “ruining the lives of millions of Europeans.“ “I know that the power, size and weight of Hungary is much smaller than that of the financial speculator, George Soros, who is now attacking Hungary,” Orbán […]

Sen. Paul, Scott Bullock: Civil Forfeiture has Ruined Countless Lives. It’s Long Overdue for Reform

Justice Clarence Thomas made headlines last month when he criticized civil forfeiture, a notorious police practice that allows law enforcement to confiscate property, even from people who have never been charged with a crime. “This system,” he wrote, “has led to egregious and well-chronicled abuses.” Hearing one of the Supreme Court’s most conservative members […]

Your Fertility App Isn’t Helping You Avoid Getting Pregnant

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   In our digital age, apps are the way to go. Users can play games, organize their love life and figure out when they are most fertile, but researchers at Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSM) warn against the latter. In a […]

Collusion with terrorists is only leverage US has in Syria

     There is a simple explanation why Washington refuses to proscribe the militant groups Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham as terrorist. Because Washington relies on them for regime change in Syria. Therefore, Washington and its Western and Middle East allies cannot possibly designate Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham as terrorist; otherwise it would be a […]

Peter Dutton says ‘illiterate’ refugees would be ‘taking Australian jobs’

Immigration minister criticises pledges by Labor and the Greens to increase Australia’s refugee intake, claiming it would lead to unemployment. The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, has said refugees aren’t numerate or literate and would take Australian jobs in inflammatory comments arguing against increasing the refugee intake. Labor has said the comments are deeply offensive and […]

The rise of citizen science: Mike Adams reveals why private citizens produce more honest science than governments or corporations

(NaturalNews) You don’t have to be an academic to be a scientist. Citizen science is growing globally. Communities with an amateur interest in science have helped classify galaxies, detect signs of disease, and unearth toxic metals in our food. But why is citizen science on the rise? To answer that question, no single […]

Florida Cop Tells His Mommy on Seat Belt Scofflaw Who Criticized Him on CopBlock

The following post was sent in by Patrick Neptune, via the submissions page. Within the post he details a ongoing dispute he has been involved in with Officer Philip Lanoue of the Miramar (FL) Police Department and, apparently, Lanoue’s mother. This is actually an update of a previous post Neptune submitted related to the […]

Aryan Insights: Max Musson from Western Spring

Radio Aryan January 14, 2016 Max Musson has been involved in Nationalism for over 40 years and in that time, has seen the establishment pull just about ever dirty trick in the book. Becoming disillusioned with the electoral process he and the other dedicated nationalists involved, formed a think tank to try and identify where […]

Global oil prices could lowest ever in 2016

     Price for crude oil shrunk close to 33 dollars a barrel on Thursday and slumped to its fresh record low in over the decade. Earlier on Wednesday, it sank by more than four per cent – below 35 dollars per barrel – and surpassed its late December fall, reaching the lowest level since July, […]

Playing the Government’s Game: When It Comes to Violence, We All Lose

By John Whitehead, constitutional and civil rights attorney, the Rutherford Institute. “When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know […]

Help Bring Yosue Joel Rios Home for the Holidays

The enduring popularity of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden and recent proliferation of programs like National Geographic’s Live Free or Die shows that many people have a deep yearning to escape the consumerist hamster wheel we’re all trapped on by transitioning to living sustainably off the land and their own hard work. While watching the show […]

Israel and AIPAC defeated on Iran deal – Everyone else wins – Veterans Today

“I consider even a victorious war as an evil, from which statesmanship must endeavor to spare nations.”… Otto von Bismark … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow Bibi and AIPAC went down together [ Update Note:  The bullets have stopped flying on the Iran nuclear agreement passage in Congress, […]

How TV Ruined Your Life

AWAKENING THE WORLD … … EVERY HEART MAKES A DIFFERENCE AND THE NON-COMPLI-DANCE Read more … New David Icke App Now Available Europe … Australia … New Zealand … the United States David Icke’s round-the-world tour between September and December Australia and New Zealand dates from September to November are in Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne, […]

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