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California overturns ruling on coffee warnings: There is no link between coffee and cancer

(Natural News) If you’re like many people, your day doesn’t really start until you’ve had that first cup of coffee, and the prospect of missing it can be enough to make you panic. When California started requiring places serving coffee to display warnings about its tenuous link to cancer, it left a […]

All Products From Israeli Settlements Must Be Labelled: EU Court In Landmark Ruling

In a controversial new landmark ruling that has enraged and frustrated Israeli leaders, Europe’s top court has ordered that all goods produced by Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights be labeled as such. Specifically the European Court of Justice decision on Tuesday forbids any products from settlements to be labeled […]

FBI law enforcement will only protect the ruling class

(Natural News) Left-wing groups are finally figuring out that the FBI and law enforcement are not protecting them any more than they protect right-wing groups.  That’s because the FBI serves the ruling class.  Is the left finally catching on to scam that is the government? (Article by Mac Salvo republished from […]

Angry protests erupt in Catalonia over Spain court ruling against independence leaders

Related Posts Catalan separatists block Spain-France highway We Now Have Mass Public Unrest In France, Spain, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador And Bolivia Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank Ages and Ages of Rage Monday morning and we Stop Press: The Queen’s Screech: Britain, Spain and Other Illnesses There are some […]

He’s the Only Trump We’ve Got—It’s Him (And Us) Against the Ruling Class WASHINGTON WATCHER II • OCTOBER 11, 2019

He’s the Only Trump We’ve Got—It’s Him (And Us) Against the Ruling Class WASHINGTON WATCHER II • OCTOBER 11, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts “Washington, The Cesspool Of The World, Will Never Rat On Itself…” “Washington, The Cesspool Of The World, Will Never Rat On Itself…”       Source Envoy in Washington […]

MPs return to debate Brexit after bombshell court ruling

The Brexit debate has been reopened as the British lawmakers returned for the first day of work since the Supreme Court decided that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was unlawful. John Ross, a British academic, journalist and an economic advisor to Ken Livingstone, comments on the Brexit reality. “Boris Johnson and Donald […]

Saving The Planet Means Overthrowing The Ruling Elites

Saving The Planet Means Overthrowing The Ruling Elites Above Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig Friday’s climate strike by students across the globe will have no more impact than the mass mobilizations by women following the election of Donald Trump or the hundreds of thousands of protesters who took to the streets to denounce the Iraq War. This […]

Serbian Journalists Expose a Ruling Party Bot Application Used to Manipulate Readers’ Comments on Media Websites

By Filip Stojanovski Activists of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), nicknamed ‘SNS bots’, have been using a mobile application to post thousands of ‘up-votes’ and ‘down-votes’ on comments to articles of popular media websites Kurir and Espresso, to influence the perceptions of their readers, revealed a research by the Centre for Investigative Journalism of […]

Truth: Pakistani interior minister confesses that country’s ruling elite have ‘destroyed the country’ by conducting terrorism for the West

Comment: This is the kind of insight that is rarely articulated by elites anywhere; their culpability in wrecking their own country. As a member of PM Khan’s cabinet, we can assume the interior minister had the blessing of his boss to say this…    Pakistan’s interior minister claims the “ruling elite” has “destroyed the country” […]

‘Ruling elite destroyed the country’: Interior minister claims Pakistan has failed on Kashmir issue

“People do not believe us in the international community. We say they [India] impose curfew and are not giving medicines to people of Jammu and Kashmir. People do not believe us, but they believe them,” Interior Minister Brigadier Ijaz Ahmed Shah said during a Hum News talk show appearance on Wednesday evening.  The ruling elite […]

Identity Politics: A Control Mechanism Exploited by the Ruling Elite

There will not be a Peasants’ Revolt like the one in 1381. We don’t have a Jack Straw, John Ball, or Wat Tyler to lead and guide us. Those revolutionaries were betrayed by officers of Richard II—Richard was 14 at the time—who agreed to eliminate serfdom and heavy taxation on the commoners. The concessions were […]

Epstein’s Lawyers Oppose Official Suicide Ruling, Will Pursue ‘Independent’ Probe

Alas, the speculation will continue. Matters have not necessarily been helped by the fact that the Epstein family has retained the services of celebrity pathologist and cul-de-sac gatekeeper, Dr. Michael Baden, to further investigate the reported suicide of billionaire and convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein. We’re told that Baden had “helped investigate” the assassinations of […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers REJECT Coroner’s ‘Suicide’ Ruling

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein have rejected the coroners official ruling that the child sex trafficker committed “suicide” by hanging himself. Following the Friday ruling, three of Epstein’s attorneys announced that they are launching their own “independent and complete investigation” into the pedophile billionaire’s death. Reid Weingarten, Martin G. Weinberg, and Michael Miller released a statement […]

Tribes Win Ruling Against Copper Mine On Ancestral Territory

Tribes Win Ruling Against Copper Mine On Ancestral Territory Above Photo: Violeta Meleti/Flickr Phoenix – A federal judge has halted plans to begin digging an open-pit copper mine this month south of Tucson, citing an “inherently flawed” analysis of surface-use rights by the U.S. Forest Service. The Rosemont Mine in the Santa Rita Mountains has for more than […]

Electoral Defeat for Ruling Argentinian Neo-Liberal Regime

Since taking office in December 2015, President Mauricio Macri created socio-economic crisis conditions by serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of the public welfare. He slashed social benefits at the behest of internal monied interests, Wall Street and the IMF. Real unemployment way exceeds the official 10% level. Underemployment affects most working Argentinians. Inflation […]

PressTV-Court overturns ruling to seize Iran-linked building in NY

A US federal appeals court has overturned a 2017 verdict that allowed the seizure of an Iran-linked skyscraper in New York City. In June, 2017, a US court verdict allowed the government to seize the midtown Manhattan office tower owned largely by a charity organization, the Alavi Foundation. The jury then claimed that […]

Google claims new Supreme Court ruling hurts PragerU’s censorship claim

   As The Daily Wire first reported back in 2017, PragerU filed a lawsuit against YouTube and Google, its parent company, for “unlawfully censoring its educational videos and discriminating against its right to freedom of speech.” As James Barrett of The Daily Wire noted at the time: This week PragerU, a conservative not-for-profit organization founded […]

Ruling party candidate declares himself victor in Mauritania vote

Government candidate and frontrunner Mohamed Ould Ghazouani has declared himself the winner of the first round of Mauritania’s presidential election, with around 20 percent of the votes still to be counted. The 62-year-old former head of the domestic security service made the claim in the early hours of Sunday in the presence of current […]

Georgian Parliament speaker resigns amid mass protests – ruling party

Irakli Kobakhidze resigned on Friday, the head of the ruling Georgian Dream Kakha Kaladze announced, explaining that “this decision means being accountable to the people.” The party leader also accused some “reckless destructive forces” of igniting the unrest, adding that they are to be prosecuted for what he said was “organizing mass violence.” Also on […]

Chelsea Manning Returns To Jail In ‘Unprecedented’ Ruling

Chelsea Manning Returns To Jail In ‘Unprecedented’ Ruling Above: U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning addresses reporters outside the Albert Bryan U.S federal courthouse with attorney Moira Meltzer-Cohen on May 16, 2019 in Alexandria, Virginia. Photo byWin McNamee for Getty Images. In a move press freedom advocates and progressive critics decried as an “outrageous” and “unprecedented” escalation […]

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