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Court Ruling In Favor of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Could Stop Dakota Access Pipeline

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times After a lengthy legal battle that stretched on for years, a federal court has finally sided with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and ordered a full environmental review for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The court ruled that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers violated the National Environmental Policy Act […]

Leader of Italy’s co-ruling Democratic Party tests positive for coronavirus

“The doctors have told me that I am positive for COVID-19,” the politician said in a video he published in Facebook, referring to the official name of the deadly disease that originated from China. The man, who is also the president of the central Italian province of Lazio, where Rome is located, assured his followers […]

Farmer Wins $265 Million Verdict Against Monsanto In Unanimous Ruling

By John Vibes Earlier this month, Missouri peach farmer Bill Bader and his family-owned Bader Farms was awarded $265 million in a lawsuit against Monsanto, the controversial biochemical-agriculture company that is now owned by Bayer. A unanimous jury awarded Bader and his farm $15 million in compensatory damages plus another $250 million in punitive damages. […]

Why the American Ruling Class Fears Bernie Sanders

Based on lies, and no facts, they absurdly contend that Bernie Sanders is somehow associated with or supported inside the U.S. by the Russian government.  Typical is a front-page New York Times article under the headline  ‘Seeking Chaos, Moscow Places Its Bets in U.S.,’  Nothing in the article backs up this headline other than a […]

Supreme Court Ruling Hands US Border Patrol a Licence to Kill With Impunity

June 2010, 15-year old Sergio Hernandez was playing a game with his friends in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico when a U.S. Border Patrol officer Jesus Mesa shot him in the face, killing him instantly. Mesa fired from El Paso, Texas on the American side of the border into Mexico. In court, he claimed that the teenage […]

Tucker Carlson: Russia isn’t attacking our democratic system – our own ruling class is

   The story of American decline is the story of an incompetent ruling class. You’ll hear many self-serving explanations for it. But the truth is, it’s that simple. The people in charge inherited an industrial superpower with unchallenged military dominance. In a little more than a generation, they squandered all of it. In exchange for […]

In landmark ruling, refugee family wins asylum in Israel

Israel’s High Court ruled on Sunday that the state must give asylum status to parents who emigrated from the Ivory Coast, and their two daughters who were born in Israel. By basing its reasoning on gender-based violence, rather than civil war or humanitarian crisis, the ruling is groundbreaking. Throughout the trial, the parents raised their […]

‘Taboo gone’: Ruling coalition in Germany shaken by fresh crisis after Merkel’s CDU breaks ranks on not cooperating with AfD

The political mayhem stems from the election in eastern Germany’s Thuringia region last October, when the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) more than doubled its support and came in second after the ruling Left Party. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), on the other hand, was left red-faced, losing 13 seats in regional parliament […]

UN Ruling Says ‘Climate Refugees’ Cannot Be Returned Back to Their Home Country

It is unlawful for governments to return so-called “climate refugees” back to their home countries, the United Nations has ruled. The ruling could force the United States to allow Central Americans to enter the country against the wishes of lawmakers. reports: This will essentially open US borders for good. Now the left has combined […]

High Court lets Knesset legal adviser release ruling on PM’s immunity panel

The High Court of Justice on Sunday said that Knesset legal adviser Eyal Yinon, who faces accusations by Likud of a conflict of interest in handling Netanyahu’s corruption cases, can nevertheless release a legal opinion that could allow the Knesset to consider Netanyahu’s immunity request — and likely to reject it. Earlier Sunday, Likud MK […]

Chris Hedges: Rebellion Is The Only Way To Stop The Ruling Elites

Chris Hedges: Rebellion Is The Only Way To Stop The Ruling Elites Above photo: Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, October 2011. Clearing the FOG cohosts, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, interviewed journalist and author Chris Hedges about the significant events of 2019 and what activists must prepare for in 2020 and beyond. Hedges covered uprisings […]

‘Victory for Our Oceans’: US Court Upholds Ruling on Vast Marine Monument Established by Obama

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ICC moves towards full investigation into Israeli war crimes, pending ruling on jurisdiction

After years of delays into launching a full investigation into Israeli war crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territory, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Fatou Bensouda announced on Friday that there is basis to investigate Israel for its actions in the West Bank and Gaza. “I am satisfied that there is a […]

Supreme Court Lets Lower Court Ruling Stand Allowing Homeless To Sleep On Sidewalk

By Tyler Durden The Supreme Court on Monday rejected to hear a major case concerning homelessness, thus allowing a lower court’s ruling to stand that homeless people can sleep on sidewalks or in public parks if there are no other options for shelter. The highest court in the land gave no explanation for their decision […]

Lebanese protesters burn ruling parties’ offices after night of clashes

BEIRUT — Attackers in northern Lebanon set fire to the offices of two major political parties on Sunday, the state-run National News Agency said. The assaults came just hours after the capital Beirut was rocked by the most violent government crackdown on protesters since nationwide demonstrations began two months ago. Lebanese security forces used rubber […]

Glen Allen’s Lawsuit Against the SPLC: We Will Appeal Adverse Ruling

INTRODUCTION by William Williams, Chairman, National Alliance: We should have expected as much from this judge — a Clinton appointee. The top dogs at SPLC (what’s left of it) were “Friends of Bill.” And, of course, a half billion dollar endowment can buy them a lot of “justice.” It’s good that Glen will appeal. He […]

California overturns ruling on coffee warnings: There is no link between coffee and cancer

(Natural News) If you’re like many people, your day doesn’t really start until you’ve had that first cup of coffee, and the prospect of missing it can be enough to make you panic. When California started requiring places serving coffee to display warnings about its tenuous link to cancer, it left a […]

All Products From Israeli Settlements Must Be Labelled: EU Court In Landmark Ruling

In a controversial new landmark ruling that has enraged and frustrated Israeli leaders, Europe’s top court has ordered that all goods produced by Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights be labeled as such. Specifically the European Court of Justice decision on Tuesday forbids any products from settlements to be labeled […]

FBI law enforcement will only protect the ruling class

(Natural News) Left-wing groups are finally figuring out that the FBI and law enforcement are not protecting them any more than they protect right-wing groups.  That’s because the FBI serves the ruling class.  Is the left finally catching on to scam that is the government? (Article by Mac Salvo republished from […]

Angry protests erupt in Catalonia over Spain court ruling against independence leaders

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