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Russian aid to Italy, dubbed an ‘influence operation’ by EU-partnered media outfit, is indeed shameful — for Europe

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen admitted Thursday that “in the face of the need for a common European response” to the pandemic, too many EU countries “thought only of their own” problems. Brussels will now “mobilize alongside Italy,” she said. With nearly 14,000 dead, surely it’s about time. The decision to put up […]

Master-class on social distancing: Russian cosmonauts share tips on how to cope with coronavirus isolation with RT

Fifty-five-year-old cosmonaut Andrei Borisenko is quite familiar with being confined to tight quarters for long periods of time, after making two flights into space and spending a total of 337 days in orbit. He told RT Russia that the best antidote to depression in such situations is to keep yourself busy. Occupy yourself with something… […]

Russian Orthodox Church allows believers telecommunication confession during Covid-19 shutdown

   A novel way to administer some traditional sacraments, including confession, has been adopted by the Russian Orthodox Church as the country takes increasingly restrictive social distancing measures to combat coronavirus. Strict home isolation rules adopted by authorities in most Russian regions have posed a challenge for Christians wanting to continue with their spiritual lives […]

Help is on the way: Russian military medics heading to Serbia to assist in Covid-19 battle

Eight teams of doctors and nurses with state-of-the-art equipment as well as a unit of nuclear, biological and chemical protection (NBC) troops to carry out disinfection have been assigned by the Defense Ministry for the mission. The massive Il-76 cargo planes are expected to take off from Chkalovsky airfield outside Moscow and arrive in Serbia […]

Russian front-lines bombers head to Syria as Idlib ceasefire collapses

By News Desk -2020-04-02 BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:25 A.M.) – The Russian military has redeployed some of its front-line bombers to Syria amid the expiration of the Moscow Agreement, which called for the withdrawal of all militant groups from the M-4 Highway (Aleppo-Latakia Highway). Citing the Telegram channel RadioSkaner, the Russian publication Avia.Pro reported that a couple of Su-24 […]

CoVid-19. Wall Street Media’s Analysts Censure News on Russian Mission in Italy

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy VERSIONE ORIGINALE IN ITALIANO «My name is Virginia Padovese and I’m a NewsGuard journalist. Our New York-based company analyzes news and information sites about credibility and transparency in an effort to combat online misinformation. Our analysis includes an information sheet on the site and verification of compliance […]


South Front A prototype of what the bracelet should look like. Click to see full-size image A Russian state-owned company – Russian Advanced Electronics Technologies JSC ordered the urgent development and manufacture of an unnamed volume of a novel electronic wristband designed to control the movement of citizens under quarantine in view of the coronavirus pandemic, and […]

Russian Pacific Fleet launches 18 ships at once: Coronavirus or something else?

   Suddenly Russia ordered the launching of 18 ships and support vessels of the Pacific Fleet out of port and into sea. Against the background of the message that a coronavirus quarantine was introduced on the Northern Fleet’s nuclear submarine missile cruiser K-266 “Orel” for the entire crew, observers on social media are paying attention […]

Russian Ministry of Health Says Reduce Kids’ Exposure to WiFi While FCC Commissioner Wants WiFi Hot Spots in Kids’ Homes

By B.N. Frank Schools in the U.S. and worldwide have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  In the U.S., an FCC Commissioner has encouraged schools to provide WiFi hot spots to families so kids can learn in virtual classrooms.  An Illinois school district has turned empty school buses into WiFi hot spots where kids can […]

Germany plays Russian roulette with Covid-19, welcomes refugees from high-risk infection zones

The media paid much attention to an awkward moment earlier this month, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel attempted to shake hands with her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, as the number of coronavirus cases was on the uptick. The minister did the seemingly unthinkable and declined Merkel’s advances, forcing the ‘social-distancing’ mantra on his superior. An […]

WATCH Russian biodefense troops disinfect nursing home in coronavirus-hit Italy

28 Mar, 2020 11:04 ‘), link: “” }, events: { onReady: function () { if(ga && mediaMute === false) { ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘JWPLAYER-GA’, ‘CLICK PLAY’, location.href); ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘JW Player Article’, ‘Ready’, location.href); // Временно эти дублирующие счетчики остаются } }, onPlay: function () { myStreamingTag.playVideoContentPart(metadata); if (ga) { if (mediaMute === false) { ga(‘send’, […]

Russian ships are in the Channel! Don’t let coronavirus pandemic stop establishment Russophobia

As if we Brits didn’t have enough to worry about. We’re in lockdown over coronavirus but now we also have to fear the evil Putin taking advantage of the situation and launching a full-scale naval invasion of the country. Well, that’s what you might be thinking if you’ve been watching today’s news. Sky News Breaking […]

Surveying the virus battlefield: Russian military medics inspect Covid-19 health facilities in Bergamo, Italy (VIDEO)

The Russian experts, sporting full protective gear, inspected four hospitals with their Italian colleagues on Friday. They examined the layout of the buildings and talked to staff to come up with a list of urgent measures needed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and establish the scope of disinfection activities. The Russian contingent of around […]


South Front Do you know which countries have sent medical supplies to Italy?ChinaRussiaCubaVenezuelaThey are countries that have been referred to, as dictatorship regimes. In contrast, democratic European countries have stolen medical supplies, before they reached their destinations. Russian Specialists Arrive In Bergamo, As U.S. Groups File $20 Trillion Lawsuit Against China Ilyushin Il-76 Military Transport […]

A Russian Doctor on Developing a Coronavirus Vaccine

So, an antiviral vaccine is a drug consisting of a virus or its components, which is able to form a strong immunity against this virus, i.e. to build such immunological “defensive lines”, which the virus has few chances to break through. Immunological defense is deeply ‘layered’ (I will not go into details), but most vaccines […]

Russian military medical convoy makes 600km march to the heart of Italy’s Covid-19 outbreak (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Some 22 trucks, loaded with equipment and one hundred Russian military disease specialists were flown to Italy over the weekend as the country remains the worst-hit among European nations. The khaki-colored trucks, with stickers, reading “From Russia with love,” have covered some 600 kilometers from the capital to the city of Bergamo in the northern […]

Russian Military Deploys in Italy

Since March 22, the Russian Defense Ministry has sent over a dozen of IL-76 military transport aircraft with a large number of medical and disinfection equipment, as well as at least 8 mobile medical teams and at least 100 viral agent defense experts to Italy. The Russian COVID-19 response team is tasked to assist Italy […]

Poland Sabotages Russian Coronavirus Relief Efforts for Italy

Russia has encountered problems in delivering humanitarian aid to Italy, with assistance struggling to be reached quickly due to the hostilities of many European Union/NATO countries towards Russia. Yesterday it was revealed that Poland did not let Russian planes pass through its airspace to arrive in Italy, the hardest hit coronavirus country in the world […]

9 Russian Military Planes Bring Nearly 100 Experts To Italy To Fight COVID-19- Ministry

 March 23, 2020 Nine Russian Aerospace Forces’ aircraft have delivered equipment and around 100 military experts to Italy to help it fight the coronavirus, the Russian Defence Ministry said on Monday. “Nine Il-76 military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces with around 100 Russian military specialists, equipment, and products have been sent to the […]

A Russian Trojan Horse is heading to Rome. The USA and Italy Should Invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter

Christopher Jon Bjerknes The Russian military is planning to invade Italy with medics and disinfectant trucks. David Ben-Gurion, Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Dugin all planned for the Russian Communists to take over all of Continental Europe and now Trump and Coronavirus are making their dreams come true. Trump has so weakened NATO that it is […]

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