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You Can Now be Fined $250,000 in New York City for Saying this Phrase — And Other Absurd Weekly News

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty and finances. New York City starts banning words You can now be fined $250,000 in New York City for using the term “illegal alien” […]

Veiled protester beats man for saying ‘We are ALL Chinese’ as Hong Kong imposes ban on face masks (VIDEO)

Follow RT on A video published by Ruptly on Friday shows a man shouting to a group of journalists “We are all Chinese.” But before he is able to enter his office building, a masked protester pounces on him, punching him repeatedly on the shoulder, neck and head. Hunched over against a wall, the office […]

Saying He Would Return To US For Fair Trial, Snowden Wants People To Know ‘Why I Did What I Did’

“Was it better for the United States? Did it benefit us? Or did it cause harm? They don’t want the jury to be able to consider that at all.” Edward Snowden said Monday that he would return to the United States if afforded a fair trail where the American public could hear why he leaked […]

What People are Saying About EYES WIDE OPEN

I published the raw manuscript of my book Eyes Wide Open online 1 month ago. The feedback from readers has been remarkable. Here are some choice comments: I’m just over halfway through reading Eyes Wide Open. Truly paradigm-shattering stuff!! I’ll never be the same and, for that, I thank you from the bottom of my […]

The Courage of Saying No: Children, Rebellion and Greta Thunberg

There is something to be said of wariness when it comes to revolutionary voices.  As Albert Camus argued in that beautiful tract of illumination and contradiction, The Rebel, “All modern revolutions have ended in the reinforcement of the power of the state.” But he also argued that humankind were the only creatures refusing to be […]

Nootropics: Not just a fancy way of saying brain vitamins

(Natural News) Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that boost brain function. If you want to enhance your memory and cognitive performance, consider taking a natural nootropic like curcumin or caffeine. Nootropics, which are also called brain vitamins or smart drugs, boost memory and cognitive performance in otherwise healthy individuals. Additionally, nootropics offer neuroprotective benefits. […]

"They Were Saying Horrible Things" – How Monsanto Tried To Discredit Journalists, Rockstars And Other ‘Roundup’ Critics

Discrediting adversarial journalists and even a legendary rock star who had criticized the health hazards of roundup weedkiller. Silencing activists and alleged victims of the company’s roundup weedkiller. These Harvey Weinsten-esque tactics were employed by Monsanto owner Bayer as part of a multipronged effort to discredit its critics. Carey Gillam, a Reuters journalist who was […]

Rep. Omar got vilified for saying just what Rep. Slotkin says about pro-Israel dollars

Last week, Elissa Slotkin, a first-year congresswoman from Michigan and former assistant secretary of Defense under Obama, addressed a Jewish Democratic fundraising party in Detroit, and said just what we have long insisted on saying at this website: that Jews are important players in national politics not because of our vote totals (which at most […]

The Guardian apologizes for saying Sputnik posted ‘fake’ Notre Dame PHOTO vilifying Muslims

“In an episode of Fake or for real? published on 19 April, we suggested that a photo that went viral during the Notre Dame fire had been doctored,” the Guardian wrote in an Instagram story Monday. Instagram stories only have a shelf-life of 24 hours, but thankfully screenshots of the story exist. “We have been […]

Judge Releases German Rescue Ship Captain, Saying Carola Rackete Was Fulfilling ‘Her Duty to Protect Life’

Julia Conley, Common Dreams Waking Times In a rebuke of far-right Italian leader Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigration policy, a judge on Tuesday ordered the release of Carola Rackete, the captain of a German rescue ship, who had been arrested for bringing African migrants to Italy. Rackete should not be held in custody, Judge Alessandra Vella said, […]

Palestinian academic sues Quora, saying she was banned from the website for criticizing Zionism

On Monday, May 27, Dr. Rima Najjar, a retired professor and active participant on many social media platforms, had her attorney, Rima Kapitan, serve the management of Quora with a letter seeking a settlement with the internet platform, which had banned her permanently earlier that month. is a website where users can post general questions […]

SICK Leftists mock storm-ravaged Missouri residents, saying deadly tornado was ‘karma’ for passing pro-life abortion bill

(Natural News) Rush Limbaugh famously eschews Twitter because he believes that it’s not really a form of social media as much as it is a social media sewer. And after the way his fellow Missourians were treated on the platform after a deadly F-3 tornado ripped through the southeastern portion of the […]

Card Sako writes to the US and Iran, saying no to war, yes to dialogue to solve the crisis

In the letter, which he sent to AsiaNews, Card Louis Raphael Sako stresses the consequences of “another catastrophic war” and calls on the main players to choose dialogue as the only way to resolve disputes because, as the cardinal noted yesterday, the Middle East cannot take another war. Meanwhile, the war of words (so far) continues between […]

Toronto University Prof. Suspended By Twitter For Saying Transgenderism Is Mental Disorder

University of Toronto Professor of Psychiatry Ray Blanchard, PhD, a leading expert on gender dysphoria, was temporarily suspended by Twitter on Sunday after sharing his professional position on transgenderism after a lifetime of academic research in the field.  Here’s the full statement Blanchard made which got him suspended:  Earlier today I wrote this thread in response […]

The Israeli right is now openly saying it wants to keep Hamas in power

As the latest round of fighting in Gaza and southern Israel died down, it became clear that keeping Hamas in power has become a central tenet of the Israeli right. By Meron Rapoport Hamas supporters attend a rally marking the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Hamas movement, Nablus, West Bank, December 15, […]

Indian PM Modi ‘deservingly mocked’ for saying clouds could help IAF ‘escape’ Pakistani radar

The Indian prime minister made the comments during an interview with local TV on Saturday, when he discussed the retaliatory raid on the suspected jihadist training camp in Pakistani territory. The raid came in response to a suicide bomb attack that killed 44 members of India’s police force in Indian-controlled Kashmir. “The weather suddenly turned […]

Gallup: ‘Americans aren’t as pro-Israel as we’ve been saying’

Gallup hasn’t been telling the truth about American support for Israel vs. Palestine Gallup explains that its polling, which consistently shows high American sympathy for Israel, is the result of “priming” questions that influence respondents to falsely express pro-Israel leanings. Gallup buried this explosive admission. by Grant Smith, reposted from AntiWar [Editor’s note: Grans Smith […]

Without Saying a Word, Israeli Troops Beat Up a Blind Man in His Bed

Munzer Mizhar at home in the West Bank town of Dawha, near Bethlehem. Credit: Alex Levac Israeli soldiers break into a home in the middle of the night, severely beat a blind, diabetic man on dialysis as his wife begs them to stop. Later, an Israeli military spokesman’s explanation does not remotely resemble the family’s description […]

California State Senate Committee Bans Saying ‘He’ and ‘She’

Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill reacted to a California state Senate committee banning the words “he” and “she” during hearings and said it’s an example of political correctness run amok. “It’s crazy. It really shows how far the politically correct lobby are willing to go in terms of policing language,” O’Neill said […]

Kang James Apologizes for Saying Jews Have Money

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 24, 2018 Surprised LeBron, who makes very few mistakes, put this out. Does quoting lyrics from a song absolve the person quoting from the responsibility behind the words? I’d argue no, especially with a following of 45 million. — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) December 23, 2018 Is […]

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