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ACOSTAgate: Trump’s most damaging and radioactive scandal

    Trump re-election prospects torpedoed by ACOSTAgate The POTUS just doesn’t know it yet unfortunately for the Right State of the Nation How does a POTUS appoint a former US Attorney — Alex Acosta — to the cabinet-level position of Secretary of Labor, who illegally offered the most lenient plea deal in American history […]

Scandal-plagued Bibi beats Ben-Gurion to become longest-serving Israeli PM

The previous record of Israeli political longevity stood at 4,875 days and remained unmatched since 1963, when the nation’s founding father, David Ben-Gurion, retired as prime minister. Not one of the other prime ministers in Israel’s history is anywhere close to these two in length of service. Netanyahu held the highest executive office between June […]

New scandal around empire of lies

On Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump, who is also the commander in chief of the country’s armed forces, falsely claimed that a U.S. warship had downed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz. Speaking at the White House, Trump said the USS Boxer shot down the drone after it got within 1,000 yards, “ignoring […]

Jeffrey Epstein scandal- women with new identities run firms from Epstein-linked property

Jeffrey Epstein scandal- women with new identities run firms from Epstein-linked property Two women questioned about Prince Andrew in 2010, operating businesses from New York property years after appearing to have left Epstein’s entourage Jon Swaine in New York @jonswaine Wed 7 Jan 2015 20.04 GMT Last modified on Tue 9 Jul 2019 23.33 BST Sarah Kellen […]

The Jeffrey Epstein Case Has The Potential To Be The Biggest Scandal In American History

    by Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse We are about to open up a can of worms that could turn our entire country completely upside down by the time it is all said and done. Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s horrific crimes have been well known for a very long time, and I have been writing […]

‘This is their story’: Kremlin says scandal over UK ambassador is between London and Washington

The scandal is obviously “between Washington and London,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday. “Let these two capitals deal with it. This is not our story,” he added. The revelation raised ire in Washington, with Trump angrily saying that “we will no longer deal with him.” However, outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May assured that […]

5Ggate: A Political and Financial Scandal of Epic Proportions

    DEADLY 5G IMPOSITION BY FCC/BIG TELCOS BASED ON FRAUD AND CONSPIRACY SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé only scratches the surface of what is surely the greatest governmental-corporate scandal and financial fraud in U.S. history. The sheer magnitude of financial criminality and political malfeasance of 5Ggate is truly beyond comprehension. Nothing like this […]

Ogate: The Transatlantic Obama Scandal aka the OCCHIONERO CONSPIRACY

  Giulio Occhionero and Francesca Maria Occhionero   TMR Editor’s Note: Obama’s transatlantic scandal known as “The OCCHIONERO CONSPIRACY” has the potential to take down Deep State.   Yes, it’s that BIG! So big it’s also referred to as Ogate. But why?  Because Ogate has all the captivating elements of a very broad and deep multi-nation […]

‘Populism and Russia’: Austrian video scandal is ‘two-pronged attack’ on EU

   The scandalous video that has cost the Austrian vice chancellor his job plays into the hands of establishment parties elsewhere in Europe, and at the same time attacks Russia, which is seen as the right-wing’s backer, experts say. “Such a scandal plays very well into the hands of establishment parties elsewhere in Europe and […]

Head of Austria’s far-right FPOe resigns government amid corruption scandal

VIENNA, Austria — Austrian far-right Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache resigned Saturday following explosive revelations from a hidden-camera sting. “I tendered my resignation as vice-chancellor of Austria to Chancellor Kurz, and he accepted this decision,” a visibly emotional Strache said in a televised statement. Just days before key EU elections, Austria’s coalition government was plunged into crisis […]

Austria’s far-right vice-chancellor resigns over video scandal

Austria‘s Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache of the far-right Freedom Party has said he is stepping down and would be replaced by Transport Minister Norbert Hofer after an embarrassing video of him was published by two German newspapers. The far-right leader announced his resignation on Saturday, plunging the country into a political crisis days before […]

RUSSIAGATE HOAX: “The worst, most corrosive, and most fraudulent political scandal in modern American history”

  Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin talk at the APEC Summit in Danang, Vietnam, November 11, 2017. (Pool photo via AP / Jorge Silva)   Russiagate Zealotry Continues to Endanger American National Security If Venezuela becomes a Cuban Missile–like Crisis, will Trump be free to resolve it peacefully? By Stephen F. Cohen The John Batchelor […]

With release of Muller report, the greatest political scandal and media hoax ever has finally unraveled

(Natural News) With Attorney General William Barr’s release of a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on “collusion” between then-GOP candidate Donald Trump and Mother Russia, in which Mueller cleared the president ‘officially,’ the greatest political and media hoax in the history of our republic officially came crashing down. […]

#SpyGate: “The Worst Corruption Scandal in American History”

    Source Article from Related Posts The 5 WORST Reader’s Digest Health Myths STILL being propagated and perpetuated today (Natural News) Reader’s Digest is obviously not a publication you should be The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon […]

Cook County Prosecutor Slams Kim Foxx Over Smollett ‘Charges’ Scandal, Retired Judge Files Petition that Justice Was Not Served

Related Posts Big tech now twisting reality as it PROTECTS Jussie Smollett by hiding story searches for his fake hate crime (Natural News) Chicago Police were upset as could be when Cook County Judge Unseals Documents in Jussie Smollett Fake MAGA Attack Case A judge ruled on Thursday to unseal documents relating […]

The Real College Admissions Scandal

In what’s being called the largest college admissions scam ever, a number of wealthy parents, celebrities, and college prep coaches have been accused of offering large bribes to get rich students into Ivy League schools, regardless of their credentials. The parents facing charges allegedly paid up to $6.5 million to get their kids into college. Shocking as […]

Scandal: Impoverished UK Labour-run Islington Council spent £136,000 to stop pro-Palestinian musician from playing at local concert

Gilad Atzmon writes: The corrupt Labour-run Islington Council has disclosed that it spent the staggering sum of £136,000 (one hundred and thirty-six thousand pounds, or $178,000) on legal fees in its efforts to stop me from playing the saxophone with the Blockheads at a Christmas concert. Islington Labour Council claims to be impoverished and, as […]

Another Day, Another Massive Cellular Location Data Privacy Scandal We’ll Probably Do Nothing About

We’ve noted a few times now that while Facebook gets a lot of justified heat for its privacy scandals, the stuff going on in the cellular data and app market in regards to location data makes many of Facebook’s privacy issues seem like a grade-school picnic. That’s something that was pretty well highlighted by the […]

The Pentagon failed its audit amid a $21 trillion scandal (yes, trillion) – Lee Camp

But that sounds weird – so let me back up. A few months ago, I covered the story of the $21 trillion that has gone unaccounted for at the Pentagon. That’s right—trillion with a T—an amount of money you can’t possibly come to terms with, so stop trying. Seriously, stop. It’s like trying to comprehend […]

SCANDAL: Morning Joe’s Mika Fag-Shames Mike Pompeo Over Alleged Homosexual Proclivities

Roy Batty Daily Stormer December 13, 2018 Is Mika secretly a homophobe and therefore BASED? No, not really. She’s just a spiteful old shrew. Breitbart: MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski had to apologize for what some perceived to be a homophobic joke on Morning Joe Wednesday. Brzezinski called Secretary of State Mike Pompeo […]

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