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Greta Thunberg Wants You To Be Scared & Big Business Will Make a Killing off It

The Facts: Greta Thunberg seems to have a good heart with good intentions, but she also seems to be a puppet for big business and powerful interests. Reflect On: Why don’t the victims of child trafficking and war in the Middle East receive a platform like Greta has received? Eva Bartlett spent years on the […]

Hong Kong is Scared – of the Rioters

It was once a British police station, as well as the Victoria Prison Compound. Hong Kong inhabitants used to tremble just from hearing its name mentioned. This is where people were detained, interrogated, humiliated, tortured and disappeared. Now, after Hong Kong ‘returned to China’, it was converted into the Tai Kwun Center – one of […]

Tlaib says Trump is attacking her because he’s ‘scared’ of women of color

In an interview published Saturday, US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib said President Donald Trump’s continued verbal assault on her and several of her Democratic colleagues in the so-called Squad was due to him being “scared of us.” Tlaib told the Guardian she was referring specifically to women of color. “It’s been very clear to me, especially […]

“The US Got Scared” Voices of the Resistance in Post-Coup Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS — MintPress News went to Honduras and spoke with a number of leaders of the Honduran resistance amid a 66-day uprising over a neoliberal austerity deal reached between the government as the country marked the 10-year anniversary of the U.S.-backed coup d’etat. Last Thursday, the Honduran government passed a privatization law, the run-up […]

Senior Iranian cleric says UK should be ‘scared’ of Tehran’s response over ship

A senior Iranian cleric was quoted Saturday as saying the UK should be “scared” about possible retaliation over the detention of an Iranian ship in Gibraltar on suspicion of carrying crude oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions. “I am openly saying that Britain should be scared of Iran’s retaliatory measures over the illegal […]

Young Americans so scared by the “climate change” hoax which claims the world is ending in 12 years, they aren’t saving a DIME for retirement

(Natural News) If you ever wondered if there would be real-world consequences for American society caused by Left-wing climate change hoaxers, here you go: Young people are increasingly shunning any effort at all to save for their retirement and old age because lunatic Democrats have convinced them the world is going to […]

Australian farms scared of this map.

Australian farms scared of this map. In development for over 8 years, the Aussie Farms Map is a comprehensive, interactive map of factory farms, slaughterhouses and other animal exploitation facilities across Australia, launched publicly in January 2019. This map, linked with the Aussie Farms Repository, is an effort to force transparency on an industry […]

Is May scared of Putin? British showing double standards over Russia, says Ken Livingstone

While no punishment has been inflicted on the Saudi government and no diplomats were expelled over the murder of the journalist in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, we have still got Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May demanding action against President Putin’s government because of recent conflict with Ukraine. Even though it is now nine months […]

Stephen King: Caravan Mob “Just A Bunch Of Scared, Hungry People”

Anti-Trump author Stephen King has downplayed the migrant caravan marching towards the United States, claiming it consists of “a bunch of scared and hungry people.” On Sunday,  President Trump fired off two tweets slamming the courts that have ruled against his administration and sided with an “onslaught of illegal immigrants.” Full efforts are being made […]

Reason Israel is running scared of Palestinian youth

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,979 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Experts Explain Possible Reasons Behind A 56% Jump In Youth Suicide Rate In 10 Years Source: Daily Caller The national youth suicide rate has increased by 56% […]

Censorship Is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, “Only the weak hit the fly with a hammer.” – Bangambiki Habyarimana Anyone who tells you the recent escalation of censorship by U.S. tech giants is merely a reflection of private companies making independent decisions is either lying or dangerously […]

Trump Blasts Sessions: He’s Scared Stiff Of Mueller

President Trump has blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions for being too “scared stiff” to deal with the rigged Russia witch hunt, headed by dirty cop Robert Mueller.  On Saturday Trump accused Sessions of being “scared stiff” and “Mission in Action” in a series of tweets questioning whether there will be an Inspector General report about […]

Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Kill Non-Threatening People As Long As They Say They Were Scared

(Support Free Thought) –  In a ruling that will be used to reinforce a disturbing pattern practiced by police officers across the United States, the Supreme Court has determined that officers who shoot non-threatening citizens are completely justified and cannot face consequences for their actions—as long as they express to the court […]

‘We were very scared’: Passengers of Air France flight discover huge hole in plane cabin

However, the 48 passengers aboard the flight from Paris to Aurillac in the south of France only discovered the full scale of the problem once the aircraft landed at around 9.30pm local time, when the hole was actually spotted, France 3 reports. Photographs of the short-haul regional airliner ATR 42, posted across social media, show […]

Turn OFF Your Mind & Join the Gun-Scared Sheepvolution!

This video is HILARIOUS …… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA …… Did you know that today … students staged a ‘lie-in’ outside White House demanding gun control? READ MORE: Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control  Watch this clip from videographer HighImpactFlix: Because of the increasing censorship and ‘on purpose’ ad demonization, now more than ever, I really […]

The U.S. Military – Pampered, Safe And Very Scared

  The U.S. military is a socialist paradise: Service members and their families live for free on base. People living off base are given a stipend to cover their housing costs. They shop in commissaries and post exchanges where prices for food and basic goods are considerably lower than at civilian stores. Troops […]

52 Years After Fascist Genocide, Indonesians Scared of “Communist Ghosts”

Related Posts Refis Collapse Most In 3 Years As Mortgage Rates Tick Higher Mortgage applications plunged 11.9% from one week earlier, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Syrian Journalist: The West, Led by the US, Knows Erdogan Has Been Supporting ISIS for Years, Yet Chooses to Ignore this youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article […]

“It’s Scared…”

Comments are now located on a separate page. You can follow the link at the bottom of each article, or you can view all comments threads on the bbs. We also have forums where you can post your own topics. News Forum General Discussion Forum Join us! Source Article from Related Posts Greta Thunberg […]

‘I’m scared & shocked’: Eyewitness of Aegean earthquake reveals dramatic aftermath (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Locals and tourists alike fled to higher ground amid tsunami fears, with many holidaymakers spending the night sleeping outdoors as a precaution against aftershocks. “I was in a small room getting ready to go to sleep when the bed started shaking really violent, I couldn’t even stand up to go out,” eyewitness Angie Castellanos Guzmán […]

Woman after police encounter: ‘I was so scared’

Two weeks ago, a black woman driving alone in Princeton, Louisiana, was pulled over for no apparent reason. But she was not shot and killed. Or hauled from her car and body-slammed. Or even arrested for getting snippy. The officer explained that she was driving under the speed limit, […]

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