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One Scottish fish exporter’s story: ‘We will come through this — but it will take some time!’

GT Seafoods supplies fish to both the UK and France, exporting species such as coley, ling, monkfish and hake. The French market is “very valuable to us,” says Graeme Tallis, who set up the company based near Peterhead on Scotland’s east coast in 2003. The UK’s biggest fishing port has been bearing the brunt of […]

Scottish NHS Board Shelves Controversial Guidance on Handling Complaints Over Males in Female Hospital Wards

Photo Credit: Jyn Meyer (The Christian Institute) — A NHS health board’s guidance that branded women who complained about sharing a ward with biological men as “transphobic” has been abandoned. According to The Times, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have now reviewed their “Gender Reassignment Policy,” which compared such women to racists, and decided it… […]

Scottish minister condemns antisemitic abuse directed at Celtic’s Bitton

He said that “antisemitism deserves the same contempt as Islamophobia and any other prejudice.” Source 00 Hits: 0

Urquhart Castle – Guardian of Loch Ness and The Site of Bloody Scottish Battles

Urquhart Castle, overlooking Loch Ness from a rocky outcrop, is strategically placed in terms of defense and saw a great many conflicts during its 500 years as a medieval fortress , embroiled as it was in Scotland’s battles for freedom. The ruins tell the story of the castle’s medieval history, the history of the region, […]

Adviser to Scottish Government Says People Should Wear Masks at Christmas Dinner

A Reuters photo essay celebrates how residents of Wuhan are enjoying nightclubs and street parties without the need for masks or social distancing even as much of the rest of the world continues to labor under lockdown. The article notes how young people living in the original epicenter of COVID-19 are now frolicking around in […]

Scottish MP Re-Educated, Rehabilitated, Kosher-Certified To Again Hold Public Office

    Much to the chagrin of some “never forgive, never forget” Jewish watchdog groups, Neale Hanvey, a Scottish member of the British Parliament who served a suspension for antisemitism, has recently been reinstated by his party after going through an extensive philo-semitic “re-education” program — and cleared to be elected to serve on his […]

Law Professor Disciplined by University for Criticizing Scottish Hate Crime Bill

MILTON KEYNES, U.K. (The Christian Institute) — [A] law professor has been disciplined by the Open University (OU) after he warned of the Scottish hate crime bill’s impact on those who maintain that men cannot become women. Alistair Bonnington argued that the bill would “make it a crime for anybody to deny that a ‘trans’ woman […]

Scottish MP ‘Atones’ For ‘Antisemitism’: Re-Educated, Rehabilitated, Kosher-Certified To Again Hold Public Office

Much to the chagrin of some “never forgive, never forget” Jewish watchdog groups, Neale Hanvey, a Scottish member of the British Parliament who served a suspension for antisemitism, has recently been reinstated by his party after going through an extensive philo-semitic “re-education” program — and cleared to be elected to serve on his party’s disciplinary […]

Scottish Hate Crime Bill to Criminalise Misgendering Trans People

Scotts who pronounce that transgender women are not actually women will face criminal prosecution under the impending hate crime legislation if a court finds that their speech “stirred up hatred”, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said. On Monday, Mr Yousaf tried to defend the draconian speech restrictions, telling the Scottish Parliament’s justice committee that expressing the […]

Local History Enthusiasts Discover Oldest Medieval Scottish Bridge

A lost medieval bridge, dating back to the 1300s, has been discovered submerged beneath the whiskey-tinted waters of Scotland’s River Teviot. The cities, towns and villages of Middle Age Europe were built around harbors, rivers and canals. If you look at a map of Britain and Ireland, notice the number of major population centers built […]

Six-Headed Scottish Burial Is Actually One Genetic Mass

Scientists in Scotland have analyzed DNA samples from a bizarre 14th-century Scottish burial and have made headway in solving the mystery of the “six-headed chief.” Over the last two years, several headlines have been written about discoveries made at the ancient Pictish church of St. Colman, at Portmahomack in north-east Scotland. Discovered in 1994 and excavated […]

Dead Viking Dynasty Invade Scottish Neolithic Tombs

The Viking Age represents the earliest recorded raids made by Norsemen in 793 AD until the Norman conquest of England in 1066 AD. During this blood-thirsty period Scandinavians mastered shipbuilding and set out in waves to conquer Europe, and as their oceanic prowess increased they eventually reached North America. Television shows like History Channel’s Vikings, […]

Scottish Government’s Attempt to Redefine ‘Woman’ to Be Challenged in Court

Photo Credit: Rebe Pascual (The Christian Institute) — Campaigners have been granted a judicial review over a Scottish government move to redefine the meaning of “woman.” For Women Scotland (FWS) have taken legal action against the government for including men who identify as female in a law designed to address the number of women on […]

Support for Scottish independence soars to 58% in new poll

Scottish support for independence has reached the highest level ever recorded – according to a new Ipsos MORI poll. 58% cent of respondents now say they’d back Scotland leaving the union. During the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014, just over 44% of voters supported independence. Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director of the Scottish Centre on European […]

Archaeologists Detect Mystery Late Inhabitant of Scottish Ghost Village

Some villages vanish and never return. Others die but are reborn. What can explain these differences? Archaeologists excavating on the Shetland Northern Atlantic subarctic archipelago, located in the Northern Isles of Scotland, have presented details about a Scottish ghost village that was abandoned after being buried in sand more than 300 years ago. Their discoveries […]

Whales Disrupt NATO War Games In Scottish Loch

A pod of whales have been disrupting a large NATO naval exercise in Scotland At least five bottlenose will have to be herded away again after they twice swam back to their original position in the Scottish loch. Marine experts herded the pod out of the loch ahead of Europe’s largest military exercise this weekend, […]

Scottish Girl Meets a White Nationalist

Fat piggy just laughed as I told her the truth about the jews. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. 00 Hits: 7


We’ve come a long way in the fight against coronavirus. Let’s keep moving forward, not Stick with It, Scotland 00 Hits: 17

The Kelpies of Scottish Lore

By Walter GregorFrom Notes on The Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland [1881] Waterkelpie was a creature that lived in the deep pools of rivers and streams. He had commonly the form of a black horse. He appeared at night, and often and often have travellers, in passing through fords or over old bridges, heard […]

Fingal’s Cave: Legends and Inspiration Near the Scottish Sea

Fingal’s Cave is a natural feature located on the island of Staffa, in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. During the 18th century, Staffa was inhabited by 16 people. Now, no one lives on the island, and it would probably be forgotten, if it were not for the existence of the spectacular site called Fingal’s Cave. This […]

Matches postponed and Scottish football season at risk after players flout coronavirus rules

A number of Scottish football matches have been postponed after the Scottish government threatened to suspend the national football season, which has just begun, following a number of breaches of regulations put in place to guard against the coronavirus pandemic. Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo, a defender for champions Celtic, admitted he had not observed quarantine requirements after […]

The Scottish Brownie

By George DouglasFrom Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales [1901] THE Scottish Brownie formed a class of beings distinct in habit and disposition from the freakish and mischievous elves. He was meagre, shaggy, and wild in his appearance. In the daytime he lurked in remote recesses of the old houses which he delighted to haunt; and […]

Dumbarton Castle: Ancient Stronghold and Symbol of Scottish Defiance

The wild and diverse landscapes of Scotland are filled with remnants of its rich and proud history that spans many centuries. From the Hebrides islands, to the border regions and all the way to the wild Scottish Highlands, the history of Scotland can be felt and seen everywhere. And amongst the major reminders of this […]

Scottish Students Sent A Bottle Out To Sea In 1985—and It Just Washed Up In Florida

Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Scottish police must not meddle in Palestine protests, watchdog rules

Hilary Aked Activism and BDS Beat 20 December 2017 Activists in Scotland have scored an important victory for freedom of assembly. (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign/Facebook) Efforts by Scottish police to quash Palestine solidarity protests risked breaching activists’ human rights, the country’s police watchdog has ruled. The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC), which oversees police […]

John Paul Jones: American hero or Scottish scoundrel?

“The greatest miscreant under the canopy of heaven; the more dangerous indeed because he is a villain of abilities” Stuart Littlewood writes: Every American, I imagine, knows about John Paul Jones, one of the founders of their navy. I live in Old Kirkcudbright-shire (pronounced kir-coo-bree), south-west Scotland. The other day while taking snaps of Southerness […]

Scottish Taxpayers Fund ‘Art Performance’ Calling Whites ‘Inbred Spawn Soon to Die Out’

Gold. Edged and decorated. A coat framed with gold surrounding white skin, wrapped around your body fat and muscles and bones like a magic cloak. The signs of power. The signs of wealth. Insignia. Details that seem small and inconsequential but they are proof of status. Your status. White. Powerful. Rich. This picture confirms, you […]

Opposing Zionism is not racism, rules Scottish court (Apartheid is) #BDS

By Yvonne Ridley | MEMO | July 14, 2017 In yet another landmark legal victory, members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign emerged from court victorious today after being accused of racism. Their “crime”? Standing up to Zionism. The trial ended three years of speculation and pressure for SPSC members whose robust defence of their […]

Nazi Pug YouTuber Facing a Year in Prison After Campaign by Scottish Jew Group

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 22, 2017 The Holocaust isn’t something to joke about. Six bagelion Jews were gassed and turned into lampshades. Some things just aren’t funny to joke about. And Jews getting turned into lampshades at a rate of 60,000 per day in Hitler’s Polish lampshade reservations is one of those […]

Terrorist Attack Against Florida Homosexual Nightclub is a Total Fake – Complete Fabrication

Terrorist Attack Against Florida Homosexual Nightclub is a Total Fake – Complete Fabrication Could it get more inane than this? What an arch-Zionist, sophomoric, terminally corrupt hoax it is. It’s the same, standard fake, make no mistake about it. This is tied, though, to a real shooting in Tel Aviv, where a professor who had […]

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