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At least 8 dead after flash flood sweeps away scouts in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

   A joint search and rescue team reported on Saturday that eight students had died during a flash flood that swept away a group of scouts trekking on the banks of the Sembor River in Donokerto village in Sleman, Yogyakarta. “Rescue team personnel have found eight bodies and are still looking for two more that […]

Boy Scouts of America File for Bankruptcy Amid Tsunami of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

(TMU) — Faced with a tsunami of sexual abuse lawsuits from thousands of alleged victims, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for bankruptcy Tuesday in a bid to continue operating. The organization, which just recently celebrated its 110th anniversary on February 8, listed its liabilities as between $100 million and $500 million, but its […]

Obama Linked Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Chairman Reversed BSA Ant-Gay Policy, Resulting in 350 Pedophile Scout Masters, 800 Abused Children and Bankruptcy

Obama Appointed Export Council President, Chairman of Boy Scouts of America, Reversed Anti-Gay Policy In BSA, Resulting In 350 predator scoutmasters, 800 victims and Bankruptcy? (read more) Christian Founded ‘Boy Scouts’ Fire Christian Scout Master, Hire Burqa Wearing Muslim (read more)   Deutsche Welle – February 18, 2020 The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) said […]

Boy Scouts declaring bankruptcy to avoid facing sex abuse victims while keeping its doors open to predators & fresh recruits

“Parents should be told the moment they’re approached about signing their child up” that the Scouts are dealing with the fallout from a massive sex abuse scandal, comedian and social critic Lee Camp told RT on Tuesday. “That way they can make an informed decision. They can think to themselves, ‘On one hand my boy […]

Belgian beer maker of Corona, Budweiser scouts for cybersecurity edge in Israel

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (AB InBev), a Belgium-based maker of beers including Beck’s, Budweiser and Corona, has teamed up with Israeli cybersecurity firm Team8 to tap into technologies developed in Israel. As part of the agreement, Team8 will facilitate collaboration between Israeli cybersecurity firms and AB InBev to provide them with the necessary tools to protect […]

Culture Wars: Girl Scouts to Sue Boy Scouts Over Its New ‘Gender Inclusive’ Initiative

With their marketing tagline ‘Scout Me In’, the Boy Scouts said in October 2017 they would admit girls starting in 2019 under a new re-branded name, “Scouts BSA.” The Girls Scouts are accusing the Boy Scouts of trying to create a monopoly over the term ‘scout’ and scouting-related youth activities. So pardon me but you […]

LGBTQI Boy Scouts To Be Issued With Free Condoms

The Boy Scouts will ensure condoms are readily and freely available to everybody attending its global gathering next summer.  Scouts of all ages from around the world are scheduled to attend the World Scout Jamboree on July 21, 2019. According to the World Scout Committee’s handbook, condoms are to be “readily and easily available for […]

Feminists Force Boy Scouts To Drop ‘Boy’ From Name

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has been forced to change its name for the first time in its 108-year history after angry feminists complained that the word “boy” was sexist.  The scouting organization, which has always been for boys aged between 11-17, will now be called: Scouts: BSA. reports: The move to a […]

Boiler Room EP #131 – Gender Fluid Scouts, Hollyweirdness & Eminem The Establishment Rapper

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals […]

Boy Scouts Will Now Accept Girls

If the organization doesn’t change its name, I’m going to sue the bastards for false advertising. Breitbart: In a historic change, the Boy Scouts are announcing plans to admit girls into the Cub Scouts starting next year and to establish a new program for older girls using the same curriculum as the Boy Scouts. Under […]

Boy Scouts become gender neutral – female scouts & others not impressed

     The Boy Scouts of America have announced plans to accept girls into their ranks, much to the chagrin of the Girl Scouts of the USA. Tweeters also reacted feverishly to the news. The Boy Scouts released a statement Wednesday, outlining their vision for implementing the changes and for the scouts movement to become gender […]

Boy Scouts Ban Squirt-Gun Fights as Part of National Pussification Campaign

By Russ Winter A fitting sequel to my “Andrew Jackson RIP” post and end-of-America-as-we-know-it rants comes a story about how the Boy Scouts of America has banned squirt-gun fights. They have also regulated the size of water balloons. If you are young, forgive an old timer who is hearkening back to a forgotten era. Back in the day, before the pussification […]

israel forces raid Catholic scouts camp

Source: Wattan.TV Israeli occupation forces yesterday raided a Catholic children’s scout camp, near the village of Jibya, organised by the Palestinian Holy Family Group from the Latin Monastery of Ramallah. They destroyed the tents and threw sound and gas bombs before they left. Fortunately, the children were away from the camp attending a class in […]

Ex-Obama Assistant Accuses Trump of Turning Boy Scouts Event Into “Nazi Youth Rally”

Ex-Obama Assistant Accuses Trump of Turning Boy Scouts Event Into “Nazi Youth Rally” Trump Derangement Syndrome claims another victim Paul Joseph WatsonPrison July 25, 2017 A former top Obama advisor has accused President Donald Trump of turning a Boy Scouts event into a “Nazi Youth rally”. Jon Wolfsthal, who brags that he is “blocked […]

10 Detox Water Recipes to Try at Home

14th July 2016 By Dr. Edward Group Guest writer for Wake Up World Detox water has become a wildly popular diet craze. Many hail it as a miracle diet and think it can support weight loss. Could this be a revolutionary new way to drop pounds and trim the physique, or is it just another […]

How Brainwashed America Fell for The BIG ‘Gay Rights’ Lie

Those of us who have been following the debate over same-sex rights have known for decades that the number of homosexuals was never at the ten percent level. We knew it was around 2.5%. It’s probably less. ~ Gary De Mar – Related article WND reports… “A just-released Gallup survey says Americans ‘greatly overestimate’ the […]

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