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For 1st Arab head of major Israeli bank, breaking down barriers is second nature

Let’s clear something up right from the get-go: Samer Haj Yehia, who was recently named the chairman of the board of directors of Bank Leumi, made a significant crack in the glass ceiling. This marks the first time a major Israeli bank has appointed an Arab chairman. The dozens of news items and social media […]

Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi forces launch second phase of op along Syria border

Iraqi fighters from pro-government Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have launched the second phase of a military operation to purge the vast desert in the country’s western province of Anbar along the border with Syria of members of the terrorist group of Daesh. The media bureau of the voluntary forces – better known by the Arabic name […]

California Declares State of Emergency After Second Major Earthquake (Photos)

    State Of Emergency Declared After 7.1 Quake Rocks Southern California; Massive Aftershocks Shake Towns Update (0945ET): California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency for San Bernardino County following the 7.1-magnitude quake, establishing emergency shelters and directing state agencies to assist. NEWS: Governor Newsom Declares State of Emergency for San Bernardino County […]

Second World War Could Have Ended in 1943 Had Allied Bombing Focused on Military-related Targets

Britain’s air commander Arthur Harris was convinced that efforts to “scourge the Third Reich” by “bombing Germany city by city”, as he put it in July 1942, would bring the war to a swift end. The outcome behind these increasingly destructive air raids proved very different to how it was foreseen. British, and from 1943 […]

Second Florida City Pays Hackers. How Smart Cities Leave Themselves Open for Cyberattacks.

July 2, 2019 By B.N. Frank A city employee clicking on a malicious link is being blamed for this recent cyber attack in Lake City, Florida.  Insurance will cover most of the ransom and taxpayers will cover the rest.  Argh. Hackers targeting local and state governments is on the rise.  Regardless, many local and state […]

Second in the Nation: Somerville City Council Passes Facial Recognition Ban

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (June 27, 2019) – The Somerville city council voted Thursday to ban the use of facial recognition by police investigations and city departments. Following San Francisco, it’s now the second U.S. city to outlaw the technology. Somerville City Councilor Ben Ewen-Campen was the lead sponsor of the “Face Surveillance Full Ban […]

Merkel Seen Shaking For Second Time In Less Than Two Weeks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was seen shaking again on camera as she stood next to President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday – her second such incident in less than two weeks.  Merkel’s upper body began visibly shaking as she stood next to Stinmeier, causing her to fold her arms as if bracing herself. She was offered water […]

Letter From Catalonia: Barcelona’s Occupy Mayor Wins A Second Term

Letter From Catalonia: Barcelona’s Occupy Mayor Wins A Second Term Above Photo: Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau and supporters. Credit: Daniel Bartolomé. Three weeks after appearing to lose her re-election bid, Barcelona’s leftist mayor Ada Colau won another four-year term Saturday. Colau narrowly lost the popular vote (21.3% to 20.7%) on May 26 to Ernest Maragall of […]

June snowfall hits highway in British Columbia for second day in a row

   For the second day in a row, late spring snow has hit the Okanagan Connector between Aspen Grove and Brenda Mines. Shortly after 3 p.m. Thursday, Environment Canada posted to Twitter saying there was a “cool airmass” bringing snow to the area. “Showers/flurries will end this evening,” the tweet added. On Wednesday, Environment Canada […]

Lightning kills man in Sofia, Bulgaria – second such incident in 2 days

   A 47-year-old man died in Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia on the evening of June 17 after being struck by lightning, emergency services confirmed. The man was walking his dog in Sofia’s Lyulin 6 residential area when the incident happened. The dog also died. Emergency medical services spokesperson Katya Sungarska told Bulgarian National Television that […]

UAE Trying To Become Second ‘Israel’: Zarif

By Staff, Agencies Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that the United Arab Emirates [UAE] is trying to “turn into another ‘Israel’” by spending billions of dollars on importing weapons. In an exclusive interview with Al-Araby TV on Tuesday, Zarif rebuked the excessive arms imports of certain regional countries, saying, “The United […]

Second American Civil War Driven by Out-of-Control Military Industrial Complex (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts For 1st Arab head of major Israeli bank, breaking down barriers is second nature Let’s clear something up right from the get-go: Samer Haj Yehia, who was recently named Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi forces launch second phase of op along Syria border Iraqi fighters from pro-government Popular […]

The new D-Day? Donald Trump brings a delayed Second Front with UK visit

Donald Trump’s visit to the UK coincides with the anniversary of D-Day, and while the two events may seem worlds apart, George Galloway examines the very real threat Great Britain is facing exactly 75 years later. June 6, 1944 marked D-Day, the launch of the Second Front intended to liberate the western part of Europe […]

A Second Israeli Election Proves Netanyahu’s Grip on Power Is Slipping

In a sign of how politically vulnerable he has rapidly become, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu plunged Israel into new elections last week – less than two months after his far-right bloc appeared to win at the ballot box. Netanyahu was forced to dissolve the 120-member parliament to block his chief rival, Benny Gantz, from getting […]

Modi Wins Second Term as India’s PM Following ‘Unexpected’ Landslide Victory in Largest Ever Democratic Election – Globalist Media Seething

   The chattering classes everywhere called this one wrong too – hopelessly so. The leader of the world’s largest democracy, Narendra Modi defied all ‘official polls’ and media attacks (Time Magazine called him the ‘divider-in-chief’) to win two-thirds of 600 million votes cast! At first they embraced him because they need a strong India to […]

The weight of a kilogram changed overnight; the length of a second may be next

Currently, the second is defined by atomic clocks made of cesium atoms. Those atoms absorb a certain frequency of light. The wiggling of the light’s electromagnetic waves functions like the pendulum on a grandfather clock, rhythmically keeping time. One second is defined as 9,192,631,770 oscillations of the light. But a new generation of […]

The Second-most-scary Thing To Know About U.S. Politicians

By Catherine J. Frompovich How can someone who apparently doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is, nor ever have seen one, responsibly represent a constituency based upon a grounded understanding of modern life in the United States?  Shouldn’t there be a pre-requisite IQ test for gung-ho political wannabees? Or, are U.S. citizens looking forward to […]

North Korea Launches Second Ballistic Missile In Less Than A Week

Update: South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff has confirmed that the North appears to have fired two short-range ballistic missiles at 4:29 pm and at 4:49 pm local time. First missile flew about 420km; second flew 270km South Korean military is strengthening monitoring in case of more launches […]

Nasty Nancy: We Cannot Accept Second Term for President Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has warned that Democrats cannot “accept a second term for Donald Trump.” Speaking at an event in New York City on Tuesday, Pelosi urged Democrats to ensure Trump does not get reelected in 2020. “We have to make sure — this will sound political but we have to make sure that […]

Detroit to Become America’s Second Chinese-Style Surveillance City

The push to turn America’s cities into Chinese-style surveillance networks has found a new partner in Detroit, Michigan. The only difference between what is happening in San Diego and what is happening in Detroit is, they are not using the same smart street lights to spy on everyone. Detroit uses Intellistreets a company known to […]

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