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In a single decade, Israel turned asylum seekers into criminals

If there is a single word that can describe the last decade in the struggle of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel, it is “infiltrators.” Racist and derogatory — the Israeli government’s transformation of tens of thousands of people into criminals encapsulates the entire story. Over the past 10 years, Israel has not only […]

Discussion: Do truth seekers have a ‘way out’?

Escaping the system. Photo: WEP If the world is a business and it is truly ran as such, one key question arises through the uncertainty: Is there a way out? How can we navigate the reality we are a part of? In the ‘truth’ movement, A-to-Z solutions are rarely addressed or are lost in a […]

Rejection rejected: Over 28,000 asylum seekers in Germany applied AGAIN after leaving or being deported

The subject of unwelcome foreigners coming back despite the government’s best efforts to get rid of them is topical in Germany at the moment. Last week, a court ordered the expulsion of Ibrahim Miri, a criminal leader of Lebanese origin who sought asylum in Germany despite having been deported just months earlier. After landing back […]

Unlocking the Power of Meditation: The 5 Meditation Mistakes Most Seekers are Making – FREE Ebook

Whether you’re brand new to meditation or have decades of experience, you probably sense that you’re only scratching the surface of meditation’s life-transforming potential. We know – and studies have proven – that meditation has huge potential for enhancing our physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as our spirituality – but according to spiritual teacher Craig […]

ICE Raids, Asylum Seekers And The Othering Of People Of Color

ICE Raids, Asylum Seekers And The Othering Of People Of Color Above Photo: From Like many of you, I’ve watched the reports and rumors of expected ICE raids, images of adults and children in U.S. concentration camps and the attacks on asylum seekers with horror. The large-scale ICE raids that officials have hinted at haven’t yet materialized […]

Norway Ex-Minister Guilty Of Coercing Male Asylum Seekers Into Sex To Avoid Deportation

A former Norweigian cabinet member was sentenced to five years in prison for exploiting his position to sexually abuse three asylum seekers for six years, according to the BBC.  Svein Ludvigsen, 72, was found guilty of abusing the three men while he was the regional governor of Troms, a county north of the Arctic Circle, between 2011 and 2017. […]

Cory Booker Escorts Mexican Asylum Seekers to U.S. Border

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker traveled to Mexico on Wednesday to help escort asylum seekers to the United States border, according to his campaign. “These women had really horrific stories,” Booker told reporters in El Paso. Booker crossed the El Paso, Texas, port of entry into Ciudad Juarez with immigrant rights attorneys to get five […]

Asylum Seekers Are Being “Disappeared” in Private Louisiana Jails

Asylum Seekers Are Being “Disappeared” in Private Louisiana Jails (Some names in this story have been changed to protect those criminalized for migration.) There isn’t much to see around the River Correctional Center, a small, privately run jail near the Mississippi River and the tiny town of Ferriday, Louisiana. Farmlands and fields stretch in either […]

Judge Orders Trump Administration to Stop Ban on Asylum Seekers

Saying President Donald Trump had exceeded his presidential authority, a federal judge later Monday ruled against the president’s attempt to restrict the abilities of refugees seeking asylum at the U.S. border and imposed a restraining order that directs the administration to resume accepting asylum claims from people regardless of where or how they enter the country. From CNN: […]

South Asian Asylum Seekers Find Healing And Hope After Sheridan Heartbreak

South Asian Asylum Seekers Find Healing And Hope After Sheridan Heartbreak Above Photo: Advancing democracy in Oregon. (Rural Organizing Project) Editor’s note: This article is part of “We the Immigrants,” a Community Based News Room (CBNR) series that examines how immigrant communities across the United States are responding to immigration policies. The five-part series is supported by […]

Munich: Six Afghan “Asylum Seekers” Rape 15-Year-Old German Schoolgirl

As the migrant hordes pour into Europe in endless streams, thanks to Angela Merkel and her criminally insane policies of mass immigration, so they bring with them an endless number of rapists from  Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Who is helping to finance these “rapefugees” and turn Europe into a multicultural madhouse? Is it […]

11 Self-Awareness Exercises For Spiritual Seekers

October 7th, 2018 By Mateo Sol Guest writer for Wake Up World “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates To many of us, self-awareness is like a mythical unicorn: Sometimes we catch fleeting glimpses of it. But as soon as we’ve spotted it, it vanishes into thin air. What is this mysterious quality that we think we possess, […]

5 Types of People: The Truth Seekers, Brainwashed, Misguided, Power Hungry, and The Ones Who Sold Their Souls

1. The Ones Who Seek The Truth There are people who are awake, they know what’s going on in the world, and they have woken up and seen the truth. They have done the research and used their knowledge to help others. They are trying to wake other’s up, some have dedicated their whole lives […]

Abused Asylum-Seekers Launch Legal Battle Against ICE and its “Concentration Camp” Prisons

ADELANTO, CALIFORNIA – A group of refugees from Central America, who faced beatings and abuse while detained at a California detention center last year, are pursuing legal action in hopes of drawing attention to the systematic abuse of migrants who are being confined in a growing network of concentration camp-style facilities across the United States. […]

Scientific Study Finds Asylum Seekers Are Actually Boosting Europe’s Economy

Asylum seekers moving to Europe have raised their adopted nations’ economic output, lowered unemployment and not placed a burden on public finances, scientists said on Wednesday, reports the Thomson Reuters Foundation. An analysis of economic and migration data for the last three decades found asylum seekers added to gross domestic products and boosted net tax revenues by as much […]

Switzerland to inspect Facebook and Twitter profiles of asylum seekers

The newspaper ‘NZZ am Sonntag’ reported that Swiss authorities will inspect data from an applicant’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to investigate claims of asylum. A spokesperson for the State Secretariat for Migration told the newspaper that the information published on these sites can cultivate a better understanding of a person’s circumstances. READ MORE: UK govt […]

Dozens more caravan asylum seekers let in to U.S. from Mexico

Dozens more caravan asylum seekers let in to U.S. from Mexico Reuters May 4, 2018 Dozens more Central American caravan migrants were let into the United States to begin pleading their case for asylum on Thursday despite sharp criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump, bringing the total to 158 since last weekend. Seventy men, women […]

Trump’s Hypes “Caravans” of Asylum-Seekers as Pretext to Militarize US Border

WASHINGTON – After stirring concerns about “caravans” of Central American asylum seekers heading to the United States, President Donald Trump announced during a press conference Tuesday that he would deploy the National Guard to the U.S.’ southern border to strengthen its protection. “Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be […]

Asylum seekers have 60 days to leave for an ‘unnamed African destination,’ or face indefinite incarceration in Israel

Welcome to the seventh edition of the monthly Health and Human Rights Media Watch. Members of the Health Advisory Council monitor relevant organizations and websites and compile a list of important news and issues which are summarized here. These newsletters will be posted on our website and archived as a resource. If you wish to […]

Canada Deports North Korean Asylum Seekers

Despite its reputation as a haven for refugees, Canada has been deporting North Korean asylum seekers who came to the country through South Korea. Nearly 2,000 have been kicked out of the country since 2013 because the government says they lied on their asylum application forms. Another 150 Koreans are under imminent threat of deportation.  […]

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