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Cops Took Seized Car on Joyride but the Owner Stopped Engine, Locked Them Inside Remotely

(TMU) — A group of police officers in India who attempted to go on a joyride with a car they had seized ended up locked it for three hours after the owner triggered a safety feature when he noticed via GPS that the car had been taken out of the police impound lot. The owner […]

1,400 Pounds of Shark Fins Worth Nearly $1 Million Seized in Miami

(TMU) — Officials announced on Monday that 1,400 pounds of shark fins—valued between $700,000 and $1 million—were seized by wildlife inspectors at a Miami port. “It is very big money stuff. It is very harmful to the ecology,” said Bouncer Smith, a charter captain. “This is one of the most heinous crimes in nature that […]

Virginia Seized By Jewish Gun-Grabbers

KathJuliane December 29, 2019 @ 11:04 pm Lord have mercy, +BN, this could have been so much worse without the quick and courageous actions of two, probably three men. The video is no longer available on YT and has been pulled from news channels that broadcast it. The MP4 catbox version is extremely clear. Absolutely […]

Moscow releases Ukrainian Navy boats seized during ‘violation’ of Russian territorial waters near Crimea in 2018

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the ships were evidence in the criminal probe into the 2018 incident and agreed to hand them back to Ukraine because “all the necessary investigative activities” related to the vessels were completed. Russia intends to prevent any future provocations near its border in a robust manner, including with a goal of […]

Emirati-Flagged Ship Seized By Iran In Strait Of Hormuz On Suspicion Of Smuggling Diesel

Following reports that it’s planning to release a UK-flagged oil tanker that it seized two months ago, Iran has reportedly seized a UAE-flagged vessel in the Strait of Hormuz on Monday and detained its 11-member crew. The IRGC, which was responsible for seizing the vessel, accused it of smuggling diesel. The ship […]

Heroin worth $148 million seized in UK’s biggest ever bust

UK authorities have seized almost 1.3 tons of heroin with a street value of £120 million ($148 million) from a container ship, in the nation’s largest ever bust involving the drug. Officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Border Force found the heroin hidden in a cargo of towels and bathrobes when the MV Gibraltar […]

RED FLAG Gun Laws: Connecticut Man’s Firearms Seized Because His SON Shared a Meme on Facebook

By Cat Ellis Due to the recent mass shootings, there is a major push for so-called “red flag” gun laws at both the state and federal levels. These laws are the latest tool for gun control advocates to confiscate guns from people based upon only tips and suspicion. No crime has to be committed to trigger […]

Gibraltar Judge Rules To Release Seized Iranian Tanker

Update (1020ET): As expected a Gibraltar judge has agreed to release the seized Iranian oil tanker, Grace 1 (which was allegedly shipping 2.1m barrels of crude to Syria, breaching EU sanctions). As Gibraltar Chronicle reports, the decision to release the ship was taken hours after the US reportedly launched a separate last-minute legal move to […]

US tries to stop Gibraltar’s planned release of seized Iranian supertanker

The US Justice Department made itself part of the high-profile case on Thursday, when it requested that a Gibraltar court seize the supertanker Grace 1, a government spokesman confirmed to local media. The tiny British overseas territory in southern Spain was set to release the vessel this morning, but the US move effectively postponed the […]

Food Shipment Destined For Venezuela Seized Due to US Blockade

By teleSUR Aerial view of the new Panama Canal expansion project on the outskirt of Colon City. | Photo: Reuters The ship was seized in the Panama canal according to the Venezuela government. Venezuela’s Vicepresident Delcy Rodriguez denounced Wednesday that a ship containing 25 thousand tons of soy-made products has been seized in the Panama […]

4.5 TONS of cocaine valued at €1bn seized in record-breaking drug bust in Germany

The container was traveling to the Netherlands from Uruguay and was supposed to be full of soybeans. But German customs agents in the port city of Hamburg instead discovered copious amounts of coke inside. The drug was compressed into 4,200 packages concealed in more than 200 black duffel bags. Germany’s customs service said the estimated […]

Captain of Iranian-operated ship seized by UK says British marines used ‘excessive force’

Press TV – The captain of an Iranian-operated supertanker that has been seized by the UK says British marines used excessive force while detaining the vessel in the Strait of Gibraltar off Spain. Speaking anonymously to the BBC on Tuesday, the captain, an Indian national, said he received a radio call for police to board […]

Russian embassy says met with Russians on seized tanker Stena Impero in Iran

Sputnik – The Russian Embassy in Tehran said on Saturday that its diplomats have met with the Russian crew of the UK-flagged tanker Stena Impero that was detained by Iran last week and confirmed that the sailors are in good health and will remain on board for now. The Russian Embassy’s spokesperson, Andrey Ganenko said […]

Liquid meth concealed in 15 snow globes seized by Australian border force

   The Australian Border Force (ABF) announced Tuesday that its officers within the Aviation Goods department seized 15 snow globes that contained more than seven liters of liquid methamphetamine. Worth upwards of $1 million AUD, the drug shipment was flagged by officials after the snow globes underwent X-ray scans. A statement from the agency indicates […]

UK sends mediator to Iran for release of seized oil tanker: Official

Tasnim – The UK government has sent a mediator to Iran to discuss ways to free a British-flagged tanker seized by the Islamic Republic last week, the head of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei’s office said on Wednesday. In a speech in Tehran on Wednesday, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Mohammadi-Golpayegani hailed a recent […]

Senior MP calls on UK to free ‘illegally-seized’ Iranian tanker in Gibraltar

MNA – A senior reformist lawmaker asked the UK to immediately free the Iranian oil tanker which was illegally seized in Gibraltar on July 4. “I, as the head of Iran-England parliamentary friendship group, tell the UK foreign secretary that you illegally seized the Iranian vessel upon US order. But we seized the English vessel […]

New Video Shows IRGC Commandos Fast-Roping To Deck Of Seized Oil Tanker

update: Earlier Iran released footage of the detained British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero, but hours after the first images were revealed, more video was aired on Iranian state TV, this time showing the dramatic IRGC military raid on the vessel. Iranian special forces troops fast-roped down to the deck via helicopter while IRGC boats circled near the […]

The Mystery of the Seized Iranian Supertanker, Duff on Press TV

Jonas Alexis – Ian Greenhalgh Kevin Barrett – Bob Nichols Preston James – Michael Shrimpton Carol Duff – Johnny Punish Sami Jadallah – Stuart Littlewood Jack Speer Williams – Gilad Atzmon Steve Robertson Source Article from Hits: 103

Iran Calls on UK to Immediately Release its Seized Supertanker – Reports

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said that Iran is calling on Britain to release its oil tanker immediately. “This is a dangerous game and has consequences … the legal pretexts for the capture are not valid … the release of the tanker is in all countries’ interest … Foreign powers should leave the region […]

JPMorgan Ship Seized by US Customs After $1.3 Billion Worth of Cocaine Found on It

US authorities have seized a ship owned by JP Morgan containing $1.3 billion of cocaine on it. A few weeks ago, 18,000 kilos of cocaine was seized from a container ship at a Philadelphia port after having stopped in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama and the Bahamas. The Gayane is the world’s second-largest container ship – operated […]

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