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Global Ban On Sending Hazardous Waste To Developing Countries Close To Becoming Law. So Where Will We Send All The 5G E-Waste?

September 7, 2019 By B.N. Frank Experts have already determined that E-Waste is a huge toxic problem.  They have also predicted that the widespread implementation of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) will make this MUCH worse. Most electronics are NOT currently being recycled.  So what is going to happen to the increasing amounts of […]

Millennial men – stop sending unsolicited dick pics! And not because they are now illegal in Texas

Legislation has been passed in Texas to make sending an unsolicited pic a public misdemeanor. I support it, regardless of how enforceable it is. Not least for the sake of hapless men, who might now think twice before pulling down their waistband and looking for a flattering angle. When she opens that photo of badly-lit, […]

India begins sending Russia money for S-400s despite pressure from US

Moscow has received an advanced payment for the weapon systems, the spokesperson for the FSVTS, the government agency responsible for coordinating arms trades, confirmed on Thursday.Russia and India sealed the $5.4bn deal in October after lengthy talks. Moscow is now due to ship five batteries of the S-400s by 2023. The contract is a headache for […]

Mercedes Caught Spying On Drivers With Tracking Devices, Sending Info To Bailiffs 

Mercedes has admitted to spying on drivers with covert tracking devices.  The company says are only activated in “extreme circumstances,” such as when finance customers have defaulted on payments – however the car company has also admitted to sharing data with third-party bailiffs and recovery firms for the purposes of repossession, according to The Sun. It is unclear […]

NeoCon billionaire Paul Singer is sending US tech jobs to Israel

Paul E. Singer, billionaire founder of the hedge fund firm Elliott Management, launched Start-Up Nation Central, based in Tel Aviv, to deepen ties between Israeli and U.S. tech centers. (PHOTO COURTESY GIVINGPLEDGE.ORG) Top U.S. tech companies have been filling executive positions with former members of Israeli military intelligence, as well as operatives from Israeli companies […]

Indian cops search for coffee tycoon who VANISHED after sending apologetic message to shareholders

V.G. Siddhartha, the owner of the popular Cafe Coffee Day chain (India’s rival of Starbucks), was last seen on Monday night walking across a bridge in the southern state of Karnataka. Siddhartha had ordered his chauffeur to stop near the bridge, then exited the vehicle while talking on his cellphone. The driver contacted police after […]

UN Caught Sending 24,000 Tons of Infested and Rotten "Aid" to Starving Yemenis

(GPA) – Yemen’s Customs Department and Consumer Protection has seized over 24,000 tons of infested, rotten, or expired food and medicines sent as “aid” to starving Yemenis since 2015. Yemen currently faces the world’s worst humanitarian disaster in the world due to four years of intense blockade. United Nations Sends 24,000 Tons of Expired, Rotten, […]

Democrat Rep. Veronica Escobar Sending Staff to Mexico to Coach Migrants

Texas Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar is sending staffers to Mexico who are tasked with coaching migrants returned from the U.S. on how to exploit a legal loophole that allows them back inside the country. According to a Washington Examiner report, Escobar is sending staff members to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, “to find migrants returned from El […]

No country is sending weapons into orbit now, but ‘militarization of space is only matter of time’

The military bloc’s new space policy, which has just been unveiled, calls for using outer space the same way as land, sea, air or cyberspace. Not many details are known about the strategy, but a major question arises here – is the world’s biggest military alliance giving itself free rein to deploy weapons into orbit, […]

US should stop sending troops to Gulf ‘before it’s too late’ – Moscow

Russia is hoping that the US buildup in the Middle East “won’t become a spark that creates a blaze,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told reporters on Thursday. Otherwise, the situation will spiral out of control, he warned. Destabilization is such a dangerous thing, especially in this region. Anyone who undertakes such actions too easily […]

Belfast councillors vote against sending rep on Israel trade trip — — Rebel Voice

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 11,591 other followers Follow Source Article from Related Posts Iran, Turkey agree to increase use of local currencies in trade: Chief banker The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says use of local currencies […]

EU Confirms Italy Risks Massive Fine Over Debt, Sending Euro To Session Lows

Following an unconfirmed report on Monday that Italy faces a €3.5 billion fine from the European Commission unless Europe’s largest sovereign debtor curbs its debt levels, moments ago Bloomberg confirmed that the Commission has indeed put Italy’s debt once again in its sights, sending a letter to the Italian finance minister in which it warned […]

Somali Migrants Sending Kids Back To Somalia, ‘London Is Too Dangerous’

Hundreds of British-Somali parents are sending their teenage children back to Somalia because they say the war-torn country is less dangerous than London, according to reports. The knife crime epidemic that has surged in London and seen 51 murders this year is seen as the primary driver behind the Somali immigrants decision to send their […]

The Best Way to Honor Fallen Soldiers Is to Stop Sending Troops to War

By Carey Wedler Every Memorial Day, Americans pay their respects to soldiers who have died while fighting for the US military. Though the good intentions and courage of those who enlist in the armed forces are admirable, the best way to honor those individuals on this holiday—and every day—is to stop sending them to war. […]

IQ Drop Due to Immigration: "Not Sending Their Best"

Well, apart from the Gulf states – thanks in large part to coming from such a low base that even subcontinental coolies are an improvement over the natives. Otherwise, the cognitive impact of immigration – at least as proxied by the differences in performance on the PISA tests between the national average, which includes immigrant […]

Iraq sending teams to Tehran, Washington to calm tensions – prime minister

Reuters – Iraq will send delegations to Washington and Tehran to help “halt tension” amid fears of a confrontation between the United States and Iran in the Middle East, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday. He said there were no Iraqi groups that wanted to push towards a war, two days after a […]

India Humiliated Zarif By Sending Him Back To Iran Empty-Handed

By Andrew Korybko Source Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif was desperate for India to offer his country some relief from the economic component of the US’ Hybrid War on the Islamic Republic but was humiliatingly sent back empty-handed by his hosts after being told in non-committal terms that New Delhi will only decide on this issue […]

US Sending Patriot Missile System To Middle East As Tensions With Iran Reach Boiling Point

The United States has approved the deployment of a Patriot missile defense battery and another warship to the Middle East amid increasing tensions between the US and Iran. The warship, USS Arlington, with amphibious vehicles and aircraft on board, will join the USS Abraham Lincoln strike group in the Gulf. The Pentagon said that US […]

WATCH: Rescue chopper flies into electricity wires, sending crew plummeting into the sea

The helicopter had been carrying out a sea rescue operation at Fond Bellemare on the island of Martinique when the horrifying accident occurred.   A member of the rescue crew was suspended from the helicopter on a rope along with one of the people that was being rescued, when the chopper suddenly flew into three […]

Artificial Intelligence Is Already Sending People to Jail — and Getting It Wrong

As machine-learning algorithms, big data methods and artificial intelligence are increasingly used in the toolkit of U.S. law enforcement agencies, many are worrying that the existing biases of the criminal justice system are simply being automated – and deepened. Police departments are increasingly relying on predictive algorithms to figure out where to […]

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