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Who is Dr. Gertrude B Kelly? (Anarchist Series)

Derrick Broze explores the life and history of Dr. Gertrude B. Kelly. Sources: Gertrude B. Kelly’s Writing: Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, addiction, and pain: Please help us advance truth, healing, community building, and empowering the people to wake up and build […]

iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes and Obesity – FREE Docu-Series

Obesity and diabetes are twin killers, with one Oxford University researcher even going so far as to call diabetes ‘the Black Death of the 21st Century’. New research shows that obesity now accounts for more cases of the four most common cancers than smoking does. The obesity and diabetes epidemic is growing – and killing. […]

Hidden Within: The Science of Miracles – FREE Docu-Series

What if you lived in a world that was free of disease, pain, and depression; a world that no longer needed prescription drugs? And what if you could activate this all-natural healing from within? Doctors across the globe have unanimously identified a brand new discovery changing the landscape of modern medicine as we know it – […]

‘Our Boys,’ HBO series on Israel’s violent summer of 2014, set for premiere

Joseph Cedar and Hagai Levi’s series “Our Boys,” a 10-part series focusing on the violence that wracked Israel five years ago, premieres August 12 on HBO. The show is set in the summer of 2014, when Jewish teenagers Gil-ad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Fraenkel were kidnapped on June 12 by Hamas terrorists in the […]

Transcendence: Move Beyond Stress, Fear and Anxiety – FREE Online Docu-Series

Stress has become one of our greatest enemies in this modern, high-pressure life. This 21st century health epidemic is a silent killer. Now, from the filmmakers of Food Matters and Hungry For Change, comes Transcendence: a 5-part FMTV original series that explores the current state of our physical, emotional, and mental health in a captivating new way. Click […]

Kids Channel Nickelodeon Debuts Married Gay Couple in Cartoon Series ‘The Loud House’

By Samuel Smith, CP Reporter The children’s television network Nickelodeon plans to introduce a biracial, same-sex couple into one of its newest cartoon shows. According to the entertainment news outlet Variety, Nickelodeon is on the midst of introducing the network’s first-ever married same-sex couple in the cartoon series “The Loud House,” which premiered this May. […]

Top 15 Healing Remedies to Beat Autoimmune Disease – FREE Ebook and Docu-Series

  If you or any of your loved ones suffer from an autoimmune issue, you’ll know the constant struggle for health and wellness. It doesn’t have to be that way – this completely free ebook: ‘Top 15 Healing Remedies for Autoimmunity’ could change your life. In this groundbreaking eBook, you will discover: Which ancient Chinese herb […]

Fyodor Dostoevsky Complete Lecture Series – Matt Raphael Johnson

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Who is Dr. Gertrude B Kelly? (Anarchist Series) Derrick Broze explores the life and history of Dr. Gertrude B. Kelly. Sources: Gertrude iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes and Obesity – FREE Docu-Series Obesity and diabetes are twin killers, with one Oxford University […]

The Human Longevity Project – FREE Online Documentary Series

How do some people stay so healthy and happy into their 90s or 100s or even beyond? On the other hand, why is it that we have more healthcare available to us now than ever in human history, and yet as a society we’re the sickest we’ve ever been? If you’ve wondered this too, you […]

‘Chernobyl’ is a blast of a TV series – but don’t call it ‘authentic’

Authenticity is not an essential virtue even for a docudrama, but it has been one of the main selling points of Chernobyl, the five-part mini-series that is currently the highest-ever rated TV program on film database IMDB. Now, my qualms aren’t with the factual inaccuracies, the creation of Emily Watson’s fictional female scientist in place […]

This is how Neocon Bolton is setting up Iran with a series of false flag attacks to push the U.S. into war.

  AFP – The Norwegian vessel Andrea Victory was one of four oil tankers damaged on 12 May   Tankers almost certainly damaged by Iranian naval mines, US says BBC US National Security Adviser John Bolton has said “naval mines almost certainly from Iran” were to blame for the damage to oil tankers in the […]

FREE Documentary Series – The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Examined

One common plant can treat and heal over 200 medical conditions. It is proven to help arthritis, Crohn’s disease, seizure disorders, insomnia, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even cancer. It does it by treating the root cause of these diseases, not just the symptoms, without dangerous risks or side effects. This plant could save […]

Al Jazeera’s censored series on ‘The Lobby’: a lesson in astroturfing pro-Israel activism

Over the long Thingstaken weekend, which I spent blissfully alone, I binge-watched “The Lobby,” the multi-part Al Jazeera documentary which was censored right before its release date.   The documentary follows Al Jazeera undercover reporters as they infiltrate Zionist organizations in the United Kingdom and the United States, exposing Zionist efforts to sabotage pro-Palestine activism and […]

Series of 4 waterspouts seen off Auckland’s North Shore in New Zealand

     A large waterspout has formed off a beach on Auckland’s North Shore today. Stunning video of the weather phenomena were sent to 1 NEWS by Graeme Gilby. In the video people can be heard exclaiming in awe of what they’re seeing over the water. Mr Gilby said the “amazing sight” formed off Takapuna Beach […]

Khashoggi, Ben Barka & PressTV’s Serena Shim: A 4-part series

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog November 11, 2018 In October of 1965, 2014 and 2018 three journalists were prominently assassinated: Mehdi Ben Barka, Serena Shim and Jamal Khashoggi. Most readers likely don’t know the first two, while the entire world seems to know about the last one. This is a 4-part series which […]

Free Documentary Series – iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity

This is your invitation to an exclusive online screening of “iThrive: Rising From the Depths of Diabetes and Obesity”, a compelling 9-part series! A major cause of heart attack, stroke, heart disease and kidney failure, the diabetes epidemic is now the #3 cause of death in America and the #1 killer in Mexico. The disease […]

Free Palestine! A New Series on Zionist Oppression

Free Palestine! A New Series on Zionist Oppression PLEASE SHARE! After an enlightening trip to Palestine, investigative journalist Jake Morphonios begins a new documentary series of the systematic oppression of the Palestinian people by the brutal Zionist regime of Israel. #BDS #FreePalestine Filed under: Jewish terrorism, Jewish violence, Netanyahu, Palestine | Source Article from […]

Feel the hate: NYC poster series depict Trump supporters as ‘trash’

     Fake Sanitation Department posters depicting Trump-supporting middle-Americans as “trash,” have appeared across New York City, true to the stereotype of coastals’ liberal attitudes. One of the posters in the series depicts an overweight ‘redneck’ type, arm tattooed with a Confederate flag, wearing a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and slurping from a Chick-fil-A […]

Man’s $100,000 Lottery Numbers Came From Classic TV Series

Francisco Rios of Hartford said an early episode of a 1958 Western television series, “Bronco,” inspired him to play five particular numbers in the CT Lottery’s draw game, Cash5, numbers that paid off to the tune of six figures last week. “It was about a guy who was buried in a glacier for 22 years, […] debuting new documentary series: “The Deep State Strikes Back” … exposes “Spygate” like no other film

(Natural News) As regular readers know,, the ultimate free speech platform alternative to YouTube, is now live and is already garnering a great deal of attention and support from users and content producers alike. One of the first productions to debut on the site is a new documentary series that explains […]

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