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Trump Praises US Secret Service After Clashes With Protesters At White House

Violent clashes between secret service agents and rioters continued into Saturday morning outside the White House as protests over the death of George Floyd continue to sweep across the US. US President Donald Trump praised the effective security measures used to keep the White House safe during protests in the capital. Trump said he “was […]

Secret Service Alerted After Kathy Griffin Instructs Jim Acosta to Plunge Syringe Into POTUS

The Secret Service have been alerted to yet another threat by washed up comedienne Kathy Griffin, after she urged CNN’s Jim Acosta to plunge a syringe full of air into POTUS. Air embolisms, or air bubbles in the bloodstream, can cause fatal strokes. Jim Acosta tweeted on Tuesday: ‘Trump at diabetes event at WH: “I […]

Pedophiles Ecstatic As Twitter Changes Terms of Service to Permit ‘Artistic’ Depictions of Naked Children

Twitter has changed its terms of service to explicitly allow for pedophile-type content on the platform, including discussions related to “attraction towards minors” and depictions of nude children, as long as they are “artistic”: The new terms of service explicitly state, “Discussions related to child sexual exploitation as a phenomenon or attraction towards minors are […]

Preventive COVID-19 antibody injection in the works — blood service chief

Israel’s national blood service is racing to develop an antibody injection in a bid to defend the most vulnerable citizens from the coronavirus during a second wave. “We all know that an active vaccine will take time, yet we’re all worried about next winter and we want to be prepared,” Eilat Shinar, director of Magen […]

‘Our NHS, hallowed be thy name’ – Brits need to see health service for bloated bureaucracy it is and reform it now

Britain has a state religion, a government-run faith that is infallible, adored, praised and to be worshiped by all. Blasphemers against this national creed are decried in public, shunned, cast out and chastised by the press and politicians; they are monstered on social media by self-appointed inquisitors. Its clergy are venerated as heroes on a […]

Girl Who Had Brain Tumor Is Begging The Public To Help Her Find Her Lost Service Dog

This year was a tough one for 7-year-old Cicely Corsetti from Oregon and her family. She was diagnosed with brain tumor and had to undergo many treatments to help her regain her health again. Throughout the whole time, her sweet dog, the 10-year-old Beagle/Pug named Ollie, was by her side.  He was her support and […]

The Struggle Against Neoliberalism Intensifies: Saving Our Postal Service And Workers

The Struggle Against Neoliberalism Intensifies: Saving Our Postal Service And Workers The wave of worker, student, and renter strikes is growing into a campaign for a general strike that begins on May 1 and continues at the first of each month from there. The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic collapse, a purely […]

One Teenager’s Scary Experience Is Exactly Why We Should Never Pet a Service Dog

When we see a dog, many of use feel the urge to get closer and pet the cute animal. And although most times it’s perfectly fine to show other people’s dogs some affection, that doesn’t involve service dogs. It’s not that these creatures aren’t friendly, but they are on the job and mustn’t be distracted […]

Energetic dog hilariously fails his service dog training test & we’re so in love

The staff from the Double H Canine Training Academy strongly believe that there isn’t a dog out there who can’t be trained to become a service dog. Service dogs are specifically trained to help people with disabilities such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, mental disorders, seizures, those who experience difficulties moving, people with diabetes, and […]

Unions Back US Postal Service’s $75 Billion Pandemic Appeal

Unions Back US Postal Service’s $75 Billion Pandemic Appeal Above photo: From Washington — Faced with a crash in mail volume and revenue due to closures to battle the coronavirus pandemic—right when the country needs the Postal Service the most to help get vital food, medicine, and other life-saving goods to everyone—Postmaster General Megan […]

Iran celebrates National Army Day with medical service parades

Tasnim – Instead of holding military parades to celebrate the Army Day and the Ground Force Day, the Iranian military units held health service parades across the country on Friday to express readiness to assist the medical society in the battle with the novel coronavirus. The “service parade” was held in Tehran and 24 other […]

Biased ‘NY Times’ article glorifies Israel’s spy service in the fight against COVID-19

The New York Times today has a “report” on Mossad, the Israeli spy service, that could have been written by the agency’s own publicity department. Ronen Bergman’s article, featured prominently on page 6 of the print edition, contends that Mossad has been indispensable in Israel’s fight against the coronavirus, that it has been “one of […]

Mississippi pastor slams mayor’s ban as police raid drive-in service: ‘Our rights don’t come from authority!’

   A pastor who contested Greenville, Mississippi, Mayor Errick Simmons’s ban against drive-in religious services said his rights don’t come from the government during a verbal altercation with local police. Charles Hamilton was administering drive-in service as a pastor at the King James Bible Baptist Church in Greenville on Thursday night before a squad of […]

Le Français Type Armée – A Strange Service Pistol…… This is lot #3540 in the upcoming RIA Premier Auction. It was scheduled for April, but has been postponed – check their web site for upcoming Online Only auctions every month, though! The Le Français pistol was designed by Etienne Mimard in 1912, and listed in the Manufrance catalog in 1914. It was […]

Le Français Type Armée – A Strange Service Pistol

This is lot #3540 in the upcoming RIA Premier Auction. It was scheduled for April, but has been postponed – check their web site for upcoming Online Only auctions every month, though! The Le Français pistol was designed by Etienne Mimard in 1912, and listed in the Manufrance catalog in 1914. It was a .25ACP […]

Are We About To Lose The US Postal Service?

Are We About To Lose The US Postal Service? Above photo: From the American Postal Workers Union. Bailout our public institutions before the corporations! NOTE: Popular Resistance is a member of A Grand Alliance to Save the Postal Service. We urge you to take action. Politico reports: “The U.S. Postal Service could be gone by […]

Iran hails INSTEX service, saying not enough compared to EU commitments to Iran

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Monday that INSTEX launched by the EU states carried transactions for medical and emergency supplies, adding that Iran expects the EU partners to implement other commitments to Iran as well. Addressing Monday video press conference, Mousavi said interactions can be done through INSTEX, but it is […]

Florida Pastor Arrested for Holding Church Service Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was arrested Monday for holding a church service in Florida, in violation of the “safer-at-home” order, which bans large worship services during the coronavirus outbreak. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister admitted that when he saw images from a crowded Sunday service at the church posted to social media, he was furious. “We received […]

Megachurch pastor who promised to cure the US of coronavirus, arrested for service flouting social distancing

   Rodney Howard-Browne has been an outspoken opponent of social distancing requirements, claiming his church has machines that can stop the coronavirus. A controversial Florida pastor who refused to stop holding packed church services, in violation of coronavirus restrictions, was arrested Monday by a local sheriff who said the preacher was putting his followers’ lives […]

Activists Are Reclaiming Jails As Community-Operated Social Service Facilities

Jails have emerged as a key focal point of the struggle against mass incarceration. Several trends are in motion at the same time. In jurisdictions like New York and Los Angeles, grassroots-led struggles have closed facilities and blocked others from being built. By contrast, in many rural areas, local authorities are manipulating the opioid crisis and bail reform into […]

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