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Canada Unveils Plan to Open 150 Cannabis Shops and a Legal Mail Order Service

Vic Bishop, Staff WriterWaking Times The march towards international legalization of cannabis is taking a great leap forward as Ontario, Canada has announced plans to open 150 government-run pot shops. Additionally, and perhaps of greater interest, is their plan to also begin an online mail-order system, allowing responsible adults to purchase recreational cannabis without […]

BBC Mocks Africans with New “Pidgin” English Service

August 26, 2017 0 Source Article from

DC Activists Push National Park Service To Remove Civil War Statue

Above Photo: By John Zangas Washington, D.C. — Civil rights activists from several groups rallied at the statue of Civil War general Albert Pike Friday afternoon, demanding the U.S. Park Service immediately take it down. Speakers told the history of General Pike and related how such a statue on federal land symbolizes racism, White supremacy […]

Purge Begins: Cloudflare Terminates Service to Cody Wilson’s GhostGunner Website

August 18, 2017 By Activist Post A day after Cloudflare removed service to the Daily Stormer, it has now terminated service to Cody Wilson’s website, Wilson announced on Twitter: Pained libertarian @eastdakota kicks off from Cloudflare — Cody R. Wilson (@Radomysisky) August 18, 2017 Hey this is some philosophically rigorous […]

Purge: Cloudflare Terminates Service To Cody Wilson’s GhostGunner Website

Renegade Editor’s Note: Cody Wilson is the man behind Defense Distributed, a company that has faced serious opposition over the years. Here is some information about his latest project: Ghost Gunner manufactures mil-spec AR-15 and AR-308 lower receivers to completion. With simple tools and point and click software, the machine automatically finds and aligns to […]

Jews Arrested for World’s Biggest Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack System

August 11, 2017 1 Source Article from

Fighting Inequality: Which Nations Do More Than Pay Lip Service?

Also lagging in the struggle against inequality: India and Pakistan. Along with Nigeria, these middle-income nations, observe Oxfam and DFI, “could be spending far more on health, education, and social protection than they are.” With a combined population of 1.6 billion, the three “could make an enormous impact on reducing global poverty and inequality if they chose […]

In Service to Nature: Efforts in South Africa and Australia

Ian Mitchell-Innes Interview on Holistic Management Planned Grazing Ian Mitchell-Innes discusses how to restore our watersheds by sequestering carbon using Holistic Management. This allows rain to be stored in aquifers where it falls. Such practices restore biodiversity to the land, profitability to the farm, and lock in water closer to its source. Ian goes into […]

Abandoned by the US, Fukushima-irradiated service members get help from former Japanese Prime Minister

     It was a rescue mission, but one that years later turned the tables on victim and rescuer. Abandoned by their own government, American servicemembers who came to the aid of Japanese disaster victims will now benefit from a fund set up for them by a former prime minister. Following a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and […]

US Postal Service Broke The Law By Boosting Clinton Campaign

The US Postal Service violated federal law by allowing employees to help boost Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the Presidential election last year. According to an Office of Special Counsel report, employees were allowed to do illegal union-funded work directly for Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates while on leave from the agency. #BREAKING The US […]

Unleashing Your Unique Talents and Gifts in Service of a World in Need

Caroline Ryan, ContributorWaking Times  So you have probably noticed things aren’t going so well on planet earth right now. Nothing and no-one remains untouched by our unprecedented global upheaval as it’s impact takes its toll on our feelings, thoughts, perspectives and experiences and much else besides. It’s unequivocally all change and unfortunately, the destructive type. […]

Veteran Who Defended Himself Against Two Antifa Gets Community Service – (((Media))) Calls Him “Neo-Nazi”

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer July 14, 2017 Two members of Antifa started a fight with an American civic nationalist on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and wound up with cracked skulls. He was able to beat some serious stacked charges and get off with community service, but Jewish elites are demanding more. […]

In Service to Nature: Viktor Schauberger, “The Water Magician”

You’ve heard of Nikola Tesla right? He is the Serbian-American who invented among other things: radio, the fluorescent light, the hydroelectric dam, the a/c motor, remote control and even grid power. Tesla is the one who had his laboratory burnt down, his funding cut and the brilliant man who fed pigeons in Central Park during […]

Mainstream Media Now Advocating “All Citizens” Spend Time in Prison as “Service” to Country

July 4, 2017 By Claire Bernish Corporate media achieved a new level of absurdity last week, when Jesse Ball, writing for the Los Angeles Times, suggested every American be required to spend a stint behind bars every ten years as a veritable guarantee to improve conditions of incarceration in the United States. […]

Kathy Griffin Questioned by Secret Service over Severed Trump Head Video

Lee RogersDaily Stormer July 5, 2017 Remember the incident where Kathy Griffin posed with a bloody severed head of Donald Trump? That has earned her a visit from the Secret Service. News.Com.Au: COMEDIAN Kathy Griffin has been questioned by the US Secret Service over a prank in which she held what looked […]

Anti-Pipeline Hikers Celebrate End Of Route With Church Service

Above Photo: David Wassenaar | Facebook BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – Sunday, anti-pipeline hikers reached the end of the line on their two-week trek following the path of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline across the Shenandoah Valley and central Virginia. The hikers celebrated the completion of their travels by joining supporters for a special Sunday service […]

In Service to Nature: Mob Grazing Practices

How Wolves Change Rivers As we struggle to reconstruct the pure and beautiful role of European folk here on Earth, the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park offers a reminder of how to take care of her. Greg Judy VABF 2011 Pioneers like Greg Judy use holistic grazing practices to fill the role of […]

MONEY: U.S. Taxpayers Don’t Realize They’re Paying Billions to Service the National Debt

This debt is held mainly by the private banking sector which receives the $223 billion in debt service charges in the form of interest on the debt. Just ask yourself, who runs these banks? What interests do these banks support? And, are you mad yet? On another note, this article does not consider a different […]

Secret Service: Johnny Depp Converted To Islam-Trump Threat Serious

You’ve probably seen Johnny Depp’s last “Pirates” movie. In fact, you’ve probably seen the last of Johnny Depp. In a shocking announcement this morning, Homeland Security announced that it had enough evidence to charge Depp with conspiracy to assassinate the President and hold him as a terrorist enemy combatant. Those words typically mean one […]

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Secret Service Says Absolutely Zero Tapes, Recordings Made in Trump WH

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show Speaking in the Rose Garden last week, Donald Trump told reporters they would be “disappointed” when he finally revealed whether or not there are tapes of conversations between former FBI director James Comey and himself. During a press briefing earlier this week, White […]

Cop Convicted of False Arrest Gets Community Service

A former NYPD officer convicted of a slew of charges for falsely arresting a man who filmed him was sentenced to community service this week. A jury convicted Jonathan Munoz of four felony counts and three misdemeanors following a trial in Manhattan Supreme Court in March. Munoz, the jury […]

Secret Service Investigates Kathy Griffin ISIS-Style Video

The Secret Service have launched an official investigation into comedian Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-style execution video featuring President Donald Trump.  Following yesterdays controversial photo shoot featuring Griffin holding up a fake bloodied decapitated head of Trump, Griffin has faced a furious backlash from Republicans and Democrats alike who called her stunt “sick,” “twisted,” and “desperate.” According to law […]

Why does the Forest Service own a "national junkyard" of thousands of unused buildings that are falling apart?

(Natural News) When President Donald J. Trump released his first budget last week that called for cutting the rates of growth in federal spending across the board, it was met with horror, derision and threats of being “dead on arrival” by members of Congress. The disgusting and distrusted “fake news” media, on cue, went right […]

‘ShadowBrokers’ hacking group launches subscription service that may include selling nuclear secrets

     The hacking group known as ‘The Shadow Brokers’ is pushing a monthly subscription service offering members top secret information including “compromised network data” from the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. As a reminder, we have noted in the past, many security experts believe the Equation Group is […]

National Park Service bans scientist from studying the Grand Canyon because he’s a Christian

(Natural News) The American government is engaged in active persecution of American Christians via the National Park Service, which has barred a scientist from the creationist group Answers in Genesis (AiG) from entering Grand Canyon National Park to conduct research because his findings may contradict the park’s official position that geographic strata were formed over […]

20 Year Jail Sentence for Secret Service Agent Caught Sexting Underage Girls

(CN) – A federal judge handed a 20-year prison sentence Thursday to the former Secret Service agent who sexted with underage girls while on duty at the White House, trying to lure at least one into a sexual encounter. The Secret Service fired Moore immediately after his arrest on […]

Ferry service opens between N. Korea & Russia’s Vladivostok

Representatives of Chinese and Russian tourism companies were on board the ferry that arrived in Vladivostok on Thursday, RIA Novosti reports, citing the route operator. The first tourists on the first-ever passenger connection between the two countries are expected next week, it added. The route’s launch is slated to “contribute to the development of regional […]

Disabled woman’s service dog gets her barred from Virgin Atlantic airport lounge

     A woman with a spinal condition who requires a wheelchair was denied entrance into a Virgin Atlantic airport lounge because of her service dog. The woman, desperate to lie down to relieve neck pain, recorded her interaction with a Virgin employee. Micaela Bensko recorded a recent encounter with a Virgin Atlantic lounge employee at […]

French intelligence service piles on with more anti-Assad nonsense–here’s why it is BS

French intelligence service piles on with more anti-Assad nonsense–here’s why it is BS By By Meryl Nass, M.D. Dr. Nass is a board-certified internist and a biological warfare epidemiologist and expert in anthrax. Nass publishes Anthrax Vaccine. “Frances foreign ministry says deadly sarin gas used in a chemical attack in Syria this month that […]

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