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Setting The Stage For Phase 2 As States Deploy National Guard For Contact Tracing

By Spiro Skouras Several states are preparing to ease restrictions related to the Coronavirus lockdowns, other states have extended the lockdowns, while a handful of states like South Dakota never imposed a statewide lockdown at all – why don’t we hear about this in the mainstream media? Surely we would hear about these rogue states […]

Trump Setting The Stage For Wartime Retaliation Against Communist China Regime For Launching Biological Weapon Attack Against The United States

President Trump and top Trump administration officials are setting the stage for wartime retaliation against communist China for China’s launching of biological warfare against the United States. The goal of this effort is to cause the collapse of the communist regime, which is widely known as the most evil, dishonest and malicious government on the […]

North Korea is setting up a post-Covid-19 gambit by staging missile launches while everyone is busy

While most countries have been working on coping with the fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, North Korea has been busy test-firing ballistic missiles over the past few months, with March being a notably busy month. Just this Tuesday, North Korea fired off a barrage of missiles from the ground, in an usual show of force […]

Setting The Record Straight On Green Resources’ Project In Uganda

Daily movement news and resources. Popular Resistance provides a daily stream of resistance news from across the United States and around the world. We also organize campaigns and participate in coalitions on a broad range of issues. We do not use advertising or underwriting to support our work. Instead, we rely on you. Please […]

Joe Biden’s Brother Being Investigated by Feds for Influence Peddling, Setting Up Meetings with Joe

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 10, 2020 James Biden All of these politicians are not only criminals but members of crime families. It’s actually completely ridiculous. The American government is slapstick comedy level corrupt. It’s a cliche, but if you just pulled random people off of the street and gave them positions […]

Bloomberg Boasted About Setting Up His ‘Busty’ Teen Daughter With Multiple Men In China

Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg boasted about setting up his “tall and busty and blonde” 16-year-old daughter with multiple men in China, before demanding the quote be kept “off the record,” according to a resurfaced report. Bloomberg, 78, whose personal details appeared in a leaked copy of Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “little black book,” was speaking […]

Operation Barbarossa II: US’ NATO is setting the stage for war with Russia

   I have written several times about the continuing NATO preparations for an attack on Russia, a second Operation Barbarossa, the code name for the Nazi invasion of the USSR in 1941. Circumstances prompt me to write about it again, for as of the last week in January the Americans and their gang of lieutenant […]

Three 12-Year-Old Boys Caught Deliberately Setting Fires in Australia

(TMU) — In what has been called the “most challenging bushfire season ever,” a shocking five million acres of Australia’s land has been ravaged by more than 7,000 fires since July. A total of six people have died in the fires that have destroyed 673 homes and around 1400 other structures and rendered koalas “functionally […]

Video: Russia Setting Up Military Bases Across Northeastern Syria. To Undermine US Mission to Appropriate Syria’s Oil?

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Syrian War Report – November 4, 2019: ‘Withdrawing’ US Troops Setting Up New Military Bases

South Front The Syrian Army and Turkish-led forces are strengthening their positions on a contact line in northeastern Syria. A large convoy of Syrian Army reinforcements deployed in the towns of Abu Rasin and Umm Harmalah south of Ras al-Ayn. The convoy included T-72 battle tanks, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, Gvozdika self-propelled 122 mm howitzer […]

Apple Tells Suppliers To "Mobilize" After Setting "Aggressive" 200 Million iPhone Sales Target

Tim Apple should probably get together with Jamie Dimon and the heads of the other top Wall Street banks so they can get their economic projections straight (thereby perhaps delay whatever economic slowdown might lie ahead). Because the consumer electronics giant is reportedly telling its suppliers to “mobilize” because Apple expects to ship more than […]

Turkey ready to start own ops in N. Syria ‘today or tomorrow’ as setting up safe zone with US became ‘fairytale’ – Erdogan

Ankara believes that “land and air patrols with US were a fairytale; we carried out preparations for the safe zone [in Syria] and gave necessary orders,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quoted on Saturday by local media. Troops are ready to move in on short notice, he noted. We will carry out this operation both on […]

Setting the stage for climate sickness: Global warming hoax leaves authorities unprepared to address potential health crisis from extremes of cold

   Muscovites shivered through their coldest August in recorded history. Furthermore, daily all-time low temperature records are continuing to fall across the Russian Federation, joining the myriad of record lows already set in 2019. (This essay is divided into two sections. First is current climate realities. Second is about cold climate sickness.) The coldest August […]

Italy’s Conte Announces Resignation, Setting The Stage For Prime Minister Salvini

Until today, Italy has had 61 governments since World War II. We can now make that 62. Moments ago, during a scathing speech that slammed his his deputy premier, Matteo Salvini of the League who is also Italy’s most popular politicians and defacto leader, said Salvini’s decision to spark a political crisis was “irresponsible,” motivated […]

UK, US and Israel Collude in Setting Up Naked Provocations to Justify Attacking Iran

  Iran crisis: British oil tanker seized in Strait of Hormuz as UK shipping warned to avoid area in Gulf   UK Warns “Robust” Response Coming If Iran Doesn’t Release Tanker As US Jets Fly Over Gulf Update 1: UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned Iran of “serious consequences” if its military does not return control of […]

Setting Up Trump (Video)

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Israel, America and Britain: Building a Pretext to Wage War on Iran, Setting the Scene for a Broader War?

At 11pm BST 13th of June 2019, the British Broadcasting Corporation, or more correctly, the British State Broadcaster, pumped this out on an ultra short bulletin, usual for this time of night.  (Sometimes it is difficult to rest the mind for sleep after frequent strokes of black propaganda from the BBC.)  The messages. That the US held […]

Unprecedented U.S. Weather Chaos Continues: 120F In The West, More Record-Setting Flooding In The East

By Michael Snyder Global weather patterns are dramatically shifting, and week after week we keep seeing things happen that we have never seen before.  As far as our weather is concerned, this is definitely the strangest year in modern American history, and many believe that what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning.  […]

This is how Neocon Bolton is setting up Iran with a series of false flag attacks to push the U.S. into war.

  AFP – The Norwegian vessel Andrea Victory was one of four oil tankers damaged on 12 May   Tankers almost certainly damaged by Iranian naval mines, US says BBC US National Security Adviser John Bolton has said “naval mines almost certainly from Iran” were to blame for the damage to oil tankers in the […]

Record-setting rain this year across the United States

     Places like Washington, DC, have seen the most rain they have ever seen in a calendar year. In fact, 78 cities across the United States are on track to have their wettest years on record. At least 16 of those have already broken their yearly records, according to data from NOAA Regional Climate Centers. […]

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