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Target Shares Plunge After Holiday Sales Missed Forecasts 

Target shares plunged as much as 8.8% on Wednesday morning after it cut its fourth-quarter comparable sales view due to a rather depressing holiday sales season, missing the average Wall Street estimates.  Erasing most of last quarter’s gains… Target said same-store sales for the quarter were up just 1.4%, missing Wall Street estimates of 3.8%.  Sees 4Q […]

Asteroids v Eiffel Tower? ESA gets cash boost, shares breathtaking mockup of space rocks at famous landmark

The EU granted the ESA its largest funding boost in 25 years to fund the Hera mission, which is planned to be mankind’s first mission to a binary asteroid system (with Japan already having studied the single asteroid Ryugu).  Two-asteroid binary systems make up roughly 15 percent of all asteroids, so if we are to […]

Ex Defense Intelligence Agency Director Shares What He’s Learned About ‘Psychic’ Dreaming

We are having a Full Moon in Taurus on November 12th at 1:34pm Universal Time. It will appear the fullest on the night of the 11th in the Americas and on the night of the 12th elsewhere. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began two weeks prior with a New Moon in […]

One of Stanford’s Most Successful Remote Viewers Shares What He ‘Saw’ About The Origins of Humanity

The Facts: Sadhguru has commented on ‘mystical’ phenomenon for a while. He has speculated about life that originated from somewhere else, not Earth. He explains how he believes 95 percent of it is simply false, but also speaks of a 5 percent reality. Reflect On: What are the implications of humanity waking up to such […]

A daughter shares lessons from her mom in memoir on Alzheimer’s and cooking

Miriam Green’s mother, Naomi Cohen, gave her a love for cooking and good food, and later, her struggle with Alzheimer’s brought Green to write “The Lost Kitchen: Reflections and Recipes from an Alzheimer’s Caregiver,” a cookbook memoir weaving poetry, recipes and anecdotes. This first book by Green, published by Black Opal Books, offers recipes along […]

Amazon’s ‘Cloud Cam’ Sometimes Shares Users’ ‘Intimate Moments’ With Dozens Of Strangers

Owners of the company’s products should understand that, if you own any device equipped with Amazon’s Alexa – or “NSAlexa” – digital assistant, the e-commerce giant likely has access to some of your most private, intimate moments. Earlier this year, the company was exposed for allowing thousands of employees to listen in on the private […]

Jordan Peterson Shares Highly Controversial Thoughts About Climate Change

The Facts: The facts surrounding climate change and what we hear politically don’t line up. 2 years reading the science at a UN committee has Jordan Peterson in the know when it comes to the truth about climate change. Reflect On: Why is it that the issue of climate change is so controversial? Is it […]

Nearly Every Mass Shooting in the Last 20 Years Shares One Thing in Common, and It’s NOT Weapons

( – Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and it’s not the weapons used. The overwhelming evidence points to the signal largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the […]

Nearly Every Mass Shooting in the Last 20 Years Shares One Thing in Common, and It’s NOT Weapons

( – Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and it’s not the weapons used. The overwhelming evidence points to the signal largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the […]

Bayer Shares Pump-n-Dump On Rumor & Denial Of $8 Billion Roundup Settlement

Bayer shares soared 11% on Friday on reports that Bayer had proposed to pay up to $8 billion to settle more than 18,000 US lawsuits alleging that Roundup – which it inherited during its acquisition of Monsanto – causes cancer. However, Bayer shares soared as much as 11% on the news, though they quickly shed […]

Doctor/Cancer Researcher Shares A Very Heartfelt & Authentic Video About Glyphosate

The Facts: This article was written by Sayer Ji, Founder of where it first originally appeared. Posted here with permission. Reflect On: The average American consumes their body weight annually in this cancer-causing substance, and yet hospitals freely feed it to their cancer patients, seemingly oblivious to the harm it does. Hospitals feed cancer […]

Vivid Snapshots of Israel’s Impossible Cruelty: Our New Team Member Shares How Mondoweiss Stories Power Her Activism

In April 2018, Gazan journalist Hamza Abu al-Tarabeesh came to a horrifying realization. He had started reporting on the Great March of Return under the belief that Israeli soldiers would comply with international law and avoid hitting journalists. But after two Palestinian reporters wearing clearly visible “PRESS” vests were shot fatally within the first few […]

PETA buys Facebook shares

   Purchasing shares, PETA hopes to influence the popular social media platform from the inside. Facebook is a great tool to communicate with friends, connect with peers, share news and information and debate critical issues with others. However, Facebook has also been called out for filtering information, only showing news and headlines that confirm our […]

J&J Shares Tumble On Report Of ‘Asbestos In Talc’ Criminal Probe

Johnson & Johnson shares are down over 5% after Bloomberg reports that, according to people with knowledge of the matter, the U.S. Justice Department is pursuing a criminal investigation into whether Johnson & Johnson lied to the public about the possible cancer risks of its talcum powder… Shareholders are selling first, thinking later… Whilebaby powder only accounts […]

Starry Night 2.0: ISS astronaut Koch shares stunning tribute to Van Gogh (PHOTO)

“City lights, stars, lightning storms, even satellite flares – A composite of individual photos stacked on top of each other to show all the amazing things we see at night out our window,” Koch wrote in the accompanying caption to the photo which she dubbed, “Starry Night 2.0” in homage to Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent […]

“Sometimes They Come For Families” – Indigenous Author Shares More Info About The Star People

As of beginning July 2019 prospects look positive for a re-election ofDonald Trump as President in November 2020. Headline stock market and GDP figures all look positive…at the present. The huge unanswered question is whether that can be sustained until the fateful elections. We see signs already that spell potential trouble for the Republicans. A major […]

Deutsche Shares Climb On Reports CFO Von Moltke Might Be Fired

After Deutsche Bank’s announcement that it would follow through on plans to launch a “bad bank” stuffed with toxic assets and long-dated derivatives failed to revive the company’s flagging shares, which tumble to fresh all-time lows seemingly every day now, embattled CEO Christian Sewing is reportedly preparing to make a ritual sacrifice to the finance […]

Donald Trump Finally Shares His Thoughts About UFOs

The Facts: Donald Trump was recently asked about UFOs, and he hinted towards the fact that he’s not really a believer, despite the fact that the reality of these objects can no longer be denied. Reflect On: How much do presidents really know about UFOs and other programs that don’t really have any government oversight? […]

Ex-Government Physicist Shares What He Knows About ‘Activating’ ESP (Psi) Dreaming

We are having a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th which will fall on the 19th for those in the Eastern part of the world. The energies of it are strongest in the days before and after, however, it will still be a part of the backdrop over the following two weeks. This is […]

Uber Shares Slide As Amazon Leads $600 Million Investing Round In ‘Deliveroo’

Just as Uber shares looked poised to overtake their offering price for the first time since last week’s debut, news that Amazon was leading an investment round in Deliveroo – pitting the two tech giants against each other in the competitive European food delivery market – has spoiled the party. Amazon is reportedly leading the […]

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