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Obese Sheboon Tweets ‘Anti-Semitism’ & Gets Sacked as ‘Diversity Champion’ for Cringe Magazine

Being a fat sheboon won’t save you from the thought police if you upset the chosen people. Daily Mail: Grazia magazine has sacked its new ‘diversity champion’ after she posted vile antisemitic comments on social media.  Author and ‘body positivity’ blogger Stephanie Yeboah was hired as a contributing editor by the fashion and lifestyle weekly […]

Little Scuffle With Sheboon & Race Traitor Friend

Wahmen must not have rights. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. Hits: 6

Philly: Wild Escaped Sheboon Attacks White Woman in Church

Around sheboons, never relax, not even in church. These black animals continue to prove themselves to be the untermensch of the human race. This was completely random and unprovoked, anti-white racial aggression from a primitive black ape. The jew media has incited and normalized this kind of anti-white violence, and you’ll only see it get […]

Chicago: BLM Sheboon Defends Looting, Calls it ‘Reparations’

Whenever you find black people engaged in criminal activity, you’ll also find other black people justifying the behavior with some pseudo-intellectual poppycock. This is not the first time that a BLM leader tried to justify wanton negroid looting. From 2015: The “Black Lives Matter” leader who landed a teaching gig at Yale University delivered a […]

Video: White Girl Beaten By Black Sheboon

This is the future of white people in America if black people are given political power. Black pack animals believe that assaulting whites is justified because a negro criminal called George Floyd died of a drug overdose after resisting arrest. The jew media tells blacks that violence against whites is justified on all levels, and […]

Fat Sheboon Oprah Winfrey Attacks White People

The immensely wealthy gorilla Oprah Winfrey has again attacked white people. Newsweek: Oprah Winfrey is facing criticism on Twitter for her remarks about white privilege—as many social media users point out her net worth. The veteran television host, media mogul, and billionaire has caused some upset for her comments which she made in an episode of her series, The […]

Purple-Haired Sheboon Says the Groids Dindu Nuffin!

When backed into a corner, the shebeasts admit what they really want is pussy privilege. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo! Hits: 3

The Truth About the DEA’s Promise to Reschedule Cannabis & Cannabidiol

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have decided to remove cannabis from the class of Schedule I controlled substances by the end of this year. Last year Senator Elizabeth Warren and 7 other lawmakers wrote a letter asking the Department […]

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