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Neglected Pit Bull Takes Her Freedom Walk Out of the Shelter

Sadly, many animals, especially cats and dogs, end up at shelters. Most times, the people working at these places do their best to make the animals’ stay as comfortable as possible, until, hopefully, someone comes along their way and offers them a forever home. A sweet Pit Bull named Aimee spent some time at the […]

Elias Has Spent Six Years at Shelter Because People Dubbed Him “Too Ugly”

Can there ever be a dog out there that is ugly? No matter how they look like, these creatures have hearts of gold and that makes them beautiful in any way. Sadly, for one canine named Elias, looks is what prevents potential adopters of ever wishing to give him a forever home. Elias was saved […]

Data Shows World Rejecting Governments’ Shelter-In-Place Tyranny

People across the Western world have already started to revolt against government-enforced lockdowns that have now continued for at least the seventh week in some places. Apple’s Mobility Trends and Foursquare payments data illustrates how shelter-in-place is becoming a distant memory for some as they try to restore their lives to what it […]

Shelter Pit Bull on Death Row Trembles With Fear and is Too Afraid to Walk

The number of stray and dumped dogs that end up at kill shelters is huge. Usually, these places are overcrowded and many of the animals are euthanized if they don’t get adopted within a certain period of time. When Mocha, a Pit Bull mix, and her furry sibling were abandoned by their owner and left […]

Owner and Her Missing Dog Put on a Dance Show When They Reunite at Shelter

We can never get enough of touching reunions between owners and their missing dogs. But I guess none of what I’ve seen so far can beat the one between this woman and her dog who put on a dance show at the shelter. It took place at the City of Jackson Animal Shelter in Mississippi […]

Dog That Watched Her Family Adopt Another Pet at Shelter Finds New Family

It was back in 2016 when the touching story of Zuzu, a two-year-old German Shepherd, broke the hearts of many. After her owner died, Zuzu couldn’t accept the loss and became sad and depressed. The rest of the family members didn’t do anything to help her cope with the loss. Instead, they surrendered her at […]

Pit Bull’s Charming Morning Routine at Shelter Wins Him a Forever Home

The moment Earl, a stray brown and white Pit Bull, entered the shelter, everyone at the Humane Society of Madison County knew he was something special. They have never seen a dog fond of belly rubs so much as this cutie pie. Now if you want to see just how much sweet Earl enjoys the […]

Car accidents on the decline as Israelis shelter at home

The number of Israelis injured in traffic accidents has dropped significantly in recent months, officials said Thursday, coinciding with increasingly stringent social distancing rules that have kept most people at home and off the roads. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), between January and March 2020, 65 people died in accidents, a decline […]

CDC reviewing ‘stunning’ test results from Boston homeless shelter; almost half tested positive and with NO symptoms

   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now “actively looking into” results from universal COVID-19 testing at Pine Street Inn homeless shelter. The broad-scale testing took place at the shelter in Boston’s South End a week and a half ago because of a small cluster of cases there. Of the 397 people tested, […]

Shelter Pit Bull Begs to Hold Hands With Anyone Who Enters the Place

If it wasn’t for the video of Speck that spread on social media like a wildfire, this Pit Bull would have probably still been at the shelter, spending his days dreaming of finding a family. But why does it take for a dog to go viral in order for people to get interested in adopting […]

Terrified Dog Sits In The Corner Of Her Shelter Cage And Cries

At the Harris County Animal Shelter, a terrified dog sits in the corner of her shelter cage and cries. Iris had previously been at the shelter in October 2019 when she came in with her sibling. At the time, her sister was adopted, and Iris left with a foster. “Sadly, the foster brought her […]

Dog Upset After Family Leaves Him at High-Kill Shelter, but Then New Best Friend Adopts Him

This dog was abandoned at a high-kill shelter and cried.. At the Carson Animal Shelter in California, a lonely Pit Bull whimpered and cried in his kennel for his family. Blue King or Blue, had lived with his family in California for approximately a year until they decided to move. When they moved, they decided […]

In Turkey, Officials Ensure That Stray and Shelter Animals Get Food and Water Despite Lockdown

(TMU) — While lockdown and shelter-in-place orders across the world have been something of a boon to wildlife and the environment as a whole, some animals have actually suffered as people have disappeared from the streets. As the Mind Unleashed reported last month, creatures such as deer in Japan and monkeys in Thailand that once relied […]

Four Tips On How to Survive and Thrive in the Shelter-in Economy

In this video I share four tips on how you can not just survive, but thrive in the shelter-in economy. Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, these tips will help you weather the storm and encourage you to expand while everyone else is contacting. I was inspired by Grant Cardone with much of this […]

Lonely dog that has been in a shelter for almost 8 years begs someone to give her a “second chance”

Each human being has its own fate that determines how things in their life will develop. The same goes for animals. And as many of them are lucky enough to end up with loving families, others experience days of solitude. Ginger, a Labrador retriever mix located in Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, Missouri, […]

Parents Dump Dog At Shelter Because Child Didn’t Do His Homework

At the Balch Springs Animal Shelter in Texas, Javier was dumped on Tuesday because the dog’s little human didn’t do his homework. Sure we hear lots of worthless excuses for surrendering dogs to animal shelters, but this one can only make our hearts break – one part for Javier and one part for the […]

As virus spreads, animal adoptions from Israel’s largest shelter on rise

Some 80 animals have been adopted in just two weeks from the country’s oldest and largest animal shelter, Tel Aviv’s Israel Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “For these abandoned pets, it’s like the coming of the Messiah who rescues them from the agony and loneliness of a cage and takes them to […]

12-Year-Old Boy Surrenders Puppy at Shelter to Save Him From Abusive Father

A baby Pit Bull was surrendered at a shelter in Michoacan, Mexico, along with a note that broke the hearts of many. According to what was written inside that piece of paper, the puppy was part of an abusive family and his human sibling named Andrés wanted to save him from being hurt. The boy […]

Neglected dog Sam brought to shelter as owner ‘wanted him out’

In Houston, Texas, Sam was brought to the Harris County Animal Shelter by his owner on Thursday who told the staff he “wanted him out.” “Not sure if the owner really meant kicking out since he cannot care better for his dog, because Sam is not discarded furniture,” a shelter volunteer wrote on social […]

Shelter Puppy Longs for a Family so Badly That He Smiles Wide Whenever a Visitor Gets In

When the staff at The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana rescued three black Labradors from a high-kill shelter, they had no idea one of them would become a real star many people will fall in love with. The cute brothers were named Burreaux, Joe and O and all three of them were super affectionate and […]

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