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Young Activist Creates Bow Ties For Shelter Dogs To Help Them Find Homes

By Amanda Froelich Imagine walking into your local animal shelter and seeing dozens of happy dogs, with wiggling butts, wearing bow ties. You’d have to adopt one on the spot, right? 12-year-old Darius Brown figured the attire would make dogs even more adorable, which is why he spends his time crafting bow ties for dogs that […]

The First & Only No-Kill State For Shelter Animals In The US Has Been Declared

The Facts: Protests in Hong Kong against an ‘Extradition Bill’ that threatens the freedom of residents have ramped up, to the point where the Hong Kong Airport had to be shut down and the Chinese army is closer to intervening upon this semi-autonomous nation. Reflect On: Is Hong Kong now the central theatre playing out […]

How Shelter Cats Are Changing Prisoners Lives In Indiana

The Facts: U.S. Attorney General William Barr is one of many who are openly questioning the circumstances behind Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide. Reflect On: What does it mean if multiple world leaders, philanthropist and those who we have been made to worship and painted in a very ‘God like’ light are involved in such activity? […]

British Oil Tanker Seeks Shelter Over Fears It Could Be Seized By Iran

After a former IRGC commander exhorted his government to take a British oil tanker hostage following the seizure by Royal Marines last week of a vessel hauling Iranian crude, an oil tanker run by British Petroleum is sheltering in the Persian Gulf over fears it could soon be seized by Iran in a tit-for-tat response, […]

Muslim Refugee Slits Throat of Old Man Who Gave Him Shelter

An 85-year-old German man hired a young Muslim asylum seeker to work as his carer, after his daughter, an aid worker who helps refugees, asked her father to help the young man by paying him a wage. To repay his debt of gratitude after months of employment, the refugee slit the old man’s throat and […]

Migrant Caravan Struggles Each Day for Food, Care and Shelter

Video Report By Al Jazeera The trek has left children dehydrated, faint and sick, according to advocates and paediatricians. The group is so exhausted that on Wednesday they paused for the day in southern Mexico, to rest and in hopes that buses would take them to Mexico City. Al Jazeera’s John Holman joined a family […]

Israel’s Bat Melech Battered Woman’s Shelter: A front for fraud, obscene profits and child kidnapping?

Marianne Azizi writes: The battered women industry in Israel claims that each year 200,000 women fall victim to male violence. This figure was invented by the Women’s International Zionist Organisation (WIZO) in 1995, and has remained unchanged ever since.  Despite a purported 600,000 children being affected by the incidence of male violence against 200,000 women […]

Be The Change: Man Bought School Bus To Rescue Shelter Pets During Hurricanes

Image Source: Tony Alsup Facebook Tony Alsup is a modern day hero, a 51-year-old trucker from Greenback, Tenn who is being the change that the world needs to be. He purchased a school bus, tore out all the seats and made it conducive for these sheltered fur baby passengers that are caught in the […]

LGBT BULLIES: Biological male sues women’s shelter for not allowing him in, because he pretends to be a woman

(Natural News) A crazy transgender person with a violent past has filed a lawsuit against a Christian shelter for abused women, located in Anchorage, Alaska, which he claims refused him entry simply because of his made-up gender identity. But here’s the truth: Timothy Coyle, a 52-year-old headcase who now identifies as “Samantha,” […]

Sderot, “bomb shelter capital of the world”, not as heroic as Israel claims

The border town, “rained on” by Gaza rockets, is still the main plank of propaganda efforts to justify Israel’s vicious stranglehold on Gaza. Stuart Littlewood writes: CBN News has run a story with the headline Israel “Takes Diplomats on Tour along Gaza Border”, in which Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, tells them it’s her duty […]

Rare and deadly respiratory infection that can cross species found in dog shelter in Wisconsin

(Natural News) Dog owners in Wisconsin are on their toes after a rare and deadly respiratory infection left two dogs in an animal shelter dead. The dogs that lived in Ozaukee, caught strep zoo, a fatal infection that in rare cases, can spread to humans. Strep zoo, or streptococcus zooepidemicus, is a bacterial […]

How to build an emergency shelter with a tarp

(Natural News) If someone hands you a tarp and asks you to build an emergency shelter, how sturdy will your construction be? (h/t to When you find yourself in a survival scenario, finding shelter should be a priority. If your shelter is sturdy, you can stay safe, warm, and dry. If you don’t […]

Animal Shelter Tried to Use Security Robot to Scare Off Homeless People

Animal Shelter Tried to Use Security Robot to Scare Off Homeless People December 14th, 2017 Via: The Verge: An animal shelter in San Francisco has been criticized for using a robot security guard to scare off homeless people. The San Francisco branch of the […]

Dog Found Alone on Bus at Houston Convention Center Turned Mega-Shelter

A German Shepherd was found alone inside a crate on a bus transporting Hurricane Harvey flood evacuees to Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center which has been transformed into a mega-shelter temporarily housing more than 8,000 displaced residents. Harvey, as rescuers are affectionately calling the sweet, apparently healthy German Shepherd, was found sitting calmly inside a […]

Japanese Bomb Shelter Demand Soars As Korea Tensions Mount

There has been a surge in the purchase of bomb shelters and radiation-blocking air purifiers in Japan. The threat of nuclear war between United States and North Korea and the constant testing of new ballistic missiles around the Sea of Japan has led to an escalation in sales. Get Global reports: According to a recent […]

Bomb Shelter Sales "Skyrocket" In California As Nuclear Fears Spike

“It’s crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Ron Hubbard, president of Atlas Survival Shelters, told Fox11. “It’s all over the country. I sold shelters today in North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California.”   The company, based in Montebello in eastern Los Angeles, sells shelters priced […]

‘ISIS attacked us, then US bombed our village’: Afghan refugees seek shelter in Jalalabad (VIDEO)

Around 1,500 internally displaced people (IDPs), including hundreds of women and children, are reportedly seeking refuge in the area, many of them from the Achin and Haska Meyna districts in the Nangarhar Province of southern Afghanistan. They have fled the fighting between Afghan forces and the Taliban, as well as the atrocities of other terrorist […]

5yo Russian boy stabbed to death, mother injured in asylum shelter attack in Germany – police

Police, who had promptly arrived at the scene, shot dead the assailant, who was identified in a police report as a 41-year-old Afghan national, a resident of the same shelter as his victims. Female Christian refugee murdered by Afghan compatriot in Bavaria The police were alerted to the incident via an emergency call at about […]

Germany Confiscating Homes to Shelter Migrants

In an unprecedented move, Hamburg authorities confiscated six residential units in the Hamm district near the city center. A trustee appointed by the city is now renovating the properties and will rent them — against the will of the owner — to tenants chosen by the city. District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland said that all renovation costs […]

NAM holds monthly meeting in UN chaired by Iran

During the meeting, Iran’s Representative to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo presented a report on his activities in the past month which reflected NAM’s positions in various international meetings, and discussed details about previous meetings held by Iran’s representative delegation in the UN with an aim to prepare for the coming Summit Conference of NAM’s Heads […]

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