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Leonid meteor shower light up night sky with spectacular shooting stars

The Leonid is expected to be best visible in the early hours of the morning on Monday, between 2am and 4am. This Sunday, there was no need for telescopes as the shower was perfectly visible to the naked eye – granted clouds stay away, that is. The Leonid meteor shower is named after the constellation Leo […]

Halloween massacre: 3 killed, nine wounded in house party shooting in California

The incident happened on Tuesday night. Local media report that multiple shell casings were scattered in an alley behind a home, where the party was taking place. The Long Beach Fire Department said five of the people who were injured in the incident required immediate medical care. Four others were hurt, but their injuries were […]

Police botched investigation into shooting of Arab MK, report finds

Human rights group demands Israel Police reopen its case into the 2017 shooting of Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh in the head with a sponge-tipped bullet after finding the initial investigation was ‘negligent.’ Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh at the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in southern Israel, after being hit in the head with a sponge-tipped […]

Synagogue shooting suspect ‘wasn’t at peace with himself or the world’

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany (AFP) — The German suspect in a deadly anti-Semitic attack targeting a synagogue and a kebab shop in the east of the country has been described by his father as someone who “wasn’t at peace with himself or the world.” Stephan Balliet, 27, was captured by police on Wednesday after he […]

Halle’s ‘Nazi killer’: How blind hatred fueled a deadly shooting spree in Germany

Live-streamed by the assailant for the whole world to see, the horrific murders have shaken Germany and fueled fears that the country is experiencing a resurgence of far-right extremism. A carefully-planned rampage The 27-year-old, identified only as ‘Stephan B.’ by German authorities, made careful preparations before carrying out his heinous crime. His target was the […]

‘1ST FOOTAGE’ of shooting in Halle, Germany shows suspect step out of car to fire weapon

At one point, the man appears to stand behind the car to reload before firing again, though it’s not clear from the camera angle what he’s shooting at. The weapon’s intense recoil seems to shake the shooter, who stumbles backwards after firing the first shot caught on camera. Also on Two people killed in […]

One person detained after shooting outside German synagogue left 2 people dead

A picture of the alleged shooter has appeared on social media, but cannot be verified yet. Police warned on Twitter that people in the area should still “stay alert” and assured that they are working on stabilizing the situation. A spokesperson also said security will be increased at the Dresden Synagogue and Jewish cemetery as […]

At least 4 killed in Kansas City bar shooting in US: Report

Authorities say four people have been killed in an overnight shooting at a Kansas City bar in Kansas state. KSHB-TV reported on Sunday that officers were called Sunday at 1:30am (06:30 GMT) to the Tequila KC Bar to respond to a shooting. Police said an individual entered the bar and opened […]

Shooting At Haitian Parliament Surprises Few As Anti-Government Protests Continue

Shooting At Haitian Parliament Surprises Few As Anti-Government Protests Continue Above Photo: Hundreds of photos of burning barricades in the streets have been circulating on WhatsApp A recent photograph circulating of a Haitian senator shooting an AP reporter is just the tip of the iceberg in Haiti, where an uprising has been simmering for months. An […]

Prozac Maker Paid Millions To Secure Favourable Verdict In Mass Shooting Lawsuit

The Facts: It was recently disclosed that Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly paid millions of dollars to the victims of a mass shooter to cover up the connection between the mass shooter and prozac. Reflect On: Why are all mass shooters, past and present, always on some similar type of prescription drugs, most notably antidepressants. Everybody […]

Shooting stars to light up night sky in stunning Draconid meteor shower

The Draconid meteor shower is also known as the Giacobinids and takes place between October 6-10. It peaks on October 8, when stargazers will be treated to an array of shooting stars flying across the night sky.  This year the meteor shower is in outburst, and could deliver 40-50 meteors per hour. However, the full […]

Teen Banned from High School After Visiting Shooting Range with Mom

A Colorado teen has been banned from high school after he visited a shooting range with his mom and posted about it on social media. 16-year-old Nathan Myers was informed by the school district Wednesday that he was not allowed to return to classes pending an investigation into his “conduct.” Loveland High School launched an […]

Pelosi and Schumer Demand ‘Gun Control’ in Wake of Texas Mass Shooting

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are calling for an immediate Senate vote on gun control legislation in the wake of the mass shooting in Midland, Texas on Saturday. Seven people are dead and numerous more wounded – including three police officers and a 17-month-old child shot in the face – […]

Odessa gunman was sacked hours before going on shooting spree – report

The shooter, Seth A. Ator, was fired from his job with a trucking company mere hours before he opened fire at a state trooper when pulled over for failing to signal a turn at around 3:17pm local time on Saturday, the New York Times reported, citing police sources. Without disclosing the company’s name, the sources said […]

Mass shooting in Midland-Odessa: At least five dead, 21 wounded, shooter killed

At least five people were killed and 21 others were injured in shootings near Midland and Odessa on Saturday before the alleged shooter was shot and killed at Cinergy Cinemas in Odessa, police said. According to officials, the shooting started in Midland and then proceeded to Odessa. In a news conference Saturday […]

GLADIO: Deep State’s Gun Control Zealots Continue Their Mass Shooting Rampages in Texas

At least 21 people were shot in West Texas in the towns of Odessa and Midland, about 300 miles east of El Paso. At least five people were killed. Midland police have said the shooting began during a traffic stop Saturday afternoon. The suspect is believed to have shot the officer who stopped him, before […]

Teen went shooting with his mom and now he can’t return to school

A Pro Bodyguard tip SWIM read or heard years ago. If you have to fire in a crowded area, such as a grocery line, get down on one knee first, then say ‘drop it’/freeze/police! whatever. Then any through and though bullets (and misses, if any) will go into the ceiling.) Source Article from Related […]

Shooting US drone removed specter of war: Gen. Hajizadeh

MNA – A top commander at the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said the elite force’s shooting of the US spy drone in June shattered the specter of war by the Americans against Iran. Commander of IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh made the remarks at a military gathering in Tehran on Thursday. Noting […]

Sandy Hook School Shooting children alive at their own memorial

Sandy Hook School Shooting children alive at their own memorial Nothing to see folks.. just more false flag attacks by your Jew World Order Governments   Related Posts Govt. run amok: Wisconsin family facing jail for living in RV on their own property after fire devastated their home (Natural News) Most Americans […]

Soldier moderately injured by apparently shooting herself in the leg

A soldier was moderately injured when she apparently shot herself in the leg on Wednesday, the army said. The servicewoman, who served in a combat unit, was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The incident took place on her base in southern Israel, the Israel Defense Forces said. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily […]

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