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Ukraine Showdown: Why Trump And Biden Are Facing Off

The Facts: Vatican insider Carlo Maria Vigano, “Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana Apostolic Nuncio,” has accused Pope Francis of facilitating sexual abuse of Children. Author and journalist Kevin Annett has done the same presenting some disturbing evidence. Reflect On: How has the sexual abuse of children been allowed to carry on in places of high power […]

Iranian Tanker Showdown Heads To Turkey

The Iranian tanker which had been detained for the past five weeks in Gilbraltar has suddenly switched its ship data to show it is headed to a Turkish port, instead of arriving at waters off southern Greece, as previously planned.  Reuters has cited real-time ship tracking website MarineTraffic to show the change in the Adrian Darya’s (formerly […]

US is heading toward a looming maritime showdown… but not with Iran

While the world is drumming up a potential maritime showdown between the US and Iran (yet again), Western media is conveniently ignoring a potential looming conflict in the South China Sea, one that has been building up for years. Recent developments Just last week, naval vessels from Japan, the US, India, and the Philippines sailed […]

Yellow Vest Protest Reaching A Showdown With Macron

Yellow Vest Protest Reaching A Showdown With Macron The situation in France may be reaching a showdown between the Macron government, which is now considering using the Army against the Yellow Vests, and the social movement, to whose demands the regime continues to turn a deaf ear. In the last week, we have seen a […]

LIVE NOW: Final Showdown Between Homosexual Psychopath Macron and the French Yellow Vests!

Daily Stormer December 8, 2018 LIVE STREAM LIVE UPDATES 8:17 The action is getting more frequent now. #Paris Un homme bras en l’air reçoit un tir de flash ball quasiment à bout portant. Dans le même temps une grenade est envoyée sur la presse pourtant clairement identifiée.#GiletsJaunes #ChampsÉlysées #Acte4 #Insurrection #8decembre2018 #8decembre2018 […]

LIVE: Stupid Lying Slut vs. Kavanaugh: The Ultimate Showdown in Congressional Octagon

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 27, 2018 Classical Greek philosophers laid out three classic forms of drama in the Ancient classical period: Man vs. army of robots Man vs. space invasion Man vs. stupid lying rape hoaxing slut Today, we shall witness the third kind. At time of writing, Christine Blasey Ford […]

Syrian Showdown: Trump vs. the Generals

Editor’s Note: Pat Buchanan, The Unz Review, 6 April 2018. Please note that Pat Buchanan’s article was published two days before the fake chemical attack. With ISIS on the run in Syria, President Trump this week declared that he intends to make good on his promise to bring the troops home. “I want to get […]

Watching The Hawks – Alabamas GOP Showdown with Steve Malzberg

Watching The Hawks – Alabamas GOP Showdown with Steve Malzberg Watching The Shocking the Republican Establishment, Judge Roy Moore defeats sitting Senator Luther Strange in an Alabama GOP primary. Behind the scenes of a simple election, though, is a bitter battle for the heart of President Trumps agenda and the Republican Party led by […]

US And Russia Converge On ISIS In Dangerous Showdown

One wouldn’t know it by reading establishment media headlines, but the Russian air force and the U.S. air force are about to come head to head in Syria in a battle that has been brewing for some months now. Only the Independent, a U.K.-based media outlet, aptly phrased the looming encounter for what it was in an […]

San Francisco a "sanctuary city," takes DOJ to court in showdown over federal grants

     San Francisco, a “sanctuary city,” stands to lose $1.5 million in police-related federal funding, but now the city and California are suing the US Department of Justice over this rule. Some $500,000 of the funding is distributed by the federal government. On Monday, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera slapped the US Department of […]

Catalonia’s Independence Strife Turns into Financial Showdown

Will Spain’s central government blink (again)? By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET. Madrid’s standoff with Spain’s north eastern province of Catalonia, which plans to hold a forbidden referendum on national independence on October 1, grows more and more complex by the day. Just in the last week alone the […]

Qatar-Saudi showdown reveals Western terrorist propaganda outlets

     The spat between Saudi Arabia and Qatar gives us some amusing entertainment. Both countries spent billions to arm and supply tens of thousands of brutal Takfiris to fight the Syrian government and people. They also spent millions to buy this or that “western” think-tank and/or writer. Now that the two Wahhabi dictatorships are fighting […]

BDS is free speech, says Dutch government

Michael Deas Activism and BDS Beat 25 May 2016 An activist holds a sign calling for the boycott of Israel during a demonstration marking the 68th year of the Nabka, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, in Berlin, Germany, on 15 May. Anne Paq ActiveStills The Netherlands has affirmed that activism calling for boycott, divestment and […]

PA collaborates with Israel’s torture agency

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 25 February 2016 Shikma prison in Ashkelon is the site of routine torture of Palestinians by Israeli interrogators, according to a new report. Rafael Ben-Ari Chameleons Eye Palestinian prisoners are being held in painful positions for up to 35 hours, according to a new report. The Israel Security Agency, known […]

Israel’s ex-PM Starts Prison Time

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has started serving a prison sentence of nineteen months for bribery and obstruction of justice. Olmert was convicted in March 2014 in a case that accused him of accepting bribes to promote a controversial real estate project in Jerusalem. The charges pertained to a period when he was […]

Professor Interrupts Merkel: “I’m Scared About the Future of my Children”

Man faces legal action for speaking out against migrant influx A professor who interrupted a speech by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to tell her, “I’m scared about the future of my children,” now faces legal action from his own University. The incident occurred on Monday during Merkel’s address to the Fraunhofer […]

Vladimir Putin set to unleash an engineered army of CYBORG RATS in fight against ISIS

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White 20-year old Female College Student Shot in Head on New Year’s Day by 5 or 6 Young Black Men – Where is the Media Outrage?

From: Denton Police say a 20-year-old University of North Texas student has died after being taken off life support following a shooting overnight. Sara Mutschlechner was driving along North Elm Street around 2 a.m. Friday when a black Toyota or Lexus SUV pulled up next to her. Words were exchanged […]

Israeli ambassador flings Nazi label at Israeli leaders, after latest authoritarian step

In Peace Now’s daily news digest, this quote tops the list today: Quote of the day: “Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are under attack and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism […]

Turkish Newspaper Editor in Court for ‘Espionage’ after Revealing Weapon Convoy to Syrian Militants

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