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Bolton and Netanyahu killed 2005 Iran talks, ‘lured’ Trump into shredding 2015 deal – Iranian FM

Russia Today – National Security Adviser John Bolton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scuppered a 2005 nuclear agreement between Iran and the west, and did the same with President Trump, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said. “Bolton & Netanyahu killed Paris agreement between E3 & Iran in ’05 by insisting on zero enrichment,” Zarif […]

Personal Transformation Key to Beating Stage IV Cancer: Survivor

Alex Pietrowski, StaffWaking Times Everyone loves a miracle, and as cancer rates continue to rise around the world, those who are able to beat cancer and survive the chemotherapy and radiation industry are walking, talking proof that miracles do happen. After thyroid cancer spread throughout her body, Candice-Marie Fox decided to […]

‘End of Europe’: Trump slams Merkel’s refugee policy, wants good relations with Russia

The real estate billionaire was speaking to the French conservative magazine Valeurs Actuelles, saying the German chancellor had made “a tragic mistake with the migrants.” “If you don’t treat the situation competently and firmly, yes, it’s the end of Europe. You could face real revolutions,” Trump was quoted as saying, as cited by Reuters. 81% […]

The Real Reason the SEC Has Been Shredding Documents For Decades

  Washington’s Blog August 19, 2011 SEC Attorney Reveals that Agency Has Shredded Documents for Decades to Cover Up Wall Street Fraud What should we make of the new revelations by Securities and Exchange Commission attorney Darcy Flynn (background here, here and here) that the SEC has been shredding documents for decades? As many commentators […]

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