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The angels I lost in Gaza

.The angels I lost in Gaza   Image on left shows author’s nephews, clockwise from left: Abdelghani (11), Izzedine (5), Emad (9), Issa (7) and, sitting on the floor, Omar (12). Image on right shows author’s nieces and nephews, from left, Marwa (5), Muhammad (12), Marah (11), Suleiman (3) and Yasser (8) as they took […]

Landmark Report Maps Feces-Laden Hog And Chicken Operations In N. Carolina

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Washington, D.C.  – A first-of-its-kind interactive map revealing the locations of more than 6,500 concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, across the state of North Carolina was released today by Waterkeeper Alliance, North Carolina Riverkeeper organizations and Environmental Working Group (EWG). In addition to swine and cattle CAFOs, the project documents the locations […]

75 percent of young or middle-aged terminal cancer patients subjected to painful and USELESS treatments during final days

(NaturalNews) A new study found that up to 75 percent of young or middle-aged terminal cancer patients receive aggressive – but useless – treatments in the last 30 days before death, causing needless added pain and misery for those whom the cancer industry has already failed to cure. One-third of these unfortunate patients […]

Number of Palestinian refugees in occupied territories has increased by 1 million in the past decade

In the last decade the number of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and Gaza has increased by one million, according to a survey conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in advance of World Refugee Day. Palestinian refugees registered with the United Nations now number 5.6 million people, an increase from 5.3 […]

Heroic Hitler-Lover Ken Livingstone Berated by Ridiculous Monkey Person

Please support us if you can. Daily Stormer is 100% reader-funded. And these bastards are always at our throats. Sign-up with Liberapay to make a weekly recurring credit/debit card donation: Details on signing up for Liberapay and other contribution options here. Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Why Does Obama Keep Calling ISIS “ISIL”?

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 14, 2016 Look, I get that people didn’t know whether to translate the last word of Daesh as “Syria” or “the Levant,” but we’ve pretty much settled it at this point. The group is called “ISIS.” Why does he keep saying “ISIL”? Is he trying to be edgy? I don’t even […]

Nazi Daily Stormer Stands with Jewish Daily Forward: Jews Should Not Support Donald Trump

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“CrossTalk” Exceptionalism’s wars

June 08, 2016 Filed under: Al Qaeda, China, Clinton, cold war, Europe, Iran, Latin America, Libya, NATO, Nusra Front, Obama, Pepe Escobar, Russia, Soviet Union, Ukraine, US Foreign Policy, USA, WAR, War on Syria Tagged: | CIA, Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies Cite “Constitutionalists” as a Justification for MRAP Vehicle

The video above and the description below was shared with the CopBlock Network by “General Gonzo S. Patton,” via the Submission Page. Along with the video description, he states, “I despise this attitude in these Chickenshit Ticket Writers.” The video was originally posted by Alex Jones‘ Infowars channel on Youtube back in 2014. It […]

French Senate supports resolution to lift EU sanctions against Russia

The vast majority – 302 senators – voted for the move, with only 16 being against the lifting of anti-Russia sanctions. In all, 335 politicians were present at the meeting in the Luxembourg Palace. The motion is non-binding, however. The initiatives of deputies and senators, aimed at pressuring the government, have “no binding force because […]

Over 20 killed, scores injured in Al-Nusra & Ahrar al-Sham shelling of residential Aleppo – MoD

Residential and administrative buildings in the Muhafaza and Meydan neighborhoods of Aleppo suffered the brunt of the terrorist onslaught on Tuesday, the Russian Center for Reconciliation said in a statement. Some mortars targeted and destroyed a busy shopping area, killing dozens of people. “More than 20 people were killed, and around 40 suffered injuries of […]

Seattle-Caught Salmon Found To Contain Cocaine, Antidepressants, And Pain Relievers

81 drugs and personal-care products were detected in the flesh of salmon caught in the Puget Sound. Salmon is purported to be one of the healthiest foods due to its high omega-3 content, protein, and essential fatty acids, but if the fish is obtained from the Puget Sound, it is anything […]

US Navy accused of ‘disappearing’ cats in Spain

The Rota base in Spain’s Cadiz province has been luring feral cats into “cage traps,” according to a local animal shelter Siempre Contigo. According to images shared online by the organization, the traps have signs which read, “US government property. Tampering or destruction is unlawful, under both Spanish and American law.” Siempre Contigo’s Carmen de […]

US effectively siding with Al-Qaeda in desire to get rid of Assad – former UK ambassador to Syria

The US “is effectively siding with a branch of Al-Qaeda” in Syria, Peter Ford told RT, speaking of Washington’s recent request to Moscow not to target Al-Nusra positions with air strikes for the sake of moderate opposition groups located in the same area. ‘Moderate opposition’ involved in ongoing attacks on civilians in Aleppo – Syrian […]

‘We need to help refugees nearer to their homes’: Migrant-refusing Swiss village to RT

Just as some 70 percent of Swiss backed a proposal to speed up the country’s asylum procedures, and as Switzerland is asked to play an increasing role in solving the crisis, one of its villages is running in the other direction. The municipality of Oberwil-Lieli would rather pay a fine of $300,000 per year to […]

Exxon Cries CONSPIRACY to Counter 50 Yrs of Funding Climate Denial

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has gathered up his super attorney friends to launch a campaign against Exxon Mobil for lying about their knowledge of how the fossil fuel industry was creating climate change. Affectionately called the Green […]

75-foot by 45-foot crater swallows high school basketball court in Huntington Park, California

     The crater measures about 75 feet by 45 feet. Regardless, class remained in session Tuesday at Linda Esperanza Marquez High School in Huntington Park, California. The school, which opened in 2013, is built on the rubble of “a former toxic concrete mountain” known as “La Montaña.” But according to officials, there is no known […]

President: Iran-Oman strong ties boost regional stability‌

Istanbul, April 14, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that strong and close ties between Iran and Oman help boost stability and peace in the region. He made the remarks in a meeting with Omani State Council Premier Yahya bin Mahfouz Al-Mundhiri on the sidelines of the 13th Summit of the Organization of […]

Brussels Terror Attacks Fallout: Live Updates

Follow live the fallout of the Brussels Attacks with up to the minute updates from relevant sources. More than 30 people are believed to have been killed and dozens injured in attacks at Brussels international airport and a city metro station. Twin blasts hit Zaventem airport at about 07:00 GMT, with 11 people reported killed. Another explosion […]


Just cast your eye over the transnational Jewsmedia today as they hoot and holler about a great victory for ‘Lyin Ted’ Cruz in Colorado. You have to read all the way down the page to find that Zion stole the election from the voters, fixed the delegates to remove Trump supporters, and elected the greasy […]

Insane: U.S. State Dept. rep Mark Toner can’t bring himself to say liberating Palmyra from Daesh is a good thing

     Last May, the world was horrified to learn that the band of marauding, black-flag waving, sword-wielding jihadist desert bandits we all know as the CIA-spawn called ISIS had overrun the ancient city of Palmyra. A UNESCO world heritage site, the city is known for its picturesque ancient ruins and boasts a rich cultural history […]

Before our eyes: Syria’s Battle for Palmyra in latest RT reports (VIDEOS)

Fierce fighting rages on RT’s agency Ruptly’s latest video footage shows units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) battling IS militants in and around Palmyra on Friday. The historical ruins of Palmyra are clearly visible from the position of Syrian mortar crews.  READ MORE: Syrian Army retakes historic citadel from ISIS continuing advance on Palmyra […]

Pre-peeled oranges packaged in plastic for $6: Why Whole Foods’ wannabe natural culture is an absolute joke

(NaturalNews) Whole Foods, the store that’s trying oh so hard to provide its customers with healthy, natural and environmentally-friendly options has fallen flat on its face … again. The most recent debacle comes from an image posted on Twitter of pre-peeled oranges resting in plastic containers and sitting on the store’s shelves. It […]

Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself

Apart from reasons of chance or luck, virtually every strategy that has ever succeeded against some obstacle of significance has done so for one key reason: the party concerned understood the problem. Understand the problem, and you may well be half way to a solution. For this reason, I firmly believe that in the struggle […]

Probiotic breakthroughs: Neutralizing toxins naturally

(NaturalNews) For most of us, our homes represent a safe haven from the challenges of work, school and everyday living out in the world. But, is your home really the safe and healthy retreat you imagine it to be? This answer may surprise you because the indoor environment of your home almost certainly […]

French McDonald’s Billboard Gives Directions To Burger King Drive-Thru…..But Why

Since Burger King returned to France in 2013, the brand’s marketing has revolved around campaigns that highlight the opening of every new restaurant by capitalizing on the scarcity of its locations. There are only 17 Burger King drive-throughs. In France, McDonald’s just trolled Burger King in a wonderful, albeit possibly gratuitous, way. And this wasn’t […]

A race to the bottom: Burger King launching grilled hot dogs as old-school fast food chains desperately explore the marketing limits of processed junk food

(NaturalNews) With the rise of social media, the global domination of the internet, and the way that we have access to more and more information at our fingertips, fast food chains have come into a bit of trouble over recent years. They still have the edge when it comes to convenience, but as […]

Iran, Azerbaijan make new electricity deal

TEHRAN, Feb. 21 (MNA) – Iran and Azerbaijan have reached agreements on construction of new renewable power plants, connection of Iran’s electricity grid to Russia as well as development of electricity trade. A fresh round of electricity and energy talks between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan kicked off on Sunday morning in Tehran revolving […]

FBI Told San Bernardino County To Tamper With Shooters Apple Account

The San Bernardino County government put out a tweet on Friday, saying that the FBI told their staff to reset the iCloud password of Syed Farook’s Apple account. Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, were implicated in the San Bernardino shootings of December 2015 in which 14 people lost their lives. If true, then it […]

Biometric system to be implemented in US airports by 2018

     A biometric exit system will begin to be implemented at airports across the United States by 2018, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said during a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC. “For years Congress and others have urged us to develop a system of biometric exit,” Johnson stated on Thursday. “I […]

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