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Single Payer: Which Way Forward?

By Ed Grystar, Dissident Voice. January 19, 2021 | Strategize! To say that there’s a political disconnect in the fight for a national single payer health care delivery system is to state the obvious. The struggle for M4ALL has grown due to decades of grassroots organizing alongside the gradual worsening of Americans’ health insurance coverage, […]

Hungary to slaughter 101,000 hens after bird flu outbreak at single farm

More than 101,000 hens are to be slaughtered at a single farm in Hungary after a laboratory confirmed the presence of avian flu at the site, the country’s food safety authority (NEBIH) said on Thursday. The site at the center of the latest outbreak is a large-scale egg farm in Roundegyhaza. Bird flu was identified […]

‘Billions’ Creator Brian Koppelman Says Matt Gaetz Has ‘The Single Most Punchable Face I Have Ever Seen’

Brian Koppelman, producer and creator of the hit Showtime drama Billions, jumped to Twitter on Wednesday to say U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R, FL) has “the single most punchable face” he has ever seen. The Hollywood producer, who also co-wrote Ocean’s Thirteen and Rounders, claimed he was against violence but then turned right around and said […]

Every single sanction an obstacle to reviving JCPOA

TEHRAN – With the Biden team gearing up to take the helm in the White House, opponents of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal do their utmost to undercut any U.S. plan to rejoin the nuclear deal and ensure that the current economic pressure on Iran would continue for the foreseeable future. After Joe Biden won […]

Stanford researchers developing single-dose nanoparticle Covid-19 vaccine that doesn’t need cold storage

Researchers have successfully tested a nanoparticle Covid-19 vaccine which, as yet, doesn’t appear to have any of the side effects or distribution issues plaguing the current generation of vaccines in use. The scientists at the lab of Stanford University biochemist Peter S. Kim were already working on vaccines for the likes of Ebola, HIV and […]

Urban Voices Project’s Skid Row Choir Releases First Single ‘A Holiday Called Home’

[embedded content] When Mostly Kosher frontman Leeav Sofer co-founded the Urban Voices Project (UVP) Choir along with Christopher Mack, an outreach worker in skid row dubbed “the Urban Sage,” he had no idea six years later the choir would have its first single out for the community to enjoy for the holidays. Released on Dec. […]

Orthodox rapper Nissim Black’s new single remakes ‘Hava Nagila’ just in time for Hanukkah

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US Sets Single Day Records for Cases; California Readies New Clamp Down

People wear face masks as they use the beach boardwalk during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Huntington Beach, California, July 1, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Mike Blake / File. The United States set single-day records for new infections and deaths on Thursday as California’s governor said he would impose some of the […]

Palestinians and Israelis call for a single democratic state

Editor’s Note: The following statement was issued on November 15, 2020 by the One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC). Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked issues. November 15, 2020 The Palestinian-led One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC), comprised of Palestinians from every major community (’48, the […]

Every Single Time, Once More.

I have stumbled upon this intriguing title: “The Misunderstood Culture Of Barbarians”. Wow! At last I can learn something alternative to the Roman heavily biased sources! The first 4 minutes sounded amazing, we are about to hear that our ancestors were not imbeciles, and actually spoke Latin not much worse than Romans. And the presenter […]

This is arguably the single worst consequence of THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC

by Jon Rappoport In the over 200 articles I’ve written on the fake COVID pandemic, I’ve covered the currency reset, social credit score, universal income tied to behavior control, socialism as the gateway into a technocratic Brave New World, smart cities, wall to wall real time surveillance, Internet of Things—among MANY other subjects. Here, I […]

SOS: Every single voter needs to read this!

Dear American Voter, Who in the USA is not brutally aware of how consequential the 2020 POTUS election is? Surely, the outcome of this election will determine the fate of the American people as it will the future of the Republic. We are a group of U.S. citizens. We come from every voting demographic—the right, […]

Cuomo Comes Out Swinging As He Blames Every Single Entity Under The Sun Except Himself

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (July 13, 2020 file photo) has blamed President Donald Trump for his state’s Covid-19 woes. © REUTERS/Mike Segar New York’s abysmal pandemic performance is everyone’s fault but his own, Governor Andrew Cuomo has seemingly argued, blaming the ‘incompetence’ of others, from Dr Fauci to President Trump. “Donald Trump caused […]

Coronavirus: India reports worst single-day spike in the world with over 78,000 new cases

India reported 78,761 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, a dramatic world record that brings the country’s caseload to over 3.5 million – the world’s highest one after US’s and Brazil’s. The Health Ministry on Sunday also reported 948 deaths, taking total fatalities to almost 64,000. After reporting more than 75,000 infections for […]

Coronavirus: India reports worst single-day spike in the world with over 78,000 new cases

India reported 78,761 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, a dramatic world record that brings the country’s caseload to over 3.5 million – the world’s highest one after US’s and Brazil’s. The Health Ministry on Sunday also reported 948 deaths, taking total fatalities to almost 64,000. After reporting more than 75,000 infections for […]

Why has not a single Democrat leader condemned the violent riots, pervasive looting and organized terrorism?

by Renee Parsons In case you missed it, not one member of the Democratic hierarchy: not the DNC Chair, not one Democratic  Member of Congress,  Governor or Mayor has spoken out to criticize the myriad of riots occurring across US cities or to call on Antifa/BLM to halt the violence. And in case you might have […]

CBP Chief Raises Alarm on Surge of Single Male Illegals at Border

Many illegal aliens attempting to enter the U.S. via the southern border are single males from Mexico who fight to escape capture, according to the acting head of Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In comments delivered in conjunction with the publishing of CBP’s operational results for July, agency chief Mark Morgan revealed that border agents […]

Classic BLM Supporter: White Single Mother

There is a deep psychosis embedded within the white female brain that implores her to betray race and nation. “Black Lives Matter. That’s why we’re here … I’m a mom, and I heard George when he called out ‘mama.’ That’s why I’m here.” A Portland mother explains why she continues to protest. — NBC […]

Single Hand Makes Woman Instant Millionaire at Auckland Casino

Winning big at a casino is the dream for pretty much every single player out there. Being at the right place at the right time and winning a huge jackpot – it just doesn’t get much better than that. A lucky woman got to experience this feeling at the SkyCity Casino in […]

McCall MacBain $928,000 gift to Trudeau family represents single largest bribery scandal in Canadian history


Posted by Paul W Kincaid Corruption, World news Thursday, February 21st, 2019 $928,000 gift from European Climate Foundation founder and government lobbyist McCall MacBain to 2015 Federal Election candidate Justin Trudeau represents the single largest bribery scandal in Canadian history.  The gift, $428,000 in 2015 (Trudeau was an election candidate) & $500,000 in 2016 by […]

A single one-hour meditation session can do wonders for your heart, study shows

(Natural News) As the years go by, more people struggle with anxiety and stress – two “mental monsters” that can significantly affect the well-being of millions every day. In some cases, these mental burdens can even affect our physical health. To address this concern, a team of researchers studied how a “single, […]

DCCC Takes Money From Insurance Lobbyist As They Oppose Single Payer

DCCC Takes Money From Insurance Lobbyist As They Oppose Single Payer Above Photo: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at a health care rally in San Francisco, California on September 22, 2017. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. In April 2017, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) wanted to find out the best way for its candidates to address […]

Breaking: Van-Borne Terrorist Struck ‘Every Single Thing’ on Toronto Sidewalk

Police have arrested a suspect after a van mounted the curb and struck numerous pedestrians in Toronto. Media calling suspect depicted here as “white”, eyewitnesses say Middle Eastern (see @NatashaFatah) God bless Toronto Police! — ☩ Faith J Goldy ☩ ???????? (@FaithGoldy) April 23, 2018 The incident happened on Yonge Street south of Finch […]

Propaganda in action: Out of top 100 news outlets in US, not a single one questioned Syrian attack

     A disturbing trend has been ongoing within the mainstream media when it comes to reporting on United States foreign policy, and while some may argue that the media is typically critical of President Trump, 26 major editorials were published in response to his recent decision to launch airstrikes against Syria, and not a single […]

Israeli Defense Minister: Every Single Person in Gaza a Potential Target

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Outrage continues to mount over Israel’s repeated shootings of unarmed demonstrators near the Gaza-Israel border, as Palestinians protest along the border fence as part of the “Great Return March.” Under fire over the growing number of civilian deaths, Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman has not only showed no remorse for the […]

Hezbollah: We’ll Defend every Single Meter in Our Territory

February 22, 2018 Hezbollah Deputy Chief, Sheikh Naim Qassem, vowed that the Lebanese resistance won’t cede one iota of its country’s territory. During a meeting in Beirut southern suburb (Dahiyeh) on Wednesday, Sheikh Qassem said that “Hezbollah sticks to accuracy while defending its territory.” “We don’t accept that our land or our territorial water be […]

Qantas biofuel-powered airliner required 150 acres of farm land to grow the fuel for a single flight

(Natural News) The world’s first biofuel flight between the U.S. and Australia was achieved with great success by the teams behind it — Qantas and Agricoma Biosciences rejoiced publicly as they both announced the completion of their historic flight. However, while the benefits of switching from conventional fossil fuels to biofuels for […]

Photographing a single atom and other entries for UK science competition

     At the very centre of the image above is something incredible – a single, positively-charged strontium atom, suspended in motion by electric fields. Not only is this an incredibly rare sight, it’s also difficult to wrap your head around the fact that this tiny point of blue light is a building block of matter. […]

Stunning photo captures single atom trapped in magnetic field

‘Single Atom in an Ion Trap’ was taken by David Nadlinger, from the University of Oxford through a window of a ultra-high vacuum chamber that houses the ion trap. The striking image was awarded the overall prize in a national science photography competition, organized by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). It shows […]

Does Every Single Piece Of Plastic Ever Produced Still Exist Today?

Renegade Editor’s Note: This is one of those issues that is always associated with “the left,” but it is something every one of us who cares about the future needs to start doing something about. By Alanna Ketler In the above image, plastic toothbrushes are lined up on Kahuku Beach. This is an act of […]

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