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Former Tory MP Calls Johnson a “Compulsive Liar” Who Has Betrayed “Every Single Person He Has Ever Had Any Dealings With”

Former Tory MP Nick Boles described Boris Johnson as a “compulsive liar” who has betrayed “every single person he has ever had any dealings with” in a candid interview in the Evening Standard today. The ex-minister, who resigned the Conservative whip in April in frustration at the party’s Brexit policy, said he would be voting […]

Iraq PM Announces Resignation After 40 Protesters Killed On Single Deadliest Day

After two months of anti-corruption and anti-government protests have rocked Iraq, resulting in a death toll into the hundreds as the unrest turns increasingly sectarian and which has included the burning of two Iranian consulates, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi says he will resign. He announced in an official statement put out by his office that […]

British TV Network Bans Word "Uppity" As Racist After A Single Complaint

The farce began after ITV host Eamonn Holmes criticized the Duchess of Sussex’s attitude when she refused to pose for photographs with fans during her visit to the Wimbledon tennis tournament in July. “If you have an uppity attitude, you’re only through the door two minutes and suddenly you’re sitting at Wimbledon […]

Aldi Set To Replace 12.5 Million Single Use Plastic Bags With Compostable Bags

Luke Miller, Truth Theory Waking Times Aldi is going green with its commitment to replace 12.5 million single-use plastic bags with compostable bags. Starting January 2020, all 139 of its Irish stores will stock 100% compostable eco-friendly bag options. They will produce 3 new bags which include – loose produce bags, Aldi Reusable Shopping Bags, and reusable […]

Blain: Since Trump Came To Power, He’s Been The Single Most Dominant Mover Of Markets

Blain’s Morning Porridge, submitted by Bill Blain “Surely we should have clever people in Parliament?”… “Seems like a good idea, why don’t we try it?” I’ve been writing the Porridge since 2007. I started in finance in 1985, and my career has been dominated by market moves, innovation, central banks, economic direction, and more recently […]

Comey Dismisses DOJ Criminal Probe: I’m Not Worried About a SINGLE Thing

Fired FBI director James Comey appeared at Politicon 2019 on Saturday, boasting he wasn’t concerned about the Department of Justice’s expanding criminal investigation into the Trump-Russia probe origins. The FBI on Wednesday announced that “new evidence” had emerged, which prompted their probe to transform into a criminal investigation. The probe could see senior US intelligence officials testify, […]

India is Banning Single-Use Plastic and the Rest of the World Should Too

Emma Fiala, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times During opening remarks, Modi declared the “time has come” for “the world to say goodbye” to single-use plastic, calling on world leaders to follow India’s lead in banning the plastic. “My Government has announced that India will put an end to single-use plastic in the coming years,” Modi said. […]

All from one? New study suggests comets may have single cosmic source within our solar system

The scientists used chemical models in a small scale survey of some 14 well-known comets to see if their composition could point to a particular point of origin. Surprisingly, it did.  “We did some statistics to pin down if there was a special time or place in our young Solar System, where our chemical models […]

Grow your own cup: Biodegradable cups made from gourds may end single-use coffee cups

(Natural News) A New York-based design company called Creme is doing its part to reduce the amount of plastic trash churned out each year. Instead of manufacturing disposable coffee cups with plastic liners, the start-up grows biodegradable, organic containers from fruits. For their project, Creme picked gourds from the Cucurbitaceae family. Related […]

We Just Witnessed The 4th Largest Single Day Point Decline In U.S. Stock Market History

By Michael Snyder You had better buckle up, because it looks like we are in for a bumpy ride.  On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down a whopping 800 points.  Not only was that the worst day of 2019, but as you will see below, there have only been three days in U.S. […]

The Transformative Potential Of Single-Payer

An excerpt from Timothy Faust’s ‘Health Justice Now: Single Payer and What Comes Next.’ Our highways are crumbling. Our trains, where they exist, are failing. Our sewer systems are disintegrating. So, too, is the health infrastructure of America. Under decades of for-profit domination, it has healed only some of us, while leaving the wounded rest […]

The Fed’s Dangerous Game: A Fourth Round Of Stimulus In A Single Growth Cycle

Authored by Brendan Brown via The Mises Institute, The longer the signals in capital markets go haywire under the influence of “monetary stimulus,” the bigger is the cumulative economic cost. That is one big reason why this fourth Fed stimulus — in the present already-longest (but lowest-growth) of super-long business cycles — is so dangerous. […]

Boeing Drops, Drags Dow To Session Lows After Fitch Puts Single-A Rating In Danger Of Downgrade

With the ongoing debacle over the 737 MAX seemingly getting worse by the day, a potentially far more ominous development hit today when rating agency Fitch warned that it may downgrade Boeing as the grounding of the ill-fated airplane stretches into the 5th month. Citing regulatory uncertainty around the return to service of Boeing’s workhorse […]

Trump has not built a single mile of new border fence after 30 months in office

    by Anna Giaritelli Washington Examiner SAN DIEGO, California — The Trump administration has not installed a single mile of new wall in a previously fenceless part of the U.S.-Mexico border in the 30 months since President Trump assumed office, despite his campaign promise to construct a “big beautiful wall.” In a statement last […]

Feds Say They Plan on Drug Testing Every Single Person Attending Burning Man

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times Over the years, the Burning Man Festival has become one of the most popular events and party destinations in the US and has drawn tens of thousands of people in recent years. Unfortunately, this celebration of love and harmony is an enemy to the rigid bureaucracy and […]

This Jewish family is traveling to every single country

JTA via Kveller — What would you do to make it into “The Guinness Book of World Records?” Eat an absurd amount of bagels? Jump rope for days on end? Grow your nails so long that they drag on the floor? Travel to every single country in the world? The last one might be incredibly […]

The Utter Stupidity of the 5G Roll-out Explained in a Single Tweet

  Dr. Martin Pall: “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.” — IEMFA (@IEMFA) February 24, 2019   Source Article from Related Posts ‘Heaven is burning’: Pakistani […]

The Single BEST Video on the Internet Today Exposing the 5G Global Calamity

Related Posts Video shows Israel’s Iron Dome intercepting 2 rockets, IDF claims ‘fired from Gaza at civilians’   On 29 November, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that a rocket was fired from Horrible video of a German shepherd who cut his nose and two legs by thugs This story happened in Russian, When vets immediately […]

How My Republican Parents Convinced Me The U.S. Needs Single-Payer Healthcare

How My Republican Parents Convinced Me The U.S. Needs Single-Payer Healthcare Above Photo: By Michael Fleshman via Flickr, October 26, 2011 Twice, my Republican mother has almost died from a lack of affordable health care, but she still hates the idea of a single-payer system. The first time she almost died she was at age 21. […]

Not a single Democrat voted for the "Green New Deal," proving they don’t actually believe what they say

(Natural News) In what obviously came as a shock to many, the Senate recently voted on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) so-called “Green New Deal,” and wouldn’t you know it – not a single member of Congress, including Democrats, voted in favor of it. With a final vote of 0-57, with all 43 Democrats […]

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