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Rare Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton sells for €3 million at auction

A rare fossilized skeleton of an Allosaurus – ancestor of the T-Rex – was bought at auction for over €2.5 million in Paris on Tuesday. The total amount paid by the buyer, whose identity and location weren’t disclosed, was over €3 million ($4 million) with purchasing fees, Drouot auction house said. The remains of the […]

Irish Child’s Skeleton may be a Viking Murder Victim

In Ireland, a child’s skeleton dating to the Viking era has been found. The unearthing of a nearly complete child’s skeleton from the 9th or 10th century AD is an important one, but it is also mysterious. What makes this find so intriguing is that the child may have met a violent death. The archaeologists […]

World’s First Complete Dinosaur Skeleton Has Been Vividly Brought to Life

A team of English scientists have unboxed the first complete dinosaur skeleton ever discovered, and after over 150 years the remains have finally been fully studied and recorded. Previously unknown traits have been discovered, as well as giving it a new home on the evolutionary timeline. Rise of the First Terrible Lizard Sir Richard Owen […]

Mexico City’s Mammoth Skeleton Site Grows to World’s Largest Find

Archaeologists excavating the world’s earliest mammoth traps in Mexico have now recovered the bones of 200 mammoth skeletons , in total, leading them to call the area where they were found “mammoth central.” The additional mammoth skeletons are an exceptional find and are providing more information about how they were hunted by ancient peoples in […]

Skeleton Lake: Ancient Remains Frozen in Time in the Himalayas

Imagine a frozen lake which, upon melting each year, reveals the unnerving sight of the remains of more than 300 people. A small lake known as Roopkund Lake sits high in the Indian Himalayas, more than 16,000 feet (4,900 meters) above sea level. Covered in ice and surrounded by rocky glaciers, the lake appears to […]

Bio-bots on horizon as scientists merge muscle cells with metal skeleton (VIDEO)

Whole areas of tech and scientific research are currently engrossed in making robots more life-like. Experimentation has led to contraptions like the running humanoid Atlas and AI sex doll Samantha. Now, engineers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated a way to maintain living tissue on a robotic joint, raising hopes for those studying prosthetics […]

The NSA Wants a Skeleton Key to Everyone’s Encrypted Data

By Gavin Hanson Like it or not, you are your data. In this day and age, your receipts, social media activity, public records, GPS data, and Internet search history are the proof of who you are. And while you may have thought you had secrets, the Federal Government would like the rest of […]

Alien Child Skeleton Unearthed In Crimea

Russian scientists have unearthed a skeleton in Crimea which they say belongs to an one year old alien being. An unusual elongated skull belonging to a 1.5-year-old extraterrestrial boy was found near the village of Yakovenkovo by Archaeologists. reports: The grave of boy, which dates back to the second century, was a key finding of the […]

‘Alien’ Toddler Skeleton With Deformed Skull Unearthed In Crimea

The remains were found near the village of Yakovenkovo in the eastern part of the Crimean Peninsula, says the Archaeology Fund, a group that organizes digs across Central Russia, Crimea and Northern Africa. The grave of boy, which dates back to the second century, was a key finding of the recent expedition, according to anthropologists. […]

Lavrov says U.S. not yet ready to join the fight against terrorism in Syria – U.S.-backed militias are considering it

     Talks with the United States on coordination of military actions in Syria are going slower than Russia would like and Washington is not ready for real coordination with Russian forces, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday. “In regard to Russian-American coordination in the fight against terrorism, this coordination has not yet been formed […]

Why This Village, Including Its Bank, Has NO Front Doors

Customer steps out of the bank which has no locks or doors Members of the Gade family proudly show off a stash of rupees kept in an unlocked tin barrel in their bedroom, despite their home not having a front door. In Shani Shingnapur village in Maharashtra, residents see little need for such security, thanks […]

History Reviewed: Teaching White Children About Adolf Hitler

Youtube link Jews need a curtain of ignorance to descend on all people, so that jews can thrive. Hitler’s legacy and goals have to be lied about because this is the only true, unexpected and successful revolution carried out by common whites from the bottom, which the Elite and jews were not secretly sponsoring. We MUST teach all the […]

Europe’s refugee crisis is a means to furthering the elite’s fascist agenda

     It’s the 1930s all over again … whether we look right or left, whether we point east or west, hate, ethno-centrism and sectarianism seem to be the order of the day – this new rationale we ought to abide to if not to stand being called an apologist and a hypocrite. Earlier this week […]

Head transplant doctor asks ‘billionaires like Zuckerberg’ to help give Russian man new body

The Italian regularly makes the headlines for his controversial ideas on human head transplantation. He claims a successful outcome of the surgery is possible, and that recent experiments his colleagues have conducted in China and South Korea prove his point. “Risk is part of life. But risks can be contained in this kind of surgery,” […]

Hillary’s Benghazi testimony while she looks on bored and amused

     Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the 17-month-old House Select Committee on Benghazi for the first time. The daylong hearing often turned into shouting matches between lawmakers, while Clinton looked on bored or amused. It looked like an hours’ long heavyweight sparring match. Republicans used their time to portray the former secretary […]

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