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Tel Aviv Skyscraper: Remake of Tower of Babel or Preparation For Third Temple?

“See, a time is coming—declares Hashem—when the city shall be rebuilt for Hashem from the Tower of Hananel to the Corner Gate;” Jeremiah 31:37 (The Israel Bible™) Tower of Babel (right) and proposed Azrieli tower. (Credit: Wikipedia; Azrieli tower image reprinted with permission of KPF) One of the largest real-estate developers in Israel revealed plans for […]

Kuwait skyscraper inferno: 2,500 workers rush to escape as black smoke spews into sky (VIDEO)

Social media videos show flames licking at the lower levels of the skyscraper, as plumes of thick, black smoke are seen billowing into the sky. The Bank of Kuwait called the blaze a “partial fire in the new NBK headquarters construction site.” It released a statement saying that the 2,500 workers were “evacuated from the […]

Reporter cheats death as typhoon-ravaged skyscraper debris hurtles to ground (VIDEO)

He Chong, a journalist for the Guangdong Television agency, went out into the field after receiving reports of major structural damage to skyscrapers in Shenzhen City in southern Guangdong Province on September 16. READ MORE: Hong Kong on highest typhoon alert as Mangkhut wreaks havoc, injures 100+ in China (VIDEO) Mid-report, Chong came a bit too […]