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Socialist Chicago Teachers Union Leader Resists ‘Unsafe’ Schools Reopening — From Puerto Rico Poolside

A leader of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) wants kids to remain out of the classroom because schools are “unsafe,” but she made the claims in the midst of a sunny vacation in Puerto Rico. Sarah Chambers, who WGN said is on the union’s executive board and an area vice president and claimed she “led […]

The socialist path forward

PALESTINEA Socialist IntroductionEdited by Sumaya Awad and brian bean250 pp Haymarket Books $18.95  The Socialist left in the United States has historically offered a dissenting voice to the drumbeat of U.S. state-sanctioned support for Israel, to the apartheid Israeli state, and to liberal Zionism.  Sumaya Awad and brian bean’s Palestine: A Socialist Introduction is a […]

Venezuela: Socialist election win masks deeper problems

With a majority of the opposition boycotting and an abstention rate of almost 70%, the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) obtained 69% of the vote in the country’s December 6 National Assembly (AN) elections. The PSUV and its allies will now hold 253 of the 277 seats in the new parliament. This is […]

National Socialist Aryan Ryan Gosling Explains the Evil Nature of Jewish Race

THE BELIEVER RYAN GOSLING interview with journalist scene clip0 [embedded content] 00 Hits: 12

National Socialist English King Throws Fag Jew out of Window – Rescues Monarchy from Homophile Hebrew Subversion

Not My Gentle Son [embedded content] Jews are behind the pedo fag homo agenda. Jews want your son to be a cocksucking fag. 00 Hits: 16

National Socialist Superhero General Zod Confronts & Punishes White Traitor Jew-Puppet Kal-El for his Treason

Kal-El vs General Zod [PART 1] | Man of steel [embedded content] [Revolutionary militant National Socialist] General Zod:  Look at this. We could have built a new Krypton [Aryan Atlantis] in this squalor [what was once Israel, after we drove these evil Jews into the Sea], but you chose the humans [the evil disgusting enemy […]

Anti-Semitic Hero Mel Gibson Achieves National Socialist Ragegasm after Neutralizing Soldiers of Jewish Occupation

Epic REVENGE | The Patriot (2000) Film 1080p [embedded content] Bloodthirsty sadistic Jews tried to kosher-slaughter Mel Gibson’s career after the talented and creative genius and pure White Aryan freedom fighter defended children from child-molesting baby-raping Hebrew pedophiles and disgusting Yid predators. 00 Hits: 3

Chile Won’t Become a Developed Country If It Doesn’t Abandon Socialist Communism

    For many years, Chile was the exception in Latin America, with an unprecedented model of sustained economic development. Contrary to populism and demagoguery, the Chilean recipe for the last forty-five years was respect for private property and entrepreneurial freedom. Indeed, the phrase “Chilean miracle” was even used by economist Milton Friedman to describe […]

Donald Trump Warns of ‘Female Socialist President’ Kamala Harris

President Donald Trump on Friday warned supporters that Sen. Kamala Harris could be the first “socialist” woman president if former Vice President Joe Biden was elected president and unable to serve his full term. “Kamala will not be your first female president. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be,” Trump said, hinting that it […]

The National-Socialist Critique of Democracy

Democracy or Leadership Translated by Hadding Scott from the 16th (1940) edition of Hansjoerg Maennel’s Politische Fibel. Democracy is the doctrine of the equality of all human beings and of the ability of all human beings to govern themselves. (Democracy, Greek = rule by the folk, rule by the masses.) The starting point of the […]

So NZ’s socialist Adern gets to manage the shadow corporation (sorry government) for a further 3 years

So NZ’s Labour Party gets to keep managing the shadow corporation, for another 3 years (and yes it’s true, our country is listed on the SEC as a corporation see at the link). Surprised are we? Remember, Jacinda Adern’s a true blue socialist. (Should that be red?) Listen to her addressing her ‘comrades’ as president […]

Tesak: By Dedicating My Life to The Anti-Semitic National Socialist Struggle, I Have Become Immortal

In memory of “the Cleaver” (Tesak). Life path and funeral of Maxim (Russian: Памяти Тесака. Жизненный путь и похороны Максима) [embedded content] Turn on CC and auto-translate to English to see the video with English subtitles. Thanks YouTube Jews for translating the video and helping to spread truthful anti-Jewish National Socialist propaganda. 00 Hits: 17

Jewish Occupation Tyranny Intensifies – National Socialist Leader Kotleba Jailed for Helping Poor Slovaks

Jews are in panic. So-called “goyyim” all around the World are being brutally punished for resisting the ruthless oppression of Zion. At the event, Kotleba handed out a couple of big checks, made out to the sum of 1,488 euros … to families with handicapped children. After the event, Kotleba and his LSNS colleagues, basking […]

Immortal National Socialist Martyr Tesak Speaks About the Bloodthirsty Jewish Race

Тесак Марцинкевич – Влади Антоневич. Беседа с ухмылкой. Tortured and murdered by merciless Sadistic Jew monsters. Tesak lives forever, haunting these ruthless Hebrew rodents and urging us National Socialists to eternal warfare against Zion. Tesak. Prezent! 00 Hits: 24

National Socialist Tesak Caught Disgusting Fag Pedo Jew Trying to Rape White boy

Pedophile Jews have nightmares about running into Tesak. Millions of teenagers are inspired by our beloved immortal martyr Maxim to enact beautiful Aryan justice by harshly punishing and humiliating Zion. National Socialist activists can’t wait to send these child-raping hooknosed Yid monsters to jail and to hell. Tesak. Prezent! 00 Hits: 10

Matador vs. Spergy Far-Left Socialist

A far-left sperg thinks black people are innocent victims. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. 00 Hits: 0

Illuminati ASS-ets Flee California B/C They Can’t Live With Their Socialist Reality

By infostormer -August 16, 20202 Celebrities are leaving California in droves due to the state becoming an unlivable third world cesspool. Daily Mail: Gold’s Gym has become synonymous with the Hollywood Dream. Set just a few hundred yards from the ocean in sun-kissed Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Gold’s was the backdrop for Pumping Iron, the 1977 documentary […]

U.S., Fascists Set Scopes On Socialist-Leaning Belarus

Above photo: USSR-era socialist art in Minsk, Belarus, in February 2019. Chinese President Xi Jingping and Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on his reelection Aug. 9.  U.S. imperialism and the Western bourgeois media, however, wasted no time in denouncing Lukashenko’s victory as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used saber-rattling language against Belarus […]

Become A Socialist With This CEO Pay Calculator

Above photo: Picture alliance. Getty Images. You’ve probably heard, anecdotally, that Jeff Bezos earns your salary in some absurdly short amount of time—but do you know exactly how short? Well, now there’s a tech CEO salary calculator from SimpleTexting that can give you the infuriatingly precise answer. You can also use it to figure out how quickly Elon Musk could […]

What Would A Socialist America Look Like? — Part 2 — The Duran

Oprah Winfrey is the only self-made black billionairess in America. She may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but Oprah should be given credit for her achievements. 819 more words via What Would A Socialist America Look Like? — Part 2 — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading… 00 Hits: 0

What Would A Socialist America Look Like? — Part 1 — The Duran

If Donald Trump loses in November, there is a chance we could find out. Thankfully, about the only way that can happen is if the election is stolen by the Democrats’ mail-in voting plan. 765 more words via What Would A Socialist America Look Like? — Part 1 — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like […]

Socialist Pedro Sanchez Becomes First Spanish Prime Minister To Be Sworn In Without A Bible

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20 Years Of Socialist Utopia In Venezuela Summed Up In 20 Seconds

20 Years Of Socialist Utopia In Venezuela Summed Up In 20 Seconds May 27th, 2018 Via: ZeroHedge: This is the result of almost 20 years of socialist revolution in Venezuela. A sad reality. #Chavismo #May22 — Michael Welling (@WellingMichael) May 22, 2018 […]

How the world still embraces Karl Marx’s socialist ideals after 200yrs

The recent gains in popularity for socialist politicians in the Western world has demonstrated a desire for a shift away from capitalism as we know it. In the US, self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders heralded a socialist revolution during his campaign to be the Democratic presidential candidate, while in the UK the Labour Party made […]

United Socialist States of America: “Crazy Bernie” wants to give everyone a government job — what could go wrong?

(Natural News) Your grandfather’s Democratic Party is dead and gone, as evidenced by its hard-Left turn away from ordinary everyday Americans who make this country work. The latest evidence of this massive shift in political ideology is a serious legislative proposal by Sen. “Crazy Bernie” Sanders, an “independent” from Vermont who honeymooned […]

Ex-FARC Members Create Self-Sufficient, Socialist-Modeled Town

Colombia’s first town of former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia rebels was established between gorges and mountains in the south of the department of Caqueta just two months ago. In La Montanita, now called Hector Ramirez zone in honor of a guerrilla fighter from the FARC’s southern bloc where some 200 former fighters have settled […]

Truth About Power And Capitalism: A Socialist Response To Tax Bill

Truth About Power And Capitalism: A Socialist Response To Tax Bill Above Photo: Protesters demonstrate against the 2017 tax bill on December 19, 2017, on Wall Street in New York City. (Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein / Corbis via Getty Images) In response to the passage of the GOP tax bill, many voices are now offering variations on […]

National Socialist Education: How We Can Learn to Recognize a Person’s Race

Excerpts from the book The National-Socialist Essence of Education Summarise the spiritual characteristics of the individual races. Collect from the stories, essays, and poems examples of ethnological illustrations. Underline those terms which describe the type and mode of the expression of the soul. What are the expressions, gestures, and movements which allow one to make […]

Ten Principles of National Socialist Thought

I. BE HONEST. A National Socialist faces a fact whether he likes it or not. Dishonesty is the mark of the enemy. National-Socialism above all represents living truth in its purest form. II. BELIEVE IN GOD AND YOURSELF. The God of Destiny subjects only His strongest mortals to enormous tasks which would crush lesser men. God wills […]

Liberal cities in California becoming homeless wastelands as socialist policies FAIL

(Natural News) If you don’t think that socialism is on the rise in America, then you may want to stop watching MSNBC and start looking at the facts. Up and down the entire west coast, homeless rates are beginning to skyrocket as more and more people struggle to afford housing. In Seattle, for example, some […]

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