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‘Cuba Is Not Alone,’ International Solidarity Movements Stress

‘Cuba Is Not Alone,’ International Solidarity Movements Stress Above Photo: TeleSUR. “How Could A Revolution That Has Given So Much To The Peoples Of The World Be Alone?” Said The Portuguese Council For Peace And Cooperation (CPPC). Progressive political organizations, social movements, intellectuals, and opinion leaders from around the world continue to affirm their support […]

Kneeling against Racism: Solidarity in EURO 2020 Should Not be ‘Controversial’ 

Another football ‘controversy’ has started when football players participating in the ongoing ‘UEFA Euro 2020’, kneeled down during national anthems to protest racism, a serious problem that has plagued football stadiums for many years. Yet, while some players chose to kneel down, others opted not to, offering flimsy excuses as “players weren’t ready”, and “politics […]

Scientist Vows to Stop Wearing Face Masks in Solidarity With Children and the Disabled

A behavioral scientist who wants mask mandates to continue forever freaked out and refused to answer the question when asked if her lifetime membership of the Communist Party informed her beliefs. Susan Michie, who is advising the UK government as part of the SAGE scientific dictatorship which has had the country locked down for the […]

Solidarity with Silwan: a teacher’s perspective

DETERMINED TO STAYPalestinian Youth Fight for Their Villageby Jody Sokolower240 pp. Olive Branch Press. $20 Twenty years ago, I joined a team of teachers developing and teaching a new 9th grade class, “Identity and Ethnic Studies,” at Berkeley High School in California’s Bay Area. We never even discussed the possibility of including Palestine or Arab […]

Vaccine Equity and G7 Summit: Solidarity Not Charity, Justice Not Denial of Human Rights

Vaccine equity is not working because besides the role played by the fascists and the authoritarian regimes in denying vaccine access to their population, also, it is behind the cloak of human rights that the western countries are not sharing the knowledge of production and manufacturing of the basic life-saving technologies in the times of […]

Over 16,000 Artists Sign Letter In Solidarity With Palestine

‘This is not a conflict: this is apartheid.’ Over 16,000 artists, including hundreds of Palestinian artists, six Academy Award winners, and eight Pulitzer Prize winning writers, have signed a letter denouncing Israel’s apartheid system and calling on countries “to cut trade, economic and cultural relations.” Over 16,000 artists have signed their names in support of […]

PA working to turn global solidarity into firm international stance against Israel occupation

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is working to turn global solidarity with Palestine into a solid international stance against the Israeli occupation, a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry announced on Friday. The statement was issued to mark the 54th anniversary of the Naksa, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories along with Sinai and the Golan […]

Activists Aim To Block Israeli Ships From US Ports In Solidarity With Palestinians

Above Photo: AROC. Grassroots coalition is working to block Zim operated ships from docking and unloading cargo in Oakland, New York and Seattle. Palestinian rights activists are aiming to block ships operated by an Israeli shipping line from unloading cargo in key US port cities as part of a campaign to pressure Israel over its numerous […]

The Healing Web Of Solidarity

Above Photo: A drawing of an ICT session held in a favela in Brazil, created by an unnamed participant. Lessons from a favela. “A spider without their web is like an Indian without land or a community without solidarity.” — Tremembé Indian saying, Brazil As most of us sat at home during the past year, seeking […]

Rutgers faculty stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people

Editor’s Note: The following statement was issued by faculty at Rutgers University. Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked issues. We stand in Solidarity with the Palestinian People Rutgers University faculty condemn Israel’s military assault against the Palestinian people across all Palestinian geographies. We join and […]

Why We Need International Union Solidarity Now More Than Ever

The women form a line outside their factory gate in an industrial park outside Istanbul, and link arms. They are old and young, modern or traditionally dressed, united in the moment. A mobile sound system with a battery powered amplifier starts playing a Turkish folk song. “Resistance is beautiful!” shouts the young woman at the […]

What archives teach us about Instagram infographics and solidarity with Palestine

The first photo I posted to Instagram in 2015 was of three paint canvases depicting suburban scenes in odd fluorescent greens and blues. The caption simply read “R. Michael Wommack,” the artist’s name. I have since posted 482 times and, for the most part, my feed and the feeds of those I follow are trivial. […]

Michigan Marches Unite Palestine Solidarity And BLM

Above Photo: Antranik Tavitian, Detroit Free Press. Pointing the Way Forward. The mass mobilizations across the globe for Palestine and against the racist violence of the Israeli state show the depth of this important struggle for self-determination. They also shown the growing political maturity of protesters, expressing solidarity between the BLM movement and the fight […]

500+ sign CUNY community statement of solidarity with the Palestinian people

Editor’s Note: The following statement was initiated by CUNY4Palestine,  a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and community members at CUNY that organize around the BDS movement and build solidarity for Palestine. They will also be holding a rally and press conference for BDS on May 28th. Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations […]

South African Dockworkers Refuse to Unload Israeli Ship in Solidarity with Palestinians

Above Photo: AFP Dockworkers in the South African port city of Durban have refused to offload cargo from an Israeli ship in a show of solidarity with Palestinians, and in protest at Tel Aviv’s military aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip. The South African Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Coalition announced on Friday that the dockworkers with the South African […]

In Solidarity With Hamas, AOC Straps Some Palestinian Children On To Defend Herself From Attacks

In Solidarity With Hamas, AOC Straps Some Palestinian Children On To Defend Herself From Attacks WASHINGTON D.C.—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the world’s smartest socialist, has been sticking up for the Palestinian people against attacks from Israel, and now, to show solidarity with Palestinian freedom fighters Hamas, Ocasio-Cortez is adopting their tactic of using children to protect […]

350+ academics across North Carolina stand stand in solidarity with Palestinian liberation

Nadia Yaqub UNC Chapel Hill Rebecca L Stein Duke University Anne Allison Duke University Elyse Crystall UNC Chapel Hill Frances S. Hasso Duke University Nancy Kalow Duke University Ralph Litzinger Duke University Sarah Shields University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Danielle Spurlock University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Sean Singh Matharoo UNC-Chapel Hill Erika […]

How India makes Kashmiris pay for Palestine solidarity

MEE writers 20 May 2021 10:58 UTC | Last update: 24 mins 55 secs ago When cries emerge from Kashmir over Israel’s devastating brutality against Palestinians, authorities respond with threats, arrests and heightened surveillance A Kashmiri child protests in support of Palestine in Srinagar in 2018 (AFP) As the world has watched Israel kill Palestinians with brutality and impunity, […]

Solidarity with the Palestinian General Strike across historic Palestine

Editor’s Note: The following is a statement by the Palestinian BDS National Committee. Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked issues. Palestinians in Jerusalem and across Historic Palestine are observing tomorrow a General Strike to protest Israel’s massacres in Gaza and settler-colonial and apartheid repression and […]

Day of Action in Solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising: Tuesday, May 18

As Israel is continuing its massacres in Gaza, its attacks in Jerusalem and settler mob violence throughout occupied Palestine from the river to the sea, Palestinians have called for a general strike! Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network joins the call of Palestinians in Palestine and across the world for actions and mobilizations in support of […]

Thousands Stand In Solidarity With Palestine In Rallies Held Across U.S., Cities Worldwide

Throngs of people in countries including United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand took to the streets on Saturday to stand in solidarity with Palestinians amid the ongoing escalation of deadly violence in Gaza and Israel. Thousands of people rallied in Washington, D.C. Some waved Palestinian flags and signs saying “Free Palestine” and “Save […]

American And Palestinian Unionists Build International Solidarity

Above photo: Abdel-Al at Chicago’s Haymarket monument. Jeff Schuhrke. In an address on Middle East policy last month, Bernie Sanders —the first Jewish American to win a presidential primary — did something virtually unheard of in contemporary U.S. politics when he called for an end to ​“what amounts to the occupation of Palestinian territory” by Israel. The only candidate to […]

Rihanna posts solidarity message for both sides of Israel-Gaza conflict

Grammy-winning pop star Rihanna called for an end to the Israel-Gaza violence, saying her “heart is breaking” in a rare show of solidarity for both the Israeli and Palestinian sides by a mainstream US celebrity. “Innocent Israeli and Palestinian children are hiding in bomb shelters…There needs to be some kind of resolve! We are sadly […]

Turks pray at Hagia Sophia for the end of Ramadan and express solidarity with Palestinians

Hundreds of Muslims attended dawn Eid al-Fitr prayers at Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia for the first time since it was controversially reconverted into a mosque last year. The three-day Eid al-Fitr festival marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan — the month of prayer and fasting for Muslims around the world. Muslim worshippers […]

Sephardic Rabbis Stand in Solidarity with Israel

As Israeli civilians are once again under rocket attacks from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups, we the undersigned, Sephardic rabbis representing communities all over the world, stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel. We support Israel’s right to defend her cities and civilians, and to assert her sovereignty over Jerusalem, […]

This May Day, Palestinian workers call for US solidarity

The Israeli occupation of Palestine is dehumanizing in thousands of ways. The military steals dignity, individuality, basic freedoms, and often people’s lives. One site of this dehumanization is the massive military terminals that tens of thousands of Palestinian workers must pass through every day. This film gives a glimpse of one stage of the demeaning, […]

Stand With Haiti! A Call For Solidarity

Above photo: Black Alliance for Peace. This statement, written by Haiti Action Committee and signed by over 60 organizations, commemorates the 10th anniversary of the return to Haiti of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and First Lady Mildred Aristide. It calls for support of the resistance by the Haitian people to the US-backed dictatorship of Jovenel […]

Turkey supports Ukraine, NATO solidarity at Russia’s expense – analysts

 Russia’s restrictions on flights to and from Turkey beginning on Thursday will hurt Turkey’s economy, but Ankara has shown it is prioritizing its relationship with NATO by supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, analysts told The Media Line. For more stories from The Media Line go to Moscow has been reinforcing its troops […]

مواقف تضامنية مع الصحافية صابرين دياب ورفض إقدام الاحتلال على احتجازها قسرياً في منزلها Solidarity with the journalist Sabreen Diab and rejecting the occupation’s forced detention in her home

المصدر أعلنت الحملة الأهلية لنصرة فلسطين وقضايا الأمة، في بيان انه «منذ أسبوع والصحافية المناضلة صابرين دياب من قرية طمرة في فلسطين المحتلة عام 1948، تتعرّض للاحتجاز القسري في منزلها من قبل سلطات الاحتلال الصهيوني، وذلك لمنعها من ممارسة أي نشاط وطني أو قومي في مواجهة الاحتلال ودعم قضايا الأمة ورموزها». وأشارت الحملة في بيان […]

Palestinians stand in solidarity with detained ex-Hamas leader Khodari

Palestinians stand in solidarity with detained ex-Hamas leader Khodari [Middle East Monitor] The family of Palestinian Mohammad Al-Khodari who is being held in Saudi Arabia came together in Gaza to show solidarity with the detainee and his son who have been in jail for two years. Letters had been submitted to the Saudi monarch, they […]

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