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Reaction to declassification of memos showing US hushed up Soviet massacre

Source Article from Related Posts The Myth of the Cold War: 74 Years Ago, Secret September 1945 Plan to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map” — Mothman777’s Blog The Myth of the Cold War: 74 Years Ago, Secret September 1945 Plan to “Wipe Alex Jones may have been a Soviet asset all along Alex […]

The Myth of the Cold War: 74 Years Ago, Secret September 1945 Plan to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map” — Mothman777’s Blog

The Myth of the Cold War: 74 Years Ago, Secret September 1945 Plan to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map” Comment by mothman777; This fake cold war is just more Jewish chicanery, hiding plans to eliminate the rest of the goyim still living in Russia, and to get rid of as many goyim in […] […]

Alex Jones may have been a Soviet asset all along

Alex Jones may have been a Soviet asset all along A capture of Jones’ Russian visa from earlier this year. What was Jones doing in Russia? We can only guess. Perhaps being debriefed by the POLITBURO. Fellow fake conservative and disinfo artist Jack Posobiec tweeted that the visa is a three-year, multi-entry business visa. Timothy Fitzpatrick […]

America Under Siege: Soviet Islam

By Timothy Fitzpatrick August 26, 2019 Anno Domini The above Capital Research Center mini documentary, which might as well have been called “The West Under Siege”, is an excellent presentation of Soviet Israel’s uselful idiots in the Jihadi movement to help carry out the global collectivist takeover. While it doesn’t connect it to the Judeo-masonic […]

US bombings on Hiroshima & Nagasaki were not to end WWII but to frighten Soviet Union

The total destruction of that city, and the instant incineration of 40,000 mostly civilian people, occurred just three days after the destruction of Hiroshima by a 15-kiloton uranium bomb, which instantly killed 70,000. This criminal one-two punch by the US launched the atomic age. The bombings have always been presented to young Americans in school […]

Lest we forget? Western amnesia about Soviet role in WWII victory has some disturbing aspects…

Today, the Russian Federation celebrates these victories with the same emotion and pride as Western allies celebrate the Normandy landings and the subsequent battle for France, which occurred at the same time. Yet, certain EU countries, notably the Baltic states, have called these Russian celebrations “a provocation.” They even summoned Russian ambassadors in protest, saying […]

Welcome, Comrade Mueller, to America’s Soviet-style show trials!

When Mueller, 74, was led into the lion’s den of the congressional coliseum on Wednesday to defend his 22-month, multi-million-dollar investigation from the slings and arrows of partisan power-brokers, the temptation to feel some pity for the man was surprisingly strong. The former special counsel appeared frail, disheveled and, as many others have acknowledged, well […]

U.S. congressmen confronted on Soviet Israeli blackmail

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel confronts U.S. congressmen about Russian-Israeli blackmail of Trump through Jeffrey Epstein. (To that last congressman: no, Israel is not America’s greatest ally. The Pollard betrayal was not an isolated incident. It was routine!)   For more on the apparent Soviet Israeli blackmail of President Trump, please read this article. Source Article from […]

Putin Like Lenin & Soviet Bolshevism.. Is an Agent of Zionist Jewry

Putin Like Lenin & Soviet Bolshevism.. Is an Agent of Zionist Jewry “. Since 1991   Russia   lost   about 30 million of  ethnic Russians . Every year  1 city of a million disappears  from a map of Russia. ” Tamara, article’s author By Tamara ( January 3, 2013 Shocker: Putin, Like Lenin & Soviet […]

Eerie VIDEO from long-lost Soviet Submarine ‘Komsomolets’ released amid radiation leak reports

The joint Russian-Norwegian science team was conducting routine surveillance and monitoring of the stricken craft, which rests at a depth of some 1,700 meters, when one of the seawater samples tested positive for elevated levels of radioactivity. One of three samples taken from the sub’s ventilation pipe found radiation levels 100,000 times higher than those […]

Drone VIDEO takes you up close to giant abandoned Soviet radio telescope in Armenia

The massive Herouni Mirror Radio telescope is located about 1,700 meters above sea level near the town of Orgov, Armenia. Built between 1981 and 1985, it was thought to be one of the most powerful radio telescopes in the world at the time.  The impressive telescope is surrounded by abandoned buildings that were used to […]

Inflation: The Soviet Tool for Destroying Money

By Chris Calton In March 1919, the Communist Party headed by Vladimir Lenin stated in its newly drafted program that among the party objectives was the complete abolition of money. The State Bank of Russia would be “abolished and turned into the central bookkeeping office of the Communist society.”1 In theory, the ruling party could […]

Soviet dialectics & predictive power

By Anatoliy Golitsyn Excerpt from The Perestroika Deception, pgs. 26-27 (1998 edition) June 14, 2019 Anno Domini Correct understanding of the strategy and the application of that understanding to the analysis of events enables one to predict otherwise surprising Soviet actions. Since the strategy is long-range, it has several phases. The strategists plan their actions […]

Project Azorian: CIA Clandestine Heist of Soviet Warhead During Cold War

The Hughes Glomar Explorer During the Cold War, the C.I.A. Secretly Plucked a Soviet Submarine From the Ocean Floor Using a Giant Claw By Lila Thulin In a corner exhibit of the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., which opens this weekend, a submarine control panel, a swoopy-banged wig, detailed whiteprints and a […]

Fatima and the Soviet merger of Orthodoxy with Catholicism

ROC “Patriarch” Kirill and “Pope” Francis. Heretics embrace. By Timothy Fitzpatrick Jan. 22, 2019 Anno Domini There are major theological and geopolitical inconsistencies presented by the alleged prophetic Marian apparition at Fatima in the early 20th century. The much-touted apparition, which seems to be accepted as authentic by the Vatican and is highly touted in […]

EU will dissolve like Soviet Union unless Europeans ‘wake up’, George Soros warns

Pro-EU political parties must rally support ahead of crucial European Parliament elections in May, the Hungarian-American businessman and controversial influencer wrote in an op-ed published by Project Syndicate. The bloc is “sleepwalking into oblivion” and could soon meet the same end as the Soviet Union, Soros prophesized. In order to avoid catastrophe, he argued, right-minded […]

Swipe right on Stalin: Tinder shows love for dead Soviet leader

Vice’s Paul Schwenn ran his social experiment using an iconic photo of a dashing young Stalin, but the results say more about the vacuity of online dating – and the author’s own insecurities – than they do about one of the 20th century’s most recognizable bogeymen. Also on Temporally challenged: 69yo man fights to […]

The internet thinks Putin and Maduro secretly played in an 80s Soviet band (VIDEO)

A music video for the 1987 song ‘At the Dawn’ by Russian group ‘Alliance’ has resurfaced, showing the four-person group jamming with typical 80s clothing and retro hairstyles. The footage has been thrust back into the spotlight along with the Venezuelan leader. The music video, uploaded to YouTube last year, has over 100,000 views and […]

Vancouver one giant Trump Tower, Soviet Chabad laundro-mansion

By Timothy Fitzpatrick Jan. 19, 2019 Anno Domini If we take Trump Tower to mean a place where Sino-Soviet oligarchs can launder their blood-soaked cash, consider Vancouver to be the biggest. It is one of the most Soviet-penetrated ports in the Western world: Vancouver, the gem city on Canada’s West coast—a once beautiful city now […]

City gone in 30 seconds: How deadly earthquake devastated Soviet Armenia three decades ago (PHOTOS)

Armenia, a part of the Soviet Union at the time, was hit by a catastrophic quake on December 7, 1988. The tremors struck at 11:41am local time, and the buildings began to collapse almost instantly. Spitak, which was at the epicenter of the earthquake, was almost entirely levelled in just 30 seconds. It was home […]

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