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Asteroid swarm: NASA detects 16 space rocks hurtling towards Earth this week

   The largest asteroid from the group is bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. According to the agency’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), Earth will see a total of seven asteroids fly past on October 8. As noted by CNEOS, these asteroids are 2019 TU, 2019 TW1, 2019 RK, 2019 TC1, […]

Mystery surrounds curious SPACE FIREBALLS that crashed in Chile as experts rule out meteor shower (PHOTOS)

The mysterious, fiery phenomena crash-landed in seven locations in Dalcahue City on the Chilean island of Chiloé late last month. They sparked a flurry of blazes which firefighters had to scramble to extinguish.  Initial news reports claimed that the fireballs were likely a meteor shower, however an analysis by geologists from Chile’s National Geology and […]

UN urged to condemn US sanctions on Iranian space bodies

Related Posts FBI Boss Christopher Wray Urged to List Antifa as Extremist Organization Congressman Jim Banks has urged FBI Director Christopher Wray to list Antifa as an extremist Tankers Urged Against Hiring Mercenaries On Fears Of ‘Accidental Escalation’ With Iran Could a private, Blackwater-type private security firm fire the first shot in the gulf which […]

India’s space agency delights stargazers with new lunar PHOTOS on International Observe the Moon Night

The International Observe the Moon Night event is held annually, around the anniversary of the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik 1 back on October 4, 1957, when the Moon is in its first quarter and offers the best observing conditions along the terminator line. Thousands of people around the globe participated in hundreds […]

Space bagel: Russia to fly donut-shaped spaceship to edge of solar system

The spaceship’s clever method of sourcing fuel will allow it to overtake even the fastest probes, unravel questions about the origin of comets, and even provide electricity to future martian colonists, all while proving Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Also on ‘Ideal precursors’ of LIFE found on Saturn’s icy ocean moon, scientists say […]

Jewish, Arab astronauts blast off for International Space Station

A multinational crew made up of an American, a Russian and the first space traveler from the United Arab Emirates blasted off successfully on Wednesday for a mission on the International Space Station. A Russian Soyuz rocket lifted off as scheduled at 6:57 p.m. from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and entered a designated orbit […]

Iran refutes US repeated allegations against space, missile activities

MNA – Iran’s ambassador to the UN has rejected the US “baseless accusations” against the Islamic Republic’s space and ballistic missile activities, saying Washington is resorting to a “maximum deception” campaign in dealing with Tehran. “This ‘maximum deception’ campaign is in line with and a living example of the so-called ‘maximum pressure’ policy of the […]

Burning Man festival site can be seen from space (PHOTO)

The massive tent city in the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada showed up in satellite images as it was being set up last week, before tens of thousands of attendees arrived for Sunday’s opening of the event. Burning Man is known for its art installations, music, costumes and performances.  The images were shared by […]

Trump Launches New US Space Command, With Vintage ‘Netscape-style’ Website

There’s something eerily awkward about the roll-out of this latest venture by the US federal government. It’s as if Washington is claiming imminent domain over outer space. Equally as awkward is the 1990s looking, Netscape-style website accompanying the roll-out of this new program. “Earth to Washington…” IMAGE: The flag of USSPACECOM On August 29th, US […]

The Trump Administration Is Establishing the U.S. Space Command

“When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space” President Donald J. Trump ESTABLISHING SPACE COMMAND: Today, at the direction of President Donald J. Trump, the Secretary of Defense established the United States Space Command to ensure space superiority. […]

NASA Astronaut Accused Of Committing First Crime Ever From Outer Space

Worden had a son about a year before she met McClain and after they wed in 2014, she refused McClain’s request to adopt the child. McClaine then took Worden to court in 2018 to get shared parenting rights after accusing the boy’s mother of having a temper and making poor financial decisions, but this […]

Mike Pence Wants to Start the Space Wars! Claims Cosmos Belongs to US Government!

August 26, 2019   Filed under: China, Europe, NATO, Russia, USA | Tagged: American Empire, American Hegemony, Balance of Power in South Asia, INF Treaty, Pentagon’s Wars, Romania | Source Article from Related Posts As expected, Trump wants all credit for Syria ceasefire deal … from Press TV, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: No modesty […]

Hacking From Space—Wow!

    NASA investigates the first allegation of criminal activity in SPACE: Astronaut is accused of accessing her wife’s bank account from the International Space Station during their messy divorce Astronaut Anne McClain was accused of accessing her estranged wife Summer Worden’s bank account while she was in space  Worden filed an identity theft complaint […]

The Amazon is Burning – The Smoke Can Be Seen from Space

At this very moment, Amazon, the Earth’s lungs is on fire and it has been burning for 3 weeks now. When Notre Dame was burning, the world’s media covered every moment of it and billionaires rushed to restore it. But for the Amazonian forest, which supplies more than 20% of our Earth’s oxygen, nothing. No […]

Space Age Tower of Babel: Canadian Company Patents 20km Lift To Heavens

Last month Thoth Technology was granted a United States patent for a “space elevator,” which would be more than 20 times taller than the 829-metre-high Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world. That is also beyond the so-called “Armstrong limit” – a point at an altitude of 19 kilometers where body fluids […]

Russia invents self-destroying satellite to solve burgeoning ‘space junk’ problem

The materials used in the satellite means it would “evaporate” when it is no longer useful, preventing it from adding to the increasing volume of defunct man-made objects that are floating around in space. A patent filed with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) shows that this would involve constructing the satellite out of […]

Nearly 60 percent of astronauts have "space herpes"

(Natural News) Anyone who wants to go to space must know about the health risks involved in leaving the Earth’s atmosphere and gravity. A NASA-backed study warns that astronauts were much more prone to developing a case of herpes while in space and after coming home. Researchers found that seven percent of […]

Trump’s “Space Force”: Weaponizing Space Is the “New” Bad Idea Coming from Washington

When considering the possibility of great-power conflict in the near future, it is difficult to bypass space as one of the main areas of strategic focus for the major powers.The United States, Russia and China all have cutting-edge programs for the militarization of space, though with a big difference. Donald Trump’s announcement of a “Space […]

Space Lunacy: $ Trillion Space Games and False Prophecies by Billionaires While Rome Burns

History testifies to powerful rulers’ aspirations for the position of gods, including the Pharaohs and Roman Emperors such as Caligula or Nero, nowadays mimicked by false messianic prophecies of “intergalactic civilization” made by billionaires and their followers in public and the media, including some scientists. This includes predictions of making life interplanetary by giant proprietors of […]

NASA space telescope discovers 3 exoplanets, 73 light years away

Within the system known as TOI-270, there’s a small, rocky super-Earth slightly larger than our own planet, and two gaseous sub-Neptunes, roughly twice Earth’s size. (Source: AP) Source Article from Related Posts Media and politicians didn’t care about chaos the US caused in Syria for years, but now that Trump can be blamed, they’re […]

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