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Antarctica Now Hotter Than Spain as Record-Shattering Heat Climbs Near 70°F

(TMU) — The heat in Antarctica is continuing to climb with recent recordings showing that the icy continent has reached a shocking temperature of 69.35°F (20.75°C)—the highest temperature ever recorded. The unprecedented hot temperature was logged by Brazilian researchers at Seymour Island on February 9 and soars past the previous record of 67.64°F (19.8°C), which […]

Will Brexit See Gibraltar’s Return to Spain with EU Support?

The European Union plans to support Spain in its territorial claims on Gibraltar in the next round of Brexit negotiations that are expected to begin on March 3. The EU will give the Iberian country the power to exclude British overseas territory from any commercial agreement signed with Brussels. British control over Gibraltar was achieved by […]

Freak hailstorm and flash floods strike Malaga, Spain

   Malaga has reactivated its emergency protocol after areas of the province have been left heavily damaged by a fresh onslaught of stormy weather. In Campanillas, cars have been dragged and stacked upon one another while another was thrown through a bank’s shop window by more than metre-high rapids. Maqueda, too, has been hit hard, […]

Spain’s New Left-Wing Socialist Government Offers Hope In Dark Political Times

Following months of political deadlock, nearly a year without a government and four general elections in as many years, January 7, 2020, saw Spanish Parliament swear a Socialist Party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos (UP) coalition into power. The vote narrowly allowed the PSOE, Spain’s traditional left-wing party, to form a government with the far-left party, […]

Why Spain’s handling of Catalonia is NOT a way to ‘beat’ Scottish independence as Labour’s Lisa Nandy suggests

If there’s one thing that Labour’s leadership contest isn’t short of, it’s farce.  Corbynista Rebecca Long-Bailey isn’t being attacked for her off-the-wall economics, but because a section of the Labour membership don’t want a Catholic as leader. If accusations of anti-Semitism and offending Hindus weren’t enough, they would seek to take on Christians too. Not the […]

Spain pulls some of its troops from Iraq over security concerns

Around 500 Spanish troops were deployed to Iraq as part of a US-led coalition formed to combat Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). The soldiers, who helped train Iraqi security forces, were stationed in Besmayah, Taji, and Baghdad. It’s not yet clear how many Spanish military personnel were ferried out of the country. Iraq’s parliament passed […]

Spain & Poland Both Threaten To Quit EU

Spain has joined Poland in becoming the second country in days threatening to ditch the EU. The announcements come during the week amid growing fury at the power that Brussels holds over member-states. The Express reports: Spain’s third biggest party Vox is under huge pressure to back the Spanish version of the Brexit referendum, following […]

Torrential floods carry away cars in northern Spain

   This is the shocking moments cars were washed away by torrential flooding in northern Spain. The flooding hit the town of Reinosa in Cantabria and has been described by residents as the worst in history, with reports saying water levels rose because of heavy winds and rain. Reinosa has 9,000 inhabitants and there are […]

Catalan separatists block Spain-France highway

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We Now Have Mass Public Unrest In France, Spain, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador And Bolivia

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank Ages and Ages of Rage Monday morning and we here we go again for another “dramatic week”. There are going to be monthly PMIs to look at in particular: will we see any further deterioration, or will growth start to pick up as an early Christmas present? And there […]

Stop Press: The Queen’s Screech: Britain, Spain and Other Illnesses

There are some people — whereby I do not know how many — who recall the key elements of British colonial rule. I was fortunate enough not to live under it. My grandfather had no great admiration for the country where he was born, despite the almost rabid Anglophilia to be found in the most […]

Angry protests erupt in Catalonia over Spain court ruling against independence leaders

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Harsh: Spain sentences Catalonia independence leaders to 13 years imprisonment for sedition – Protests erupt in Barcelona

   Former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras has been sentenced to 13 years in prison by Spain’s Supreme Court for his role in the attempted secession by authorities in Barcelona in 2017. Junqueras was among nine separatist leaders who were sentenced to between nine and 13 years in prison for sedition for their part in […]

Spain’s Supreme Court Puts an End to Torture of Bulls at Infamous Festival

The Spanish Supreme Court has recently delivered a historic verdict banning all activities relates to bull torture at the “Toro de la Vega” festival, thus saving countless animals from great suffering. “Toro de la Vega” festival was a tradition for men to stab young bulls with spears at the festival in Castilla y León for […]

Hopping mad farmers ‘open fire’ on vegan activists who killed 100 rabbits at farm in Spain (VIDEO)

The activist, self-styled as ‘Mythical Mia’, alleges the farmers were extremely aggressive and tried to strangle her fellow activists and hit them in the head with metal poles when they discovered them attempting to free the rabbits from captivity in Osono, Spain last week.  They soon fled the property at which point ‘Mia’ claims the […]

‘Accusations must be proven’: Spain’s Royal Theater backs Placido Domingo amid ‘Me Too’ allegations

The theater spoke of its “admiration” for the famous performer in a statement confirming that next May’s performance of La Traviata will not be cancelled after the Spaniard was this week accused of sexually harassing women some 30 years ago. The statement paid tribute to Domingo’s “exemplary career” and his longstanding relationship with the Spanish […]

Revelations on the attacks of 2004 and 2017 in Spain, by Thierry Meyssan

On 15 July 2019, under the signature of Carlos Enrique Bayo, the Spanish republican daily Público published the beginning of a four-part enquiry into the relations between the ring-leader of the 2017 attacks in Catalonia and the Spanish secret services [1]. In Spain, espionage and counter-espionage are handled by a single institution, the CNI (Centro Nacional […]

In Just One Decade, Corporations Destroyed 50 Million Hectares of Forest—An Area the Size of Spain

Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams Waking Times Major corporations involved with commodities like beef, palm oil, and soya pledged in 2010 to end deforestation over the next decade—but instead of fulfilling that promise, a new Greenpeace International analysis found the companies are set to destroy at least 50 million hectares of forest worldwide by 2020. “Our […]

Dead blue whale found floating in Marbella, Spain

   The animal has been taken to experts at CREMA Aula del Mar de Malaga, where scientists will analyse the carcass A whale has been found dead in the waters of Marbella. The body of the huge mammal was discovered at around 10am on Friday. It was spotted around the waters of Puerto Banus but […]

Observatory in Spain discovers Earth-like planets

More than 2,000 meters up a little-explored mountain range in the southern Spanish province of Almeria stands the largest telescope in mainland Europe. Housed inside the Calar Alto Observatory, this giant device is helping astronomers discover new planets and even search for life beyond Earth. First opened in 1975 as a German-Spanish collaboration, the […]

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