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Spain: Canary Islands Gets Invaded By 1,000 Afro-Simian Rapefugees

The orc invasion continues in Spain. Reuters: More than 1,000 migrants reached the Canary Islands in the past 48 hours, the Red Cross said on Saturday, the largest number since a 2006 crisis in the archipelago. Beefed-up security on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast is pushing traffickers and migrants south to risk the perilous crossing to the […]

Spain’s far-right holds drive-in protest against state of emergency

Supporters of Spain’s far-right Vox party have staged protests across Spain against restrictions introduced to help stem the spread of COVID-19. The protests coincided with the Spanish national day. Ana Lisa Cayo said she came to protest against the government and their alleged mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis. “We need to protest against a useless […]

Spain Unveils Economic Recovery Plan Amid Pandemic

By Barry Hatton, AP News. October 8, 2020 Above photo: Paul White/AP. NOTE: The details of the plan matter but it is a positive sign to see money being invested in a green economy. – MF Spain’s prime minister unveiled a major plan Wednesday to boost his country out of recession by spending 140 billion […]

Tiermes: Spain’s Ancient City Beset By Drama and Conflict

The culture of the Iberian Peninsula has always been complex and multifaceted. Traces of many previous civilizations are ubiquitous in the archaeological record. One example of this is the archaeological site of Tiermes, a Celtiberian hillfort which later became a Roman city and then a Christian religious shrine. Archaeological Remains of a Major Ancient Settlement […]

Quim Torra: Spain’s top court removes Catalan chief from office for ‘disobedience’

Spain’s Supreme Court has upheld a ruling barring Catalonia’s regional president from public office. A panel of judges unanimously agreed on Monday to confirm a decision by a lower court last year to ban Quim Torra from holding public office for one-and-a-half years and fine him €30,000, the country’s top court announced. The case against […]

Over 1 Million Put On Lockdown AGAIN In Spain! Other Countries Mull New Restrictions!

No surprizes really with the end game global lockdown/global government .. Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Hits: 13

Spain’s Commie Government Drafts Law to Punish Public Praise of Hero Franco

The commie faggots running Spain are on an outrageous power trip, now attempting to make it illegal to say anything positive about Spanish patriot hero Francisco Franco. El Pais: The Spanish Cabinet on Tuesday approved a draft bill containing a raft of measures that address the legacy of the Civil War (1936-39) and the Francisco Franco regime, […]

Coronavirus: France, Spain, and UK set to introduce new local measures amid surge in cases

European countries have rolled out new restrictions as the World Health Organisation (WHO) said global COVID-19 cases had surpassed 30 million. Authorities in France and the UK are both to introduce new measures to combat the spread of the virus, as cases in the counties continue to climb, while Spain is also set to announce […]

Spain counts the cost of dramatic drop in tourism arrivals for 2020

Tourism has been one of the industries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, a fact illustrated in Spain, which recorded a 75% fall in visitor numbers for July against last year. The dramatic loss of tourism revenue for Spain will mean a huge hit for the country’s economy, as more than 12% of its GDP […]

Spain calls in its army to fight COVID-19 resurgence

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Tuesday he was making the army available to help regions fight a new explosion of coronavirus cases. “The Spanish government will provide the regions with the strength of the armed forces to carry out the tracing” of cases, he said during a televised address, specifying that 2,000 soldiers […]

West Nile Virus outbreak poses growing threat in Spain’s Andalusia region

Authorities in Spain’s Andalusia region are warning residents about a growing threat posed by an outbreak of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus. Twenty-three people have been sent to hospital and seven patients are in intensive care. To watch Euronews’ latest report, click on the media player above. Hits: 1

Spain: Women Beaten by Police For Not Properly Wearing Face Masks

A video clip out of Spain shows a police officer beating two woman with a truncheon because they are not properly wearing their face masks. The footage shows two women involved in a confrontation with the female officer, who beats them across the arms and upper body. One of the women appears to have suffered […]

It’s official: Spain’s missing former king, Juan Carlos I, is in the UAE

Juan Carlos, Spain’s former monarch, has been in the United Arab Emirates since he left his country amid a growing financial scandal two weeks ago, the Spanish royal household has said, ending two weeks of speculation about his whereabouts At 82, the former king is the target of official investigations in Spain and Switzerland into […]

Spain’s Covid-19 death toll could be 60% higher than reported, El Pais claims

An El Pais investigation published on Sunday found that the official figure of 28,432 deaths is likely far less than the true number of people who have died with the virus.  Spain’s official death toll only includes people who had a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, and not those who were suspected of having it but were never […]

Untold Tales: Sephardic Jewry in Spain and the Ottoman Empire, Where White Slavery Flourished

Sencha MacRae takes a deeper look at the Moorish Conquest of Spain and the rise of the Ottoman Empire as well as slavery in the Ottoman Empire. Source Article from Hits: 0

China Is Openly GeoEngineering The Weather Over An Area Three Times The Size of Spain

Since 2013 China has been creating 55 billion tons of artificial rain a year. The country is now embarking on its biggest rainmaking project ever. In terms of the plan, announced this month, Chinese authorities intend to force rainfall and snow over 1.6 million sq km (620,000 sq miles), an area roughly three times the […]

Study finds half of ‘terror suspects’ arrested in Spain are Moroccan

     Almost half of people arrested in Spain on terrorism charges are Morocco-born or of Moroccan descent, a study by Spanish think tank Elcano Royal Institute has found. Based on information from their database of terrorist activities between 2013 and 2017, the study found that approximately 46 per cent of the 233 people arrested or […]

Iran, Spain ink oil deal

SHANA– The international department of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum signed a memorandum of understanding with the representative board of Spanish firms in Tehran with the aim of enhancing oil and gas relations. The deal was signed on the sidelines of the 23rd Iran oil and gas show on Monday between Hossein Esmaeili Shahmirzadi, director […]

Donald Trump’s Doppelganger Spotted in Spain

It looks like Donald Trump has a twin, a female potato farmer from rural Spain Dolores Leis Antelo from Nanton, La Coruna, has become a viral sensation after a photo revealing her uncanny resemblance to the US president was shared online. Se llama Dolores Leis, es gallega y se dedica a la agricultura, su foto […]

China To Make It Rain Over Area 3 Times The Size of Spain

Since 2013 China has been creating 55 billion tons of artificial rain a year. The country is now embarking on its biggest rainmaking project ever. In terms of the plan, announced this month, Chinese authorities intend to force rainfall and snow over 1.6 million sq km (620,000 sq miles), an area roughly three times the […]

Storm hits Cadiz, Spain destroys cars, boats and buildings but reveals long lost Roman ruins

     Even the southwestern most tip of Spain was not immune to a battering as Storm Emma swept across Spain last week. While much of the rest of the peninsula was covered in a blanket of snow last week, the province of Cadiz was buffeted by torrential rains, strong winds, high seas, and even a […]

‘Feminist strike’: International Women’s Day sees transport & work chaos in Spain

It is the first time there has been a nationwide “feminist strike” in Spain and organizers say it aims to highlight sexual discrimination and domestic violence. The rail network and Madrid’s underground is disrupted as 10 unions participate in 24 hour work stoppages. The country’s two largest unions, Workers’ Commissions and the General Union of Workers, […]

Top court insists fugitive Catalan leader must return to Spain to be re-inaugurated

Puigdemont, who faces charges of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of funds for his role in the Catalan referendum and subsequent declaration of independence from Spain, cannot assume presidential duties in absentia, Spain’s Constitutional Court ruled on Saturday. The deposed Catalan President must be present for his inaugural ceremony in Barcelona after he secures a permit […]

Spain’s foreign minister falls ill during Davos debate (VIDEO)

Dastis was in the second row of the audience watching a World Bank Live talk on tackling inequality when he fell ill. According to Spain’s El Mundo, after receiving medical aid from a doctor, the foreign minister regained full consciousness. The incident was caught on a World Bank livestream of a discussion which included Colombia’s […]

Former Catalonian president threatened with arrest if he returns to Spain, says he’ll work from "afar"

     Catalonia‘s former president, a fugitive sought by Spain over a foiled secession bid, will travel to Denmark next week for a university debate despite the possible risk of arrest, officials said Friday. Carles Puigdemont plans to make the trip to Copenhagen as he tries to get his old job back and step up the […]

Slow-moving meteor fireball filmed over Spain

     This beautiful meteor, which resembles a Christmas star, was spotted over Spain on Dec. 23, at 22:07 local time (21:07 universal time). It was produced by a fragment from a comet that hit the atmosphere at about 43000 km/h. The meteor overflew the Mediterranean Sea. It began at a height of around 93 km, […]

Navy Commander: Iran to send fleets of warships to Italy, Spain, Algeria

FNA- Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi announced the country’s plans to dispatch flotillas of warships to Italy, Spain and Algeria. “The Italian fleets of warships have made several visits to Bandar Abbas (a Southern port city in Iran) so far and we have friendly relations with the Italian Navy now and […]

Spain running out of jamon after Chinese develop taste for it, prices soar

Jamón ibérico – the culinary pride of Spain – has finally found its “right place in the market, alongside high-end caviar and truffles,” René Lemée, the head of exports for the Cinco Jotas brand, told El Pais on Saturday. He said that the economic crisis in Spain has pushed the country’s exports, allowing many people, […]

Nightclub dancefloor collapses in Spain injuring 22 (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The floor of the Butterfly gay club gave away at around 2.30am Sunday. Revellers plunged one storey and crashed into the basement below. The island’s fire brigade released photos and videos showing the extent of the damage. The footage shows that the floor caved in entirely, leaving pulverized concrete and rubble piled up on the […]

The Price of Chaos Rises in Spain

During a visit yesterday to Barcelona, the organizers of the Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest mobile event, warned the City Council that unless the political situation stabilizes in Catalonia, they will be looking for an alternative venue after 2018. Barcelona has hosted the annual event every year since 2006 and it brings in billions of […]

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