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Woman Speaks the Truth About Tyrannical Government

I am not sure who this woman is or what her stances are on other subjects, but she is speaking common sense here, which appears to be sorely lacking these days. Bitchute link 00 Hits: 0

WJC President Ronald Lauder speaks on passing of Sheldon Adelson

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, said that Sheldon Adelson, the noted businessman and philanthropist who passed away this week, was a major believer in the State of Israel. “For Sheldon, Israel was everything. But more important than that, although he had a world-wide empire, his whole world was the future of Israel.”Speaking […]

Long-COVID sufferer speaks of constant symptoms and struggles since contracting virus 10 months ago

When people think about coronavirus, they tend to focus on the numbers of cases, the number of deaths, the number of hospitalizations as ICUs approach 100% occupancy in certain places. But left unaccounted for are those who got long COVID, still alive but suffering. Claire Hastie has had daily symptoms for nearly one year now. […]

Pope Francis Speaks Out Against ‘Mob’ In DC in His Sunday Homily

Pope Francis has spoken out against the protests in Washington DC. He urged Americans to shun violence, seek reconciliation and protect democratic values, following the mob attack on the US Capitol building by supporters of […] The post Pope Francis Speaks Out Against ‘Mob’ In DC in His Sunday Homily appeared first on News Punch. […]

‘It Was My Duty … to Protect Her’: UK Mother Who Sued ‘Gender Identity’ Clinic Speaks Out

(The Christian Institute) — The mother of a 16-year-old girl with autism has spoken of the “trans radicalization” that led to her daughter being referred to NHS England’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS). … Speaking publicly for the first time, the mother — known as “Angela” — told The Mail on Sunday that her daughter […]

British chief rabbi speaks out on the plight of Uighur Muslims in China

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Gen. Flynn speaks at pro-Trump rallies: ‘We cannot accept what we are going through as right’ | NTD

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Frontline Nurse speaks out | COVID TEST IS DANGEROUS FRAUD | It is not a test for Covid-19 because it does not exist

COVID TEST IS DANGEROUS FRAUDCOPIED & PASTED from A “front line” NURSE PRACT… Henry Makow COVID TEST IS DANGEROUS FRAUD COPIED & PASTED from A “front line” NURSE PRACTITIONER.. Speaking out on Facebook … Basically you would have to be brain dead already to submit – but judging from the number of people willingly restricting […]

‘Health is not a cost, it’s an investment’, MEP says as Euronews speaks to MEP Awards 2020 winners

Members of the European Parliament gathered virtually on Tuesday evening to honour the most remarkable work of their hemicycle peers. The MEP Awards, a yearly ceremony organised by The Parliament Magazine, recognised the legislative achievements and political influence of MEPs from across the political spectrum. Bulgarian MEP, Eva Maydell, who hosted the event, told Euronews […]

Nurse Speaks Out About The Plandemic Agenda

― ஜ ۩ Whiskey Tango Texas ۩ ஜ ― ” If you will not fight for your right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against […]

Meghan Markle speaks about miscarriage in New York Times article

Meghan, Britain’s Duchess of Sussex, has revealed that she had a miscarriage, an extraordinarily personal disclosure coming from a high-profile British royal. The wife of Prince Harry and former actress wrote about the experience in detail in an opinion article published in the New York Times on Wednesday, saying that it took place one July […]

A British Doctor Speaks Candidly About the Dangers and Risks Associated with the COVID-19 Vaccine

© Getty Images / Images By Tang Ming Tung By Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England. His blog can be read here and his book, ‘Doctoring Data – How to Sort Out Medical Advice from Medical Nonsense,’ is available here. The type of vaccine being developed against […]

Doctor Who Served 35 Years In Shantallow, Derry, Speaks Out About Systematic Killing Of Elderly People

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Educator Speaks Out Against Unsafe Conditions, Lack Of Resources

Above photo: A teacher prepares her classroom. Bart Everson/ A middle school educator in Knoxville, Tennessee recently came forward to speak with the World Socialist Web Site about the unsafe conditions at her school. Knox County currently has nearly 13,000 cases of COVID-19 and 92 deaths, making it the third most affected county in the state, behind […]

Former UN worker of 18 years speaks out – Crucial CV information, going forwards

From Andy Lewis at Facebook 29th Oct 2020 THE TRUTH ABOUT COVID-19: THE SPEECH THAT BROKE THE CAMELS BACK As we enter the ‘Second Wave of Bullshit’ most of us know that something really terrible is happening throughout our societies, and it has nothing to do with a virus. In this video Claire Edwards, BA […]

Niece of Osama Bin Laden Speaks Out

The former Prime Minister of Malaysia reacted to a series of Islamic terror attacks in France by tweeting, “Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past.” Yes, really. Three people were killed and several injured near a church in the Notre-Dame area of […]

Immortal National Socialist Martyr Tesak Speaks About the Bloodthirsty Jewish Race

Тесак Марцинкевич – Влади Антоневич. Беседа с ухмылкой. Tortured and murdered by merciless Sadistic Jew monsters. Tesak lives forever, haunting these ruthless Hebrew rodents and urging us National Socialists to eternal warfare against Zion. Tesak. Prezent! 00 Hits: 24

A NZ Doctor speaks on the PCR test & CV in NZ

See also Dr Sam Bailey’s follow up videos below on topic, having been ‘fact checked’ by you know who. EWR [embedded content] Dr Sam talks about what is happening in NZ in regards to COVID-19 and important information you should know about the COVID-19 PCR Test. #covid19pcr#covid19test What is COVID-19? COVID-19 is a new illness […]

Based Russian Speaks About the Reality in Russia Today

Russian tells us about the reality in his country. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. 00 Hits: 7

Center on Sexual Exploitation Speaks Out on ‘Cuties’: Netflix Should Have Scenes Cut or Stop Hosting Film

WASHINGTON — The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which seeks to expose “the links between all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation,” has released a statement calling for Netflix to either cut “particularly sexually-exploitative scenes” from the controversial film “Cuties” — which the director claims was meant to shed light on the dangers of sexualizing young girls […]

Robert Kennedy Jr speaks at Berlin August 29th 2020 Freedom Rally | 1 Million People Strong! To Resist Medical Tyranny | No Masks and No Social Distancing! WAKE UP NORTH AMERICA!

What Really Happened in Berlin? CHD’s Senta Depuydt Was There Children’s Health Defense Senta Depuydt, President, Children’s Health Defense Europe The German media are reporting 38,000 people in attendance on August 29 in Berlin while YouTubers claim one million or more. Not a word is being mentioned about Robert Kennedy’s presence at the event on […]

Watch Live: Donald Trump Speaks at Campaign Rally in Las Vegas

President Donald Trump on Sunday will speak at a campaign rally at an airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. PDT. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the president is delivering campaign speeches with a limited crowd at airports around the country. 00 Hits: 34

An MD who has served 35 years in Ireland speaks out about the CV death certificates & the systematic killing of old people

An honest MD who was surprized at the new orders to list death as covid-19 if the patient even had had a cough but no proof of the cv. Then shocked that her profession was going along with this. She speaks of the staff traumatized at the orders they received in dealing with the elderly. […]

Woman Screamed at By BLM Agitators For Not Raising Her Fist Speaks Out

Video of a group of black conservatives has gone viral, with them vowing support for President Trump and urging that others need to wake up to the duplicity of the black lives matter movement. “As you can see, black conservatism is the new punk rock,” commented Nick Cunningham, one of the group seen recently at […]

One of the team that designed & developed the microchip speaks out … with regret

He said millions of tax payer dollars were spent researching where is the best place to position the chip & they figured, the hand or the forehead. This is where the Bible says the mark of the beast will be placed. A very interesting (short) clip. EWR [embedded content] Voicetv Nigeria 326K subscribers Please SUBSCRIBE […]

Trumps Speaks Raw Truth About Pelosi, Kamala, AOC & DEMs

Kassidy VavraTHE SUN PRESIDENT Trump unloaded on “stone cold crazy” Nancy Pelosi, “mad woman” Kamala Harris, “poor student” AOC and Democrats who he claims “don’t love the country.” Trump’s slam at the female Democrats and the party as a whole came on Thursday morning in a phone interview with Fox Business‘ Mornings with Maria. ⚠️ Follow our US election 2020 live […]

“Don’t let history repeat itself” – Australian speaks out on draconian lockdown

“Don’t let history repeat itself” – Australian speaks out on draconian lockdown – David Icke Latest Articles From our advertisers Popular Articles From our advertisers From our advertisers From our advertisers David Icke Websites Support & Advertising Your Privacy 00 Hits: 13

More Horowhenua corruption exposed (ex Mayor speaks out on the long standing Lake Horowhenua narrative)

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A Hollywood Insider Speaks About Systemic Atrocities Committed Against Children

I don’t know who this young man is and I have not seen his movie, but the message in this video is something everyone doing their best to raise children in this jewish controlled nightmare of a world should see. He doesn’t mention the jew, but we here know who is behind the system that […]

George Floyd Speaks!

George Floyd has come back from the dead and speaks truth to power, yo! Mr. Floyd’s words of wisdom are timeless. Only black people can understand what he’s saying there, but his advice was intended for the ape colony in Minneapolis. Be who you be, nigga! Proud n sheeiit, yo! 00 Hits: 10

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