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"Lo Spread" Hits 2019 Highs As Salvini Spits On European Budget Rules

Matteo Salvini just told Jean Claude Juncker and holders of Italian bonds ‘va a fanculo’ because Italy no longer has time for Europe’s outdated and oppressive fiscal rules. During events in Verona and Rome, Salvini went back on the budget offensive, insisting that the League and Five Star would deliver on the package of stimulus […]

President Trump Spits on the Grave of Jewish Weekly Standard

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 16, 2018 The pathetic and dishonest Weekly Standard, run by failed prognosticator Bill Kristol (who, like many others, never had a clue), is flat broke and out of business. Too bad. May it rest in peace! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 15, 2018 Who’s laughing now, […]

NFL’s Shortsighted Anthem Policy Spits In The Face Of Freedom Of Speech

Just when you think the NFL is done making your soul pulsate with detestation, it says, “Hold my beer.”The league on Wednesday dealt with the idea of protest in a dimwitted way that spits in the face of the idea of free speech. The new rule on the national anthem and kneeling is NO. If team personnel […]

The Daily Shoah! Episode (((88))) Part 1 of 14

The Right Stuff June 7, 2016 The Death Panel celebrate an important milestone in audio shitposting. Episode #88 is here and it’s a blast. Featuring the mainstreaming of the (((ECHO))) meme, Chateau Autiste, Shillery securing the Dem Nomination (cucked FTN!), some (((songs))) and of course, a very special Merchant Minute. Death Panelists: SeventhSon, Mike Enoch, […]

BREAKING: Florida Gov. Set To Endorse Candidate On Super Tuesday, And It’s NOT Rubio

Super Tuesday is arguably the most important day in the primaries, and with so much hanging in the balance, a last-minute endorsement could be just what a candidate needs for an Election Day surge to squeak out a victory. Later this afternoon, Florida Governor Rick Scott is expected to do just that, even though his […]

Israel Spits in America’s Face – Again

American Intel Community Ready to Spill the Beans on Israeli Espionage        by  Jim W. Dean, VT editor                               … featuring  Uri Avnery   Thank You Sir – May I Have Another? The dust had just settled on Obama’s dodging the Palestinian UN Statehood vote and the Crazy Israelis announced the building of 1100 new […]

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