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UK Gov’t to Crackdown on Citizens Who Spread Coronavirus ‘Misinformation’

The UK government is cracking down on people who spread what they deem to be ‘misinformation’ about coronavirus online. A rapid response unit within Boris Johnson’s Cabinet Office is forcing social media companies to censor posts deemed to be ‘fake news’ or ‘harmful’ to society. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden justified the Orwellian move, saying it […]

DOJ: People Who Deliberately Spread Coronavirus Could Face Terrorism Charges

The Department of Justice has announced that people who deliberately spread the coronavirus may face federal terrorism charges for “purposeful exposure and infection.” In a memo issued to law enforcement agencies and US attorneys, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen warned that “because coronavirus appears to meet the statutory definition of a ‘biological agent’… such acts […]

UV camera image reveals how proper handwashing slows down the spread of coronavirus

(Natural News) People are panicking because of the steady spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), but tests using a special UV camera have confirmed a simple yet effective way of slowing down the spread of germs: thorough hand washing. Health experts are constantly advising the public to wash their hands, but people must also be […]

How to Stop Touching Your Face to Minimize Spread of Coronavirus

(CONVERSATION) — Public health officials consistently promote hand-washing as a way for people to protect themselves from the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, this virus can live on metal and plastic for days, so simply adjusting your eyeglasses with unwashed hands may be enough to infect yourself. Thus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have been telling […]

Dr. Oz says NO ONE needs to be tested unless they show symptoms, even as asymptomatic people spread the pandemic without even knowing it

(Natural News) The narrative has shifted with regard to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as health authorities are now insisting that if symptoms aren’t present, then you don’t need to get tested. Dr. Mehmet Oz is one such “expert” who recently stated on Fox News that President Donald Trump shouldn’t have even been […]

Trump issues national “guidelines” to help stop spread of coronavirus while lawmakers, health officials demand a LOCKDOWN instead

(Natural News) President Donald Trump on Monday issued a two-page memo containing several “guidelines” for Americans and state leaders to follow over a period of 15 days as a way to limit the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). But for some lawmakers and White House officials, those measures fall far short […]

Nationwide lockdowns coming over spread of coronavirus as governors order businesses closed and entire cities idled

(Natural News) If you thought to yourself, “This coronavirus thing doesn’t seem that bad, it’ll blow over soon and life will return to normal,” you may want to rethink that. As the virus continues to spread and sicken Americans, governors and mayors are responding to demands by state and local officials to […]

International Media Uses Fake Journalist To Spread Disinformation About Nicaragua

International Media Uses Fake Journalist To Spread Disinformation About Nicaragua Above Photo: Carl David Goette Luciak with armed opposition On Feb. 20, 2020, published a piece entitled “Burnt radio stations and 18-month newsprint blockades: Inside the slow culling of Nicaragua’s free press” that has multiple problems. The first of the many problems with this propaganda piece […]

Woman and Her Horse Spread Positivity with Latest Internet Dance Challenge

Have you heard of the newest viral challenge that involves some great music and a bunch of creativity? “The Git Up Challenge” and all those people who have accepted it and shared the video of their one-of-a-kind performance on the social media have been putting smiles on our faces for months now. And as it’s […]

To Help Stem Spread of Coronavirus, Trump Must Lift Sanctions on Iran

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is far from the first proof of how intertwined we are as a global community. The climate crisis and the refugee crisis have long been glaring examples that the wars or CO2 emissions on one continent risk the lives and well-being of people on another continent. What coronavirus is providing, however, […]

What is social distancing and can it prevent the spread of coronavirus?

(Natural News) According to Bruce Aylward, a World Health Organization (WHO) epidemiologist who led a mission to China, new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country are finally declining, thanks to the government’s extreme measures to contain the disease include case finding, contact tracing, and suspension of public gatherings. Meanwhile, coronavirus is still spreading […]

Telemedicine: Essential to Stop Community Disease Spread

MedPage Today Health Editor’s Note: Virtual healthcare visits will go a long way toward accommodating the numbers of ill who might need to get guidance from their healthcare professional during the course of an illness. Sometimes health matters can be managed over the phone or even over a video hook-up which frees up actual office […]

How US patient zero spread coronavirus despite safety precautions, leading to mass cancellation of events

(Natural News) A Seattle resident who would become known as the United States’ “Patient Zero” for the coronavirus outbreak still managed to spread the virus despite undergoing an “Ebola-style” lockdown procedure, officials claim. The 35-year-old arrived at an urgent-care clinic in a suburb north of Seattle on January 19 with an elevated […]

WHO Urges People To Go ‘Cashless’ Because ‘Dirty Banknotes Can Spread The Virus’

It looks like the Chinese started something… Following reports that Beijing had “quarantined” dirty cash, the WHO warned on Monday that the virus could survive on banknotes, potentially spreading Covid-19 within communities, and across the world. To reduce the risk of being infected by money, the NGO advised citizens in countries struggling with outbreaks to […]

It may already be too late for travel restrictions in America, as the coronavirus has already spread to so many cities, it’s unable to be contained

(Natural News) A top health official in the United States has announced that should the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) become an actual pandemic, then all travel restrictions will become “irrelevant.” Dr. Anthony Fauci reportedly told CNBC that once the novel disease goes rogue and starts spreading within community hotspots all over the place, […]

WHO Urges People To Go “Cashless” Because ‘Dirty Banknotes Can Spread The Virus’

By Tyler Durden It looks like the Chinese started something… Following reports that Beijing had “quarantined” dirty cash, the WHO warned on Monday that the virus could survive on banknotes, potentially spreading Covid-19 within communities, and across the world. To reduce the risk of being infected by money, the NGO advised citizens in countries struggling […]

Open borders politicians in Europe are contributing to the spread of Wuhan coronavirus the same way they allowed their countries to be invaded by refugees

(Natural News) Left-wing political ideology is going to be the death of Europe someday, and probably within most of our lifetimes. A few years ago, the continent’s various countries threw open their doors to waves and waves of mostly Muslim refugees from the war-torn Middle East and North Africa, flooding their cities […]

Ominous Warnings About The Very Rapid Spread of The Coronavirus

Is a widespread coronavirus outbreak inside the United States inevitable?  After weeks of generally optimistic statements, officials are now warning us to prepare for the worst.  Over the past several days we have seen the number of confirmed cases outside of China escalate dramatically, and this has really rattled global financial markets.  After being down […]

Biogenetic Weapon Catastrophe. Intel sources: «Virus spread by CIA with nano-Uav» as Cyber-DragonflEye

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy VERSIONE ORIGINALE IN ITALIANO From the pandemic to a world catastrophe from China to Iran (6 dead) to Italy (2 dead and 130 infected) for a total of 2461 deaths, 4 times the 813 of SARS in 2003. Meanwhile, the suspicion that was spread by the CIA […]

Internet SHUTDOWN begins in Wuhan, China to stop the spread of truth and hide the severity of the outbreak from the world

(Natural News) During an interview Friday, former U.S. Army infantry officer, combat vet, and current U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton reiterated his view that the Chinese government is not being transparent about the severity of the Wuhan coronavirus  (COVID-19) outbreak. He told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Beijing’s Communist leaders were not […]

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