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Turkey-US center for Syria safe zone to start work next week: Turkish defense minister

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar says a Turkish-US operation center for a so-called safe zone in northeastern Syria, where US-sponsored Kurdish militants are operating, will be fully operational next week. “The joint operation center will start working with full capacity next week,” Akar said during a visit to the southeastern province of Sanliurfa where he […]

Iran to start oil exports from east of Hormuz by early 2021: Official

Iranian officials say oil exports from the east of the Strait of Hormuz, where over 30 percent of the global seaborne oil traffic is handled, will be possible by early 2021 thanks to a major pipeline project which aims to pump crude to the eastern end of the waterway. A senior oil ministry official […]

Trump is ‘waiting in vain’ for Tehran’s phone call to start talks – Iranian foreign ministry

Sputnik – The statement comes in response to US Department of State spokesperson Morgan Ortagus, who earlier said that President Donald Trump is waiting for a phone call from the Iranian government about whether the Islamic Republic wants to start talks. Iranian authorities won’t call Washington to beg for negotiations, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign […]

The Fight For A Green New Deal Can Start With Your Union Contract

News coverage of the Green New Deal portrays organized labor as a major obstacle to its enactment. But our new report for Data for Progress paints a different picture. In a poll conducted for the think tank by YouGov Blue, union members overwhelmingly favored the proposed reforms, with 62 percent in support and 22 percent against. In a memo […]

Does Britain Really Want to Start a War with Iran?

In light of the recent sabre rattling and blatant provocateuring coming out of London vis-a-vi Tehran, the question then arises about who would prevail in any military stand-off between this UNSC nuclear state – against a seemingly weaker regional player in Iran? The answer may have less to do with military capabilities, and more to […]

Pilgrims start arriving in Mecca ahead of Hajj season

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims began arriving in Mecca ahead of the Hajj pilgrimage, which traces the route Prophet Muhammad took 14 centuries ago. Over 1,600,000 pilgrims had arrived in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj, which begins on August 9, according to the Saudi Ministry of Haj. The majority of them are residing in […]

Why I want to start a free speech trade union

   Last April, the historian Niall Ferguson called for a NATO of the pen. Inspired by the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty in which 12 Western democracies agreed that “an armed attack against one or more…shall be considered an attack against them all,” he suggested that “professional thinkers — academics, public intellectuals, writers of any stripe” […]

US appears to be seeking a pretext to start Persian Gulf war, Moscow warns, expressing ‘concern’

Russia is deeply worried about recent developments in the Gulf, which risk igniting “a large-scale military confrontation,” a statement by the foreign ministry reads. The US is adding fuel to a smoldering conflict, and is now building up “a naval coalition” tasked with piling military pressure on Tehran. The seizure by the UK of an […]

Australia to Start Policing Facebook’s and Google’s Algorithms

By Sean Walton Australia’s antitrust watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), has announced that it plans to set up an office that is dedicated to nothing else other than policing the algorithms tech giants like Facebook and Google use to generate their income, reports Reuters. This is part of reforms designed to rein in the […]

‘Israeli’ Forces Start Demolishing Palestinian Homes in Occupied Al-Quds

By Staff, Agencies ‘Israeli’ occupation forces started destroying homes on the outskirts of the occupied East al-Quds, despite international condemnation and mass protests. Hundreds of Zionist soldiers and police stormed Sur Baher early on Monday and declared the village a military zone, banning journalists from entering. “Since 2 am they have been evacuating people from […]

Turncoat Omarosa: Trump Is Attempting to Start a Race War

Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman claims President Trump is attempting to ignite a race war in America. In an interview on MSNBC’s “Saturday Night Politics” over the weekend, the former “Apprentice” cast member slammed President Trump over his attacks on ‘Squad’ members Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley. Omarosa […]

Zio-Anglo-American Axis Working Overtime to Start War with Iran

      On The Brink Of World War 3: Here Are 5 Major Developments Within The Last 48 Hours… by Michael Snyder End Of The American Dream Has a war between the United States and Iran become inevitable?  That is what some in the mainstream media seem to be claiming, but let us hope […]

Food shortages begin as canned vegetables start to run out at grocery stores across America

(Natural News) Shoppers are starting to notice the effects of the abysmal growing season here in the United States, as grocery stores in various parts of the country are having to post signage explaining that food shortages are the reason why their shelves are unusually bare. At a Kroger supermarket, for instance, […]

Europe and the JCPOA: International Hypocrisy, Will the US Start a Disastrous War in the Middle East?

The special meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, called by the hypocritical United States due to Iran’s announcement that it had ‘breached’ part of its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has come and gone. The U.S. hoped, naively, to gain widespread support for additional sanctions against Iran, but found itself […]

Your Best Years Start Now – FREE Online Anti-Aging Longevity Summit and Reports

Nobody wants to age, but if we have to get older, we at least want to get older gracefully – and healthfully. But with so much information out there about anti-aging products and strategies, how do you know what’s really best in order to reduce your risk of dementia, aging skin and serious health conditions? […]

Job Opening Suffer Worst Start To A Year Since 2009

With US job openings hitting an all time high in late 2018, with more than 1.3 million more job openings than unemployed workers, and with April and May payrolls both coming in unexpectedly weak (only to rebound in June), it was to be expected that the May JOLTS report would be subpar, and so it […]

This is how the Neocon Zionists are attempting to start a war with Iran.

    Iranian official threatens to seize British oil tanker BBC An Iranian official has said a British oil tanker should be seized, if a detained Iranian ship is not released. British Royal Marines helped officials in Gibraltar to seize the super-tanker Grace 1 on Thursday, after it was suspected of carrying oil from Iran […]

#RT #news CrossTalk: Strange Bedfellows 7/5 A new foreign policy think tank will start business challenging foreign policy orthodoxies. It is called the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. This is not an ordinary think tank. It is funded by Charles Koch and George Soros among others. Talk about strange bedfellows! Can these establishment billionaires take on the foreign policy establishment? CrossTalking with Don DeBar, Inderjeet Parmar, and Ted Seay

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Does the Deception Go Deeper than We Think?   August 16, 2019 The likes of Epstein, Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Podesta, et al The American System of Law Is Not What You Think It Is     There is No Actual Law or Justice in […]

Bolton gets ready to kill New START arms control agreement with Russia

   If Bolton gets his way, New START is not long for this world: At the same time, the administration has signaled in recent days that it plans to let the New Start treaty, negotiated by Barack Obama, expire in February 2021 rather than renew it for another five years. John R. Bolton, the president’s […]

8 far-right German extremists charged over plan to start violent uprising

BERLIN (AP) — German authorities have indicted eight far-right extremists on suspicion they planned to start a violent uprising. Federal prosecutors said Friday that they have formally indicted the German men, aged 21 to 31, on suspicion of forming a terrorist organization. The suspects were arrested last year in eastern Germany’s Chemnitz area. They are […]

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