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Israel forgot 53 COVID deaths. Stats screw-up is devastating — and irrelevant

Yesterday’s astounding admission that authorities forgot dozens of deaths in their virus stats makes no difference to our picture of the pandemic, but it’s a disaster in terms of the national psychology. It was shocking to hear that some 53 deaths at elderly homes were simply overlooked. However, if we’re trying to understand how well […]

English Girl Says Crime Stats About Blacks Are Racist

Crime statistics are racist. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo! Hits: 2


[embedded content]… Altering your DNA. Charity Appeal. A number of trees in Yemen have become infected with the Coronavirus. We are distributing hygiene kits. We’re providing the trees of Yemen with kits containing disinfectant, masks, gloves and tissues. Send your donations to the Jeffrey Epstein Coronavirus Appeal Fund. Viral video of doctors capitol hill coronavirus […]

Switzerland: Shock as Stats Show Africans Committing Crime at 12x the Rate of Native Swiss

Diversity Macht Frei August 4,  2017 Stats have been published in Switzerland showing the crime rates of foreigners broken down by place of origin and compared to indigenous Swiss. Shock and consternation spread throughout the land as the racists were proved completely correct. Just like in the 100 metres final, it’s all […]

German Minister Gives Presser on 2016 Crime Stats

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What the U.S. can learn from Russia about Islamophobia

     “I think Islam hates us.” With this perturbing quote, US Presidential candidate Donald Trump underscored an increasingly salient issue in the United States: Islamophobia. After the recent Paris attacks, many American Muslims expressed the view that discrimination against Muslims is worse than after 9/11. Recent polls show that three in five Americans have an […]

Tidal wave of food manufacturers switching to sunflower oil to avoid toxic GMO corn, soy and canola oils

(NaturalNews) In an effort to avoid the health-harming problems caused by GMO soy, corn and canola oils, food manufacturers are turning to the cleaner, non-GMO benefits of sunflower oil. Furthermore, sunflower oil is void of trans fats, another plus when it comes to maintaining good health. Of course, by now we’re all aware […]

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