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Bay Area now on coronavirus LOCKDOWN – but residents still allowed to fulfill “essential tasks”

(Natural News) Some 6.7 million residents living in the Bay Area have been ordered to stay at home and “shelter in place” as California gears up for what looks to be a massive lockdown designed to curb the spread of the dreaded coronavirus. The drastic move? – similar to the steps taken by […]

Germany introduces border checks with 5 countries over coronavirus, still keeps broad-scale exemptions

On Monday morning, Germany imposed checks and suspended visa-free travel on its land borders with five nations: France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Luxembourg. Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic have not been affected by the new restrictions so far. From now on, foreigners crossing the border from any of the five nations in […]

Trump on the Deep State: ‘Still Some Very Bad SICKOS in Our Government’

President Trump has spoken out about his ongoing battle against the Deep State, which he says still has operatives embedded within the US government. “Trump has outmastered the Deep State. He’s light years ahead of us.” MSDNC. I disagree. We have a long way to go. There are still some very bad, sick people in […]

The Final Chapter Has Still Not Been Written: Remembering The 2004 Coup In Haiti

On February 29, 2004, the democratically elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti was overthrown by a violent coup.  This was the second U.S.-sponsored coup against a popularly elected Aristide government, the first one taking place in 1991 after he had served only eight months in office. Orchestrated by the United States, France and […]

Jews Still Not Satisfied With Apology and Groveling From Scottish MP For ‘Antisemitic’ Comments

Neale Hanvey, a Scottish National Party (SNP) member of parliament, has been reinstated following a suspension for posting alleged comments on social media that a jewish watchdog group didn’t care for: The BBC reported that Neale Hanvey was admitted back into the party after he agreed to complete a Holocaust education course, meet with representatives […]

UN atomic watchdog: Iran still providing nuclear site access

AP — Iran continues to provide international inspectors access to its nuclear facilities, even after its announcement it was no longer bound by “any restrictions” of the landmark 2015 deal with world powers designed to prevent the country from producing a nuclear weapon, the head of the U.N.’s atomic watchdog agency said Monday. Rafael Grossi, […]

The Moon May Not Be What We Think It Is – There Are Still Many Unanswered Questions

The Facts: In 1962 Gordon MacDonald, a NASA scientist, published a paper stating it’s more likely that the moon is hollow than not. MIT’s Sean C. Solomon furthered this statement citing knowledge of the moon’s gravitation field as evidence. Reflect On: What do we truly know about the moon? Why is it that there is […]

The “BPA-Free” Marketing Scam: Plastic Is Still Toxic & Filled With Many Chemicals

The Facts: Swedish nuclear physicist Elina Berglund Scherwitzl decided that she wanted a form of contraception that didn’t impact her hormones, so she designed an alternative called Natural Cycles. Reflect On: How safe are popular birth control pills? We know they are effective, but at what cost? Birth control has been a popular topic of […]

Couple Who Threw Six Chihuahuas From a Moving Vehicle Are Still At Large

Authorities are asking the public to come forward with any information that could help track down two culprits who threw six tiny Chihuahuas while driving westbound on 124th Avenue. The incident took place in Allegan County, Michigan. Witnesses saw the couple tossing the tiny puppies off their 2004 to 2006 Silver Honda Odyssey van. Sadly, […]

Trump leaves New Delhi as Modi’s biggest advocate, but US still presses ‘true friend’ India on trade

Trump and First Lady Melania left India for the US on Tuesday, after a jam-packed itinerary of photo opportunities, meetings with government leaders and business titans, and of course, a thunderous campaign-style rally in front of more than 100,000 adoring spectators. But with the lights turned off and the cleanup underway, Trump is now looking […]

Katrina Recovery Still Continues Ten Years Later, and Casino Industry Does Its Component

Hurricane Katrina dealt a hand that is bad casinos in Biloxi as well as the rest associated with Gulf Coast, but those businesses have played a major part in getting the whole region straight back on its feet now. Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast a decade ago, as well as for obvious reasons, most […]

CDC confirms 34 cases of coronavirus in United States, but still refuses to test more than a few hundred people in total

(Natural News) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting that there are now 34 confirmed cases – and possibly a 35th case – of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States, accelerating fears that a widespread outbreak is now occurring on our own native soil. According to […]

Shooting Victim Sent Home From Hospital With Bandaid, Unaware Bullet Still Lodged in Her Head

(TMU) — 42-year-old Shakena Jefferson of Miami was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting and then sent home from the hospital with a bandaid and no treatment for her injuries. Doctors told her that she was only grazed by the bullet, but she later learned that the bullet was still lodged in her […]

Still Not a Single White Death from Coronavirus

THE STORY so far: There is still no confirmed case of the Coronavirus killing anyone other than ethnic East Asians. The Drudge Report last week featured FRANCE REPORTS FIRST DEATH OUTSIDE ASIA… but the underlying story, from Bloomberg via Yahoo Finance, says the victim was an “80-year-old Chinese tourist.” Drudge, of course, is just scaring up clicks. But why […]

Russia "Clarifies" Ban On All Chinese: Says Will Still Issue Some Visas

Update (0900ET): Following Russian newswire reports yesterday that the Kremlin would become the first country to completely ban all Chinese from entering the country and freeze all visas for Chinese applicants, the Russian Foreign Minister on Wednesday clarified that it will continue to issue some visas, with very strict guidelines. Visas will continue to be […]

Bald Eagles Are Still Dying From Lead Poisoning

Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch Waking Times America’s national bird is threatened by hunters. Not that hunters are taking aim at the iconic bald eagle, but bald eagles are dying after eating lead bullets, as CNN reported. The Cape Fear Raptor Center, North Carolina’s largest eagle rehab facility, has recently treated seven eagles for lead poisoning, executive director Dr. Joni […]

‘Low-key noble?’ I can’t believe there are STILL people defending Jussie Smollett

Smollett’s case is likely one of the most controversial to ever hit Chicago. Not simply because of the controversy surrounding the hate crime hoax that he had been arrested for, but the rage that the city felt as the charges against him were dropped in exchange for sixteen hours of community service. Smollett has been […]

Russia-Africa NGOs and Media Cooperation: Still Several Steps Away from Reality

Since the Soviet collapse in 1991, the question of media representation both ways, in Russia and in Africa, has attracted unprecedented concern and discussions. Over the years, nearly 30 years after the Soviet era, Russia has not encouraged African media, especially those from south of Sahara, to operate in the Russian Federation. Interestingly, the Russian […]

EWG Offers Fellowship to Investigate Public Health Implications of EMF — Still Endorses Smart Meters

February 13, 2020 By B.N. Frank Thanks to Environmental Working Group for offering this fellowship and being interested in the public health implications of EMF exposure.  However, it doesn’t change the fact that they still endorse the use of utility “Smart” Meters which expose everyone to harmful wireless radiation (see 1, 2) and other sources […]

1945 Dresden bombing’s lesson is the same 75 years on: Might still makes right

Dresden is like Auschwitz or Srebrenica, a terrible event elevated to almost mythical status because it is in fact the symbol of a wider phenomenon, in this case the bombing campaign conducted against a large number of German cities including Hamburg and Berlin. Dresden occupies this symbolic status because of the very high number of […]

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