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NYT shifts from Russiagate to racism, insisting Orange Man Still Bad

On Thursday, Slate published the partial transcript of a Times “town hall.” It reads as a surreal “struggle session” between the rank-and-file outraged that the paper is not overtly anti-Trump and the management twisting itself into pretzels to argue otherwise, while attempting to argue for the virtue of subtlety. To say there is no love […]

Consequences of UK colonialism still felt in Kashmir, Hong Kong

We are still reminded of the consequences of British colonialism with the ongoing volatile situations in places such as Indian-controlled Kashmir and Hong Kong. Hong Kong and Kashmir share the same legacy, that of imperialism in Asia, and the locals are still paying for the mess that the British left behind during its days […]

EPA defies California rules over Monsanto Roundup; still insists the herbicide is safe

   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has defied California regulators by no longer approving labels claiming Monsanto Roundup is known to cause cancer. The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has listed glyphosate, a chemical compound-base for Monsanto Roundup herbicide weed killer, as causing cancer since July 2017. Furthermore, glyphosate was added to the […]

Colonial time bomb: How specter of British Empire still haunts Kashmir

The dispute over Kashmir has been a searing wound for decades. It is one of the longest conflicts of the modern times, which possibly predates even the Israeli-Palestinian one. After joining India more than half a century ago, the majority-Muslim region has been consistently contested by Pakistan and witnessed constant secession attempts accompanied by riots, terrorist attacks and three wars. While […]

The 5 WORST Reader’s Digest Health Myths STILL being propagated and perpetuated today

(Natural News) Reader’s Digest is obviously not a publication you should be looking to for health advice on anything, but it just so happens that they’ve outed themselves, so it bears taking a look. They went and did it. They published “50 Health FACTS Your Doctor Wants You to Know” and it’s […]

America’s Forgotten Nuclear Disaster: Church Rock Still Poisoning Navajo Tribe 40 Years Later

IMAGE: The imposing and stunning sight of Church Rock in the Navajo Nation, located in northwestern New Mexico. Here is the true cost of the American empire. In 1945, the first atomic bomb was tested at the U.S. defense facility at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Just 34 years later, the area also suffered the worst nuclear […]

Goldman CEO Says Recession Odds Still Relatively Low

Goldman CEO David Solomon – known among nightlife circles as DJ D-Sol – is taking a break from his holiday in Mykonos to share some reassuring words with CNN and its audiences. Ever the optimist, D-Sol said economists are overestimating the possibility of a recession either late next year or early the following year. The […]

NSA Spying & Surveillance Is Still Out Of Control (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts VIDEO: ‘Hands – The True Story of a Mother & Her Son’ Every year thousands of mothers experience their healthy child slip away into an autistic abyss. Video: Syrian Army Overwhelms Militants’ Defense in Southern Idlib The southern part of Idlib province and the northern part of […]

Ahmad Dawabshe celebrates his 9th birthday while still trying to recover from settler arson attack four years ago

West Bank / East Jerusalem / Israel Dawabshe arson survivor marks his birthday and tragedy in the same month NABLUS, Wednesday, July 31, 2019 (WAFA) by Zahran Maali – Ten days ago, Ahmad Saad Dawabshe celebrated his ninth birthday and today he is completing his fourth year in laser treatment to recover from the effects […]

Millions of ‘slaves’ around the world still making stuff we buy today

The initiative undertakes research to build the world’s most comprehensive evidence-base of modern slavery. While there isn’t an official legal definition of modern slavery, the UN describes it as the condition of people whose work “is performed involuntarily and under the menace of any penalty.” The organization and its member states committed to eliminating […]

China still importing Iran’s oil despite US bans: Customs data

Data provided by China’s customs authorities shows the country has largely defied US sanctions on Iran by continuing to import oil from the country even after Washington ended exemptions given to Beijing for buying Iran’s crude in May. Data published by China’s General Administration of Customs on Saturday showed that the country had imported some […]

#911movementsucks Stupid Truth movement Trump is still messing with the neocons “Mike Pompeo says ‘responsibility falls to UK to take care of its ships’ amid escalating tensions between Iran and the West”

Mike Pompeo says ‘responsibility falls to UK to take care of its ships’ amid escalating tensions between Iran and the West Source Article from Related Posts My Stretch of Texas Ground, Too Much Truth for Trump’s Texas By Gordon Duff and Ralph Cinque See film at Amazon Review at Texas Monthly Americans Media Can’t […]

50 Years On – The Big Apollo Lie Still Survives

by Ian Greenhalgh Maybe man has visited the moon, but one thing is certain – he did not do it in the way we were told, inside a flimsy tin can riding atop a giant firework. Anyone with the capacity for rational thought can find so many holes in the official story that it becomes […]

Thirty Years After Tiananmen Square, The U.S. Is Still Trying To Destabilize China

Thirty Years After Tiananmen Square, The U.S. Is Still Trying To Destabilize China Above Photo: Leiaamidon/Flickr Last month marked three decades since the conclusion of the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations in China. The anniversary is opportune for Washington and its Western partners to ramp-up their Sinophobic smear campaign while recycling the hoax they have propagated ever […]

Qatar is becoming Gaza’s only reliable donor, but the massive cash influx is still only a band-aid

One recent morning, Mohsen Khoweisheq was one of hundreds of desperately low-income Palestinians queuing outside Gaza City’s central post office, waiting to receive a $100 bill from the Qatari government.  “I don’t know how I’d survive my upcoming days if I didn’t receive this money,” says the 34-year-old father. “Great thanks to Qatar for the […]

A Year After Nicaragua’s Coup, The Media’s Regime-Change Deceptions Are Still Unraveling

A Year After Nicaragua’s Coup, The Media’s Regime-Change Deceptions Are Still Unraveling Above Photo: From Corporate media outlets blamed Nicaragua’s government for a deadly arson attack during the 2018 coup attempt, but new information raises serious doubts about the official story, highlighting the campaign of regime-change misinformation. Last year’s failed coup in Nicaragua erupted when student […]

I Still Can’t Get No Satisfaction. Relentless War Propaganda

I can’t get no satisfaction I can’t get me no satisfaction And I try and I try and I try t-t-t-t-try try I can’t get no I can’t get me no When I’m riding in my car And a man comes on the radio He’s tellin’ me more and more About some useless information Supposed […]

Iran is ‘moderate’ at uranium enrichment… but still ‘on its march’ towards nuke – Israeli minister

Yuval Steinitz, the country’s Energy Minister and member of the Israeli security cabinet, asserted that Iran “has begun – while it is a moderate rise right now – but it has begun to raise, to break out of the uranium enrichment curbs that were imposed on it,” he told Ynet TV.  Upping the ante, Steinitz, […]

Wait, why are we still in high school?

Trump is the “bully that I’ve always stood up to,” Biden said on Friday describing the current president. “He’s the bully that used to make fun of me as a kid with a stutter and I’d smack him in the mouth.” This isn’t the first time Biden has talked of punching Trump; last year, at […]

Still a nation divided: 7 things to know for July 3

1. The angry protests over the police killing of an Ethiopian-Israeli teen that devolved into violence and acts of vandalism dominated the headlines in Israeli newspapers on Wednesday. The fatal shooting of 19-year-old Solomon Tekah on Sunday has drawn fresh accusations of racism and police brutality against Israel’s Ethiopian minority, and while some of Tuesday’s […]

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