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Doctor Who Spent Decades In School Still Too Dumb To Realize That He Doesn’t Know Everything

Doctor Who Spent Decades In School Still Too Dumb To Realize That He Doesn’t Know Everything CLEVELAND, OH—After spending years in school and hundreds of thousands of dollars on a world-class degree in medicine, local doctor James Grawdock is still too dumb to realize how very little he actually knows, sources say.  “I have studied […]

Deadly pesticide still legal in US can harm bee populations for generations, study finds

A new study shows just how dangerous pesticides can be for bees. The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America this month, found that bee populations can take a hit for generations if a bee is exposed just once to a common pesticide during its […]

Fauci Says He’s ‘Not Retiring Anytime Soon’ He Still Has ‘Unfinished Business’

The President’s chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci has insisted that his long career as a federal bureaucrat is far from over. Fauci claims that retirement is simply out of the question yet as he still has “unfinished business”. RT reports: Asked whether he is thinking of leaving his long-held leadership post at the National […]

Haitian Gang Releases 2 Missionaries Held Hostage, 15 Still Being Held

(Fox News) — A Christian missionary group announced that two of its 17 missionaries have been released after being held hostage by a Haitian gang. Christian Aid Missionaries, which is based in Ohio, made the announcement on Sunday but did not provide further information about the individuals released. “We have learned that two of the hostages in Haiti were […]

Poland says migrants are still trying to cross the border from Belarus

The number of migrants and refugees trying to enter Poland from Belarus has been declining in the past few days. But Poland’s defence minister claimed that migrants are still trying to cross the border. “Smaller groups of people are trying to cross the border in many places,” Mariusz Blaszczak said. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki […]

Media Still Describing Liverpool Suicide Bomber as “Christian Convert” Despite Massive Evidence to the Contrary

Media outlets in the UK are still describing the Liverpool suicide bomber as a “Christian convert” despite clear evidence that he faked this identity in an effort bolster his asylum claim. 32-year-old Emad Al Swealmeen, a refugee who was born in Iraq, was killed when his homemade bomb detonated in a taxi while he was […]

Vukovar massacre at 30: How ‘Croatia’s Stalingrad’ still casts a long shadow

In his seminal book on the wars on Yugoslavia, British journalist Misha Glenny describes reaching the outskirts of the Croatian city of Vukovar on the Danube in 1991, on day two of what would be a bloody 87-day siege by Serb militia and the Yugoslav National Army (JNA). He and another journalist were told they […]

Antifa Forced To Postpone Riot As Brick Supply Still Stuck On Cargo Ship

KENOSHA, WI—In what many are calling a tragic setback for social justice, local Antifa militants have been forced to postpone their planned riot in Kenosha. This comes after several supply chain disruptions, which have delayed shipments of bricks. “We’ll have to reschedule our violent destruction of this city,” said local Antifa captain Xindo Camdenleigh. “Our […]

Still thinking that all this ”pandemic” is not part of a long-standing plan?

1981 _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, maybe this could help you:HERE If you like our work please consider to donate : Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Elon Musk to Bernie Sanders: ‘I Keep Forgetting that You’re Still Alive’

Never one to back away from his detractors, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hit back at socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for demanding the wealthy pay their “fair share.” On Saturday, Bernie Sanders tweeted yet another one of his garden variety “fair share” hot takes that have become as synonymous with the openly socialist senator from […]

Stocks Close Higher, but Indexes Still End Week in the Red

Stocks closed higher on Wall Street on Friday, but the market still ended the week lower as inflation worries weighed on investors’ moods earlier in the week. The S&P 500 index added 33.58 points, or 0.7 percent, to end at 4,682.85. While it closed higher, the benchmark index still ended the week down 0.3 percent. […]

Kellogg’s Workers Still On ‘Str-R-R-Ike!’ In Strikevember

Above Photo: Battle Creek, Mich., Nov. 4. Battle Creek, Mich. – Tony the Tiger’s famous line –  “Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, they’re “grrr-eat” has been reworked. Lawn signs supporting the strike of 1,400 Kellogg’s workers show an angry Tony with a picket sign saying “Kellogg’s on strrr-ike!” The members of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) […]

Stanford And U Cal Professors Declare That Conservatives Who Vote For Black Candidates Are STILL RACIST

MSNBC race baiter Joy Reid and her guests on Thursday attacked parents who have spoken out against gay and pedophilia pornography books being placed in school libraries, surmising that it’s all part of… you guessed it, a white supremacist agenda. Reid brought on former RNC chairman Michael Steele and the pair claimed that the recent protests […]

Lone Holdout Still Clapping When Second Verse Hits

VINEYARD HILLS, CA—According to sources at Christ Church of the Valleyhills, one lone holdout was still clapping when the second verse of “Your Love Is Strong” hit. Witnesses claim everyone else in the church started clapping along with the tune when the worship leader said, “Let’s give it all up to Jesus, church!” along with […]

The injections are still in Stage 3 Clinical Trials that do not finish until early 2023

For those who tell you that the Covid-19 injection is authorised, approved or licensed remind them of these facts, especially if they are considering that the C19 injection is a good idea for children: The injections are still in Stage 3 Clinical Trials that do not finish until early 2023: Currently given emergency approval (EUA), […]

Kellogg Workers Are Still On Strike In Memphis And Across The Country

Above Photo: Workers like Patrece Edwards Bradford, a carton and glue operator, who participated in the 275-day strike back in 2013 and 2014, have taken it upon themselves to teach transitional workers about those that came before them, those who fought for their rights as workers. (Jason Kerzinski) Scenes From The Picket Line As the […]

City of London still owns the world

Cairns News Letter to the Editor Let’s remember that the first concentration / death camps were built by the Empire of the City of London in the Boer War for the Boer women and children. And who one might ask owns The City of London Corporation? Who owns the consols of the Bank of England […]

Connecticut’s Gungywamp: Old Stone Chambers That Are Still A Mystery

Gungywamp is an archaeological site located in Groton, Connecticut, USA. The site is best known for its various stone structures. There is no consensus about the age and function of these structures. A number of hypotheses have been put forward regarding the function of the structures. These hypotheses, which are based on the available historical […]

Ex-Queen: Jordan Prince Who Feuded With King Still Not Free

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — A Jordanian prince who was put under house arrest by his half-brother, King Abdullah II, in the spring is still not free, his mother alleged, drawing new attention to a scandal that exposed the typically guarded royal family to rare public scrutiny. The rift between Abdullah and Prince Hamzah erupted in […]

Opinion | One Lesson of Virginia? The Culture War Still Works.

And that suggests the real lesson for Republicans on Tuesday. One of their most powerful political assets is alive and well: the power of cultural issues over policies. In the broadest sense, “cultural” matters have been challenging and bedeviling Democrats for well over half a century. The backlash to civil rights pulled the South away […]

Greta Crashes COP26 To Call Bull$hit On Carbon ‘Offsets’, Still Hasn’t Heard Of China

While the teen environmentalist sat in the back of the room, she tweeted earlier in the day that the fossil fuel industry & banks, which she called the “biggest climate villains,” were “here in Glasgow trying to scale up offsetting & give polluters a free pass to keep polluting.” “Polluting profiteers see offsetting as their […]

“NFL = Slavery” — Kaepernick Still Cashing Checks from Nike, Which Is Accused of Using Slave Labor in China

Even as he likens the National Football League to modern-day slavery, former NFL player Colin Kaepernick continues cashing massive checks from Nike, which was named among a group of brands benefitting from China’s slave labor program. Kaepernick’s new bio-doc, Colin in Black & White, recently dropped on Netflix, and in one episode, Kaepernick claimed that […]

Canary Islands volcano still erupting, ash worries locals

Six weeks after a volcano erupted on the Spanish island of La Palma, vast amounts of ash and lava continued to cover buildings and farmland. Spain’s military emergency unit (UME) and ground army were working in the exclusion area, removing ash from the roofs of buildings. According to emergency officials, some lava flows reached a […]

Expert Says Unvaxxed Must Get Jabbed For Protection From Fully Vaxxed Who Can Still Spread Covid

The unvaccinated are now being told they should take the jab to protect themselves from those who have already been vaccinated against covid. Experts who have studied household cases are warning that people who are fully vaccinated are still catching Covid and passing it on to those they live with. Prof Ajit Lalvani, of Imperial […]

Why are the Jewish-only colonies in occupied Palestine still innocuously called “settlements?”

The latest New York Times report on the new Israeli home constructions in the occupied West Bank follows the mainstream media convention by calling them “settlements.” There’s no better example of George Orwell’s insight that the language we use actually shapes our ability to think. Patrick Kingsley’s report uses the word “settlements” or “settlers” a […]

ACH (1635) Michael Walsh – Use Your Power As A Citizen Journalist Whilst You Still Can!

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1635) Michael Walsh – Use Your Power As A Citizen Journalist Whilst You Still Can! Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on October 29 2021, Andy is joined by Michael Walsh for a show entitled, “Use […]

One-third of the US military is still unvaccinated

One-third of the US military is still unvaccinated: 468,000 active-duty members have just one month to get the shot by mandate deadline or face the ax Date: October 28, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: Daily MailOnly 68 percent of the US is military is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus with less than five weeks to go before the […]

Poll Finds Majority Of Vaccinated Americans STILL Wearing Masks

90 per cent of Germans who haven’t taken the COVID-19 vaccine say they won’t get it, with only the remaining 10 per cent saying they will “probably” get it or remaining undecided. A recent survey carried out by Forsa on behalf of the Ministry for Health found that 65 per cent of Germans say there […]

IMF Downgrades its Growth Forecast for Asia, says Covid Still ‘Ravaging’ the Region

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday downgraded its 2021 economic growth forecast for Asia after the Covid-19 delta variant caused a spike in cases in parts of the region. The IMF said it expects Asia’s economy to grow by 6.5% in 2021, compared with its April forecast for a 7.6% expansion. “The global COVID-19 pandemic […]

Man Showing No Signs Of Repentance In His Life Still Pretty Sure He’s One Of The Elect

Man Showing No Signs Of Repentance In His Life Still Pretty Sure He’s One Of The Elect GRAND CEDAR, OR—Local man Henry Paulson is pretty sure he’s one of the elect despite showing no signs of repentance, faith, love for the believers, love for God, desire to read God’s Word, or sanctification. “Yeah, I’m a […]

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