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WTI Tumbles Despite Record Drop In Cushing Stocks

After WTI’s roll from June to July, oil prices have continued their explosion higher, accelerating this morning after last night’s surprise crude draw from API. This is the fifth day higher in a row, with July WTI topping $33.50 despite vaccine expectations falling and little to no positive economic headlines. The market is clearly hope-filled… […]

Saudi Wealth Fund Buying Stocks During Weakness

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund has bought minority stakes in major American companies including Boeing (BA.N), Facebook (FB.O) and Citigroup (C.N), a regulatory filing showed, giving it a portfolio of nearly $10 billion in U.S.-listed stocks. The $300 billion Public Investment Fund (PIF) has been buying minority stakes in companies across the […]

"A Crucial Session For Stocks" – Nasdaq 15-DMA Breach Signals Imminent Breakdown

According to Saxo Bank’s head of equity strategy Peter Garnry, equities are facing a “crucial session” due the last two sessions seeing a significant change in sentiment. It started on Tuesday with CDC Director Fauci’s testimony to the US Senate that a too early reopening of the economy could cause more deaths and economic fallout. Then yesterday Fed […]

Billionaire Cooperman’s 11 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of Soaring Stocks Amid COVID Chaos

In an email this week, billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman detailed at least 11 reasons why he is concerned about the long-term implications of the coronavirus outbreak. The Omega Advisors founder highlighted a number of negative consequences including stricter regulations, higher taxes, and slimmer corporate profits… The unprecedented recent government stimulus and protections may […]

Warren Buffett dumps airline stocks like hot coals even as he defends their Ponzi schemes he gorges on

Each year, 40,000 shareholders make a pilgrimage to hear Warren Buffett speak at the annual shareholder meeting of his mega-conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, an event famously dubbed ‘Woodstock for capitalists.’ The critical takeaway from Warren Buffett’s four-hour monologue at this year’s virtual meeting was Berkshire’s record hoard of cash, around $145 billion. This uninvested capital should […]

Nomura’s McElligott Turns Bearish: With No More Buyers Left, Stocks To Slide Across The Summer

Failing to take advantage of positive dealer gamma, the S&P is now stuck in “no man’s land” and as Nomura’s Charlie McElligott writes in his latest note, the market is “essentially near the Dealer “Neutral Gamma” level (~2845) and between 2 of the 3 largest Gamma strikes on the board (2850 w $1.355B and 2900 […]

U.S. stocks up on body bags in preparation for possible second wave of COVID-19 deaths

(Natural News) The U.S. federal government has just ordered 100,000 body bags as they prepare for what they consider a “worst-case scenario” in the coronavirus crisis. The contract shows that the bags cost $5.1 million and will be delivered by May 4 from a California company. The order was placed by the […]

The Last Time This Happened To Oil, Stocks Collapsed 30%

While the velocity of stock markets’ rebound is making headlines, it’s the energy complex that is screaming at the top of its lungs – something is wrong, very wrong. A total bloodbath in black gold this morning as a combination of fundamental (weaker and weaker demand outlooks as global GDP forecasts collapse and headlines that […]

Conviction-Less Comeback In Stocks Smells Like A Big Bull Trap

Authored by Eddie van der Walt via Bloomberg, Low volume at the start of the recent stock rally suggests it’s a bull trap, not a journey to record highs, based on algorithmic analysis of 30 years of data. Momentum in the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Index and Stoxx 600 turned in March, thanks to collective […]

One River Asset Management: Without The Fed And Treasury Bailouts, Stocks Would Be Down 50-80%

Authored by Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management Tales of Survival (as excerpted from the author’s note) The United States is a business, run by corporate CEOs, who own the politicians. America is many other things as well, some beautiful, others terrible, wrapped in founding myths as all great companies are. Rugged individualism. […]

US Senators Dump Stocks with COVID-19 Inside Information

By Stephen Lendman Source Following a closed-door briefing on the threat of spreading COVID-19 infections — before markets began crashing — at least five US senators cashed in based on inside information unavailable to the public. The quintet includes Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Byrd, James Inhofe, Kelly Loeffler, Ron Johnson, and Diane Feinstein. Most […]

Stocks Plunge Into Red, Dow Dives Back Below 20k

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Senator Sold Stocks, Informed Donors to Sell Stocks, While Downplaying Virus Publicly

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 20, 2020 This is the most extreme case of insider trading since the CIA engaged in insider trading before 911. ProPublica: Soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle the coronavirus, the powerful chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, sold off […]

Gold, Stocks, Inverted Curves, & "Blood In The Streets"

Via Crescat Capital, Dear Investors: Are you looking for securities to buy to take advantage of the carnage in the financial markets from the coronavirus? Baron Rothschild, the 18th-century British banker advised that “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets, even if it is your own.” He made a fortune buying […]

Dow Dumps Below 20k After Trading Limit-Up Overnight, Stocks Tumble Into Red

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Do you believe me now? The financial carnage has only just begun… and the sheeple will hold plunging stocks until they bleed out and lose everything

(Natural News) I am cursed with the Cassandra Complex. It means you can see the future but when you tell people about it, no one believes you. So over the last year or so, I’ve been explaining the arriving future — the events you are seeing unfold now — in a series of […]

$2.5 Trillion Wiped Out As World Stocks Crash Most Since 2008

As we previously noted, S&P futures triggered a “level one circuit breaker” after falling 7%, which means trading will be halted for 15 mins. The movement of US equity futures today is likely crash, then halt, crash then halt. It’s only a matter of time before more intervention is seen… Remember when the Fed did an […]

Coronavirus: French Government Seizes All Stocks of Face Masks, Thousands Stolen From Hospitals

French President Emmanuel Macron ordered the seizure of all stocks and future production of medical face masks in the face of a growing threat from Coronavirus, and a spate of looting of masks from medical facilities. The China-origin Coronavirus, which has already killed a known 3,190 people worldwide is becoming more established […]

Plunging stocks, pandemic fears, quarantines—what’s the real operation?

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times A grisly old PR pro waddles into a conference room where elite technocrats are waiting for his assessment of propaganda issues. He sits down, looks around, and says, “If you’re going to launch a phony epidemic, the ideal place for it is mainland China. The government will lock down that country […]

Global Stocks Slide After Apple Guidance Cut Is "Wake Up Call" To Zombified Investors

Two weeks ago, when looking at the supply-chain crippling consequences of the Coronavirus epidemic, we asked “Is Tech About To Suffer A “Dot Com” Bubble Collapse?” and concluded that “It’s now all in China’s hands” noting that “…while the market leaders did not disappoint in the last quarter of 2019 when stocks exploded higher with […]

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