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Sri Lanka stops import of Iranian oil ahead of sanctions

The National – Sri Lanka has stopped crude imports from Iran and is actively switching to other crude grades, as South Asian importers, including India, significantly restrict supply in anticipation of US sanctions against Tehran. “We stopped as soon as the sanctions were announced. We didn’t buy [directly] from Iran. We buy from Singapore, Dubai, […]

China to buy oil from Iran, stops US purchase

IRNA – An executive from China’s Dongming Petrochemical Group, an independent refiner from Shandong province of China, says the refinery has stopped purchase of crude oil from the US and is going to buy crude from Iran. Japan Today daily quoted the executive as saying on condition of anonymity that China government is to levy […]

Israeli navy stops boats of wounded Palestinians trying to break siege on Gaza

Gaza Israel intercepts Palestinian boats trying to break siege Middle East Eye 29 May by Hind Khoudary — Aboard a boat off the Gaza City shore – Two vessels carrying 17 student activists and Palestinians injured during the recent Great March of Return protests attempted to break Israel’s siege on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, before the Israeli military intervened. […]

Armed citizen in OKC stops mass shooting with a concealed weapon, proving once again that armed citizens HALT violence

(Natural News) Without a doubt, more than a few customers who were eating at Louie’s Bar & Grill in Oklahoma City Thursday evening are grateful to be alive after a gunman walked in and started shooting. And no doubt more than a few of them are relieved that a good guy with […]

North Korea Says It Will Not Become Libya Or Iraq, Stops Peace Process

Daily movement news and resources. Popular Resistance provides a daily stream of resistance news from across the United States and around the world. We also organize campaigns and participate in coalitions on a broad range of issues. We do not use advertising or underwriting to support our work. Instead, we rely on you. Please […]

DHS Expands Police Spying by Adding Surveillance Cameras to Bus Stops

By MassPrivateI Not content with surveillance cameras on buses, the police state has now begun adding them to bus stops. Last month an article in WTVR 6 revealed that the Greater Richmond Transit Center (GRTC) is installing more than one hundred surveillance cameras at bus stops. What should really concern everyone is the […]

Armed Father Stops Doctors From Euthanizing ‘Brain Dead’ Son

An armed dad from Texas successfully managed to stop doctors from euthanizing his ‘brain dead’ son moments before they were about to turn off his life support machine. George Pickering III. George Jr. has made a full recovery after being a coma, all thanks to his brave father. reports: Upon hearing that doctors had […]

Pink Floyd Frontman Stops Concert To Explain False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria

April 17, 2018 By John Vibes During a solo concert this week in Barcelona, Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters took a moment to address the audience about the recent bombing of Syria. Waters said he was approached by someone before the concert who wanted to get onstage and speak on behalf […]

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Stops Live Concert To Explain ‘False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria’

Next Story “Not until we have done all the research necessary…” This is the reality of our current time, and the reason why so many in our world are so confused. We are taking the word of leaders, late night comedy show hosts and mainstream media as truth, when in reality they provide loose facts […]

The ‘New York Times’ stops being a stenographer for the Israeli army (today anyway)

Maybe all the criticism of the New York Times’s coverage of Israel’s massacres in Gaza is having an impact. Today’s news analysis, by David Halbfinger, is strikingly more balanced than the paper’s previous reports. The article gives four paragraphs to Yousef Munayyer, who directs the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, who points out, accurately, that: […]

Hero Citizen Stops Mass Shooting In A Church, Cops Show Up and Shoot HIM—Media Silent

As news of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida dominated the airwaves this week, a massive hostage situation—which was quickly turning into a mass shooting situation—was foiled by a hero in a church. That hero, however, is now in the hospital after police showed up to the scene and shot him. The situation was well on its […]

Israel to oblige PA stops salaries of Palestinian prisoners

Israeli ministerial committee decided on Sunday to oblige Palestinian Authority (PA) to stop paying salaries to Palestinian prisoners and freed prisoners. The Israeli ministerial committee for legislation decided to cut the money going for the salaries of the prisoners and freed prisoners from the taxes Israeli authorities collect on behalf of the PA. According to […]

I$rael condemns passing of Polish Holocaust law, stops short of recalling envoy

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,872 other followers Source Article from Related Posts UPS driver stops in the road when he witnesses a puppy being thrown out of a car Jason Harcrow is a UPS driver from California. Thanks to the […]

Government Study: Cannabis Stops HIV From Becoming AIDS

A US government study has found that THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, prevents HIV from becoming AIDS.  According to the study published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (JAIDS), the consumption of cannabis halts the progress of HIV and stops a patient from getting acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS): “Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) […]

As Trump and GOP Further Eviscerate US Public Sector, Canada Stops Imitating

OTTAWA, CANADA — While U.S. lawmakers debate a Trump administration tax cut that will inexorably deepen the bone-deep budget cuts that have been eroding American living standards for nearly 40 years, Canadians are going on a bit of a spending spree. Quebec’s Premier this week proposed a guaranteed minimum income of $14,000 annually for disabled […]

Nervous About Traffic Stops? I Am. You Should Be, Too

We’ve all been there before.  You’re driving along and you see a pair of flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror. Whether or not you’ve done anything wrong, you get a sinking feeling in your stomach. You’ve read enough news stories, seen enough headlines, and lived in the American police state long enough to be […]

California Authorities Demands That Church Stops Feeding the Homeless

Authorities in California have demanded that a Church in Malibu stops offering hot meals to the city’s homeless. The United Methodist Church has been giving away 100 meals every week since 2014. CBS News reports: But now, the food service will come to an end after Thanksgiving at the city’s request. “It’s a safe place,” said […]

"No refusal" traffic stops soon to encompass more than just alcohol testing: New technology can test fingerprints for cocaine use

(Natural News) Testing a driver who is suspected of using cocaine can be a drawn-out process that typically requires a fair degree of waiting for results. Now, however, a fingerprint test has been developed that will detect the drug’s presence in a person’s system in mere seconds. In addition, its use of fingerprints reduces the […]

Oil Rich Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars

Oil Rich Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars President Maduro ‘ Venezuela will create a basket of currencies to free us from the dollar,” Oil traders ordered to stop accepting U.S. dollar in exchange for crude oil Order comes following calls from Russia and China to find alternatives to current reserve system […]

Israel stops issuing one-year visas to foreigners married to Palestinians

Residency / Restriction of movement Israel makes it increasingly difficult for Palestinians’ foreign spouses to stay in West Bank Haaretz 10 Sept by Amira Hass — Ever more frequent demands by the Israeli authorities in the West Bank are forcing these women to leave and reenter the territories. It’s to urge the families to emigrate, […]

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