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A resurrection followed by a crucifixion: The story of Diego Armando Maradona

The bargain-basement recruitment of the wayward Barcelona vagabond by troubled Napoli, perpetually battling relegation from Italy’s Serie A, was the greatest piece of transfer business in football history, but only for the club not for Maradona. What followed was a resurrection – the club rose and rose to domestic and international championships – and then […]

The Back Story Behind Trump’s FAKE Pullback Order to Attack Iran

    The ‘Peacemaking’ POTUS Morphs Into a Warmongering Psychopath The Millennium Report President Trump has put all his cards on the table.  There’s no longer any question that he’s nothing but a zealous cheerleader for the Military-Industrial Complex.  And, that his primary mission is to Make Israel Great Again (MIGA). The series of transparently […]

Police SNIPERS deployed to protect "Drag Queen Story Hour" pedophilia celebration from Christian pastor

(Natural News) Police recently arrested a Baptist pastor in Spokane, Wash., and threw him in jail after he refused to move across the street from the city Public Library during a “Drag Queen Story Hour” event hosted for children.  According to Christian News, it was the manner in which the Pastor, Afhsin […]

Just One Drop: New Documentary Uncovering the Story of Homeopathy

June 20th, 2019 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Originally published at and reproduced here with permission. For years, homeopathy has been unfairly maligned by the American Medical Association (AMA), FDA and mainstream medicine as a worthless placebo that lacks any scientific evidence of effectiveness. If you listen to these aggressive mainstream […]

When America Had An Open Prison – The Story Of Kenyon Scudder And His ‘Prison Without Walls’

When America Had An Open Prison – The Story Of Kenyon Scudder And His ‘Prison Without Walls’ Above Photo: The institution’s west dormitory is depicted in this 1942 photograph. Scudder demanded that no walls be erected on the prison grounds. AP Photo In a country with mass incarceration, horrific prison conditions and a penal system suffused with racism, some American prison […]

"Treason!" NYT Story Reveals US Cyber Ops Against Russian Power Grid Hidden From Trump

President Trump has hurled the dire charge of “Treason” at the New York Times for its lengthy investigative piece alleging US intelligence has stepped up systematic cyber attacks on Russia’s power grid. “This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our […]

Big tech now twisting reality as it PROTECTS Jussie Smollett by hiding story searches for his fake hate crime

(Natural News) Chicago Police were upset as could be when Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx dropped all charges against former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett in March after cops had him dead to rights for filing a fake hate crimes report. As NewsTarget reported at the time, Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson was […]

New Multimedia Site Tells Story of US-Led Coalition’s Destruction of Syria’s Raqqa

ST Created on Monday, 10 June 2019 14:02 ‘Ruins of Liberation’ site gives rare behind-the-scenes look at Amnesty’s work amid the ruins of Raqqa. June 6th marked the second anniversary of the so-called Washington-led “anti-ISIS operation” which killed at least 1,600 civilians ‘I witnessed a level of destruction not comparable to anything I’ve seen in decades […]

Pentagon tells same old story: Russia ‘PROBABLY’ violating nuke treaty… that US never ratified

Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley Jr, the head of the Pentagon’s intelligence arm, disclosed during a speech at the right-wing Hudson Institute on Wednesday that the United States believes Russia has “probably” restarted low-yield nuclear tests, in violation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). The fear, according to Ashley, is that Russia may be […]

How a fake story about Cristiano Ronaldo donating €1.5 million to Palestinians for Ramadan spread

Did Cristiano Ronaldo really donate €1.5 million to Palestinians for Ramadan? The short answer: no. The long answer, however, is more interesting. As a long-time fan of the Beautiful Game, I have become aware over the years of numerous and similar made-up stories. Unfortunately, these “news” items have become part of the online landscape and […]

Julian Assange: The Radioactive Back Story You Will Read in the Mainstream Media 

  Craig Murray and Julian Assange   The Missing Step by Craig Murray In Sweden, prosecutors have applied to the Swedish courts to issue a warrant for Julian’s arrest. There is a tremendous back story to that simple statement. The European Arrest Warrant must be issued from one country to another by a judicial authority. The […]

The story of my family’s Nakba

How strange is it to see the events that defined the lives of three generations of my family as a mere paragraph in a book? How strange is it to discover that your family’s lived experience is considered merely a footnote on the pages of history? By Nooran Alhamdan Palestinians stand inside a […]

‘Watch my proficiency in toppling your 7-story building’ — Israeli taunts Gaza landlord

Azmi Doghmush, a building owner in Gaza, says that he received a taunting phone call from an Israeli intelligence officer on Sunday: “Sheikh Doghmush! How are you doing?… Count down five minutes and watch my proficiency and accuracy in toppling your building, but keep 50 meters away.” Al-Qamar building flattened like fallen dominoes, Gaza. May 6, […]

Indigenous Elder Shares Story About The “Star People” That Crashed On His Reservation

The Facts: Actor James Woods has been blocked from posting on Twitter because authoritative figures find his opinions to ‘extremist.’ Reflect On: Have we ever seen this type of censorship before? Why do people with large followings who go against the grain these days have such a hard time sharing their opinion. Why are voices […]

The story of bingo bust ups

Bingo is stereotypically seen as a calm and relaxing game played by the older generation. Despite its reputation, there have been occasions where temperatures have risen and a fight has broken out. After we disclose some of the more vicious fights in the bingo community, you might consider trying […]

Saudi Slaughter of Shiites and Other Innocents: THE INSIDE STORY

    Saudi Arabia is carrying out a second oppressive mass slaughter in the era of King Salman, including children, protestors, and activists Without the knowledge of the victims’ families, the Saudi government today circulated awful news of the execution of 37 people, including minors, protestors, and the disabled. Many of them were linked […]

Mission Impossible: Official Story of Las Vegas Shooting Unravels; Physical Impossibility of Lone Gunman Senior Citizen Makes Narrative Ludicrous

It’s all hogwash. The “official” narrative of how things went down in the Las Vegas massacre is so full of holes that it begs the question of just how deep the truth about this attack really goes. What we know for sure is that, yes, 59 people were killed (so far) and hundreds were wounded. […]

Children Of Palestine – This Is Their Story — Rebel Voice

This site has long tried to highlight the terror that the rogue state of Israel inflicts upon the children of Palestine. Whether it’s abducting them, intimidating them, closing down their schools, beating them, shooting them, bombing them and otherwise murdering them, Israel is never to be found wanting when it comes to the destruction of […] […]

Do We ‘Exist’ Before We Are Born? A Woman Who Remembers Shares Her Story

The Facts: Susan Manewich shares her memories of her SELF before birth, as well as her memory of incarnating into her mothers womb, what it was like and how she felt. Reflect On: Is it possible that we are conscious, in another form, prior to birth? Who are we beyond the mind and body? Does […]

To fight ignorance, tell the right story

By Lawrence Davidson Confusing fiction and reality Most people have two criteria for what is real: their own experience and information about what is supposedly real from authority figures. For most people, their own experience is a pretty local affair both in terms of geography and time. For just about everything beyond the local, the […]

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