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Nord Stream 2: Why Ukraine and Poland Are Against It

There is no doubt about the fundamental importance of the gas flow for the European energy balance. There is even less doubt about Russia’s role in this process. Western Europe is not self-sufficient in producing gas, depending on its import. It is speculated that in a long time Europe will need less and less imported […]

Live Stream: #SOTU Breakdown and Recap

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US sanctions will delay Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline but WON’T END IT, Polish PM admits

“I believe the US sanctions will delay the project but will not end it,” Mateusz Morawiecki told German newspaper Die Welt in an interview. Swiss-Dutch pipe-laying company Allseas stopped its work on the pipeline in December through fear of getting hit by the sanctions, which were adopted by the US earlier that month. Morawiecki, whose […]

Sanctions, Security, And The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Authored Binoy Kampmark via The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, construction of which is intended to transport 55 billion cubic metres of Russian gas to Germany per year under the Baltic Sea, is a ragbag of options and promises.  The fruit of a deal between Berlin and Moscow, it has troubled those within Russia, […]

The Russia-Germany Pipeline Nord Stream 2: Washington to “Free” Europe from Freedom to Decide for Itself

Nord Stream 2 is a pipeline project extending from Russia to Germany that – when completed – will provide a secure means of exporting Russian natural gas to Western Europe – circumventing a  now volatile Ukraine all while tying Russia and Europe together further through mutually beneficial economic activity. Of course, for special interests residing […]

Oh, really? US envoy to Germany says Nord Stream 2 sanctions ‘EXTREMELY PRO-EUROPEAN’ despite Berlin & EU criticism

Grenell, who has courted controversy in Germany with his frequent attempts to meddle in Berlin’s sovereign matters, said in an interview with Bild and AP that he was swamped with messages of gratitude from European diplomats after US President Donald Trump signed a defense spending bill envisioning biting sanctions on the companies involved in the […]

‘Sanctions just a hiccup’: Nord Stream 2 will be completed, & US knows it but cannot bear the thought – former US diplomat

The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, signed by US President Donald Trump into law on Friday, envisions harsh sanctions for the foreign contractors involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The bill gives the companies 30 days to wind down operations before they are put on a blacklist, their visas revoked and […]

‘They’ll soon demand we stop breathing’: Moscow slams Nord Stream 2 sanctions, says US hinders economic growth

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova lashed out at the US’ crippling sanctions regarding the pipeline this Friday. “A state with a $22-trillion national debt prohibits creditworthy countries to develop the real sector of their economies!” she wrote in a Facebook post, adding that the “American ideology of living on loan has not withstood global competition.” […]

US Moves To Sanction Russia-led Gas Pipeline Nord Stream 2

U.S. lawmakers have included sanctions on companies helping Russia’s gas giant Gazprom to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project in the National Defense Authorization Act for the U.S. defense in 2020. The sanctions in the bill, which U.S. lawmakers must pass to authorize defense expenditures, would target subsea construction vessels that lay […]

Stream with Critiqued and Keith Woods

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‘Window is closing’: US Senate makes last-ditch effort to ax Nord Stream 2 pipeline

The sanctions against the companies involved in the project have been included in the draft 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch told Defense News on Saturday that the legislation essentially mimics the last anti-Nord Stream bill – the so-called Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act – which was approved by […]

Antifa assaults and robs youtuber mid-stream at Dinesh and Brandon Straka event

(Natural News) Dinesh D’Souza and Brandon Straka journeyed into the belly of the beast on Tuesday, hosting a #WalkAway event in downtown Portland, Oregon. YouTuber Portland Andy (not to be confused with Andy Ngo, different guy, same name, same city) was covering the antifa counter protest, which only numbered around 15, no match for the […]

Russia begins pumping natural gas into Turkish Stream pipeline

   Gazprom has started to fill the first branch of the offshore section of the Turkish Stream pipeline with natural gas. This is the final stage of testing the pipeline before putting it into operation later this year. “Filling the pipeline system with gas is a significant step towards the start of actual gas supplies […]

#LionelNation Special Live Stream: You’ll Never Be Able to Understand Randomness

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New EU commissioner warns of "over reliance" on Russian energy as Nord Stream II nears completion

   It’s a screaming headline in BILD, with “PUTIN” installed in the banner headline for better tabloid* effect, but the story is paywalled, so your translator resorted to Ria.Novosti for the text. After the translation, I will add several comments on this news from Facebook friends in Germany. The new head of the European Commission, […]

Why is this border gate in Texas padlocked OPEN for illegals to stream in? (Video)

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Nord Stream 2 Is Losing Support In Germany

Authored by Nick Cunningham via, The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is running into some trouble amid opposition from the Trump administration. Support for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Germany is slipping, according to a report from Bloomberg. Some politicians in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition are moving against the pipeline for geopolitical reasons, citing fears […]

Blocking Nord Stream 2: To Fight “Russian Dictatorship,” US Dictates to Europe. US wants Europe to buy expensive U.S. LNG

Blocking Nord Stream 2: To Fight “Russian Dictatorship,” US Dictates to Europe (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Rarely is irony and hypocrisy so thoroughly combined as it was when the US House of Representatives passed resolution 1035 – “Expressing opposition to the completion of Nord Stream II” (.pdf). Bloomberg in its article, “U.S. House […]

‘Blatant & brazen’: Russian lawmaker lambastes US ‘interference’ in Nord Stream 2 deal

The calls for Berlin to halt the pipeline’s construction are “blatant and brazen interference into the affairs of its sovereign partners,” something Washington “has no right to do,” the lawmaker wrote on social media on Sunday. The Nord Stream 2 project is designed to deliver Russian natural gas to Germany across the Baltic Sea. The […]

Russian South Stream 2.0 Comes Out Of The Shadows

Source: Kommersant The new Black Sea gas pipeline Turkish Stream will run under sea from Krasnodar to a landing hub just west of Istanbul. On November 19, presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan met in Istanbul to announce the completion of pipeline’s off-shore section. Pipeline capacity is for 30 bullion cubic meters, […]

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