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The Freedom Struggle Is A Labor Struggle, Then And Now

Black labor militants, many of whom were Communists, were the key to building the CIO in the South. “The real question is not ‘labor’s’ support of ‘Black liberation’ but rather: why has so much of the U.S. labor movement refused to embrace the entire class?” Robin D.G. Kelley, the Gary B. Nash professor of American […]

The Science of Struggle

One day, a boy found a fuzzy caterpillar and put it in a cage as a new pet. Soon, he observed the fascinating metamorphosis as the caterpillar disappeared within a cocoon. He checked the crusty shell daily for the butterfly to emerge. The boy waited impatiently and feared it was stuck. So he took a […]

‘Nowhere to retreat from here’: Packed crematoriums struggle to burn bodies of Covid-19 victims in Czech Republic & Slovakia

Officials in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are sounding the alarm, as crematoriums struggle with the influx of bodies of Covid-19 victims. “The pandemic is affecting the Ostrava crematorium in such a way that they are unable to cremate all of the dead there,” regional governor Ivo Vondrak said, adding that he will ask the […]

The Struggle To Free Julian Assange Is Not Finished

On January 4, 2021, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser gave a ruling wherein she blocked Julian Assange’s extradition to the US under Section 91 of UK’s Extradition Act (EA) 2003, citing health reasons.  The US government has decided to appeal this decision. Section 91 of EA 2003 prohibits extradition if “the physical or mental condition of the person is such […]

Assange’s Extradition Case Is Our Struggle For Popular Power

Assange’s Extradition Case Is Our Struggle For Popular Power Monday, January 4, 2021, will be a seminal day for press freedom and our right to know what our governments and corporations are doing around the world. Judge Vanessa Baraitser will announce her decision on the United States’ request to extradite Julian Assange to the US […]

General Soleimani led the Iranian nation in its struggle against U.S. Imperialism and Zionism

The imperious U.S. has never forgiven the Iranian nation and people for standing up to it. The 1953 CIA initiated coup that installed the hated Pahlavi regime was a dagger that pierced the heart of the Iranian people. Ever since the great Iranian Revolution of 1979, the U.S. has tried by hook or by crook […]

In West Bank refugee camps, Palestinians arm up for post-Abbas power struggle

In Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank, some residents are preparing weapons for a potential power struggle when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas finally leaves the stage. Abbas, 85, leader of the dominant Fatah movement and of the Palestinian Authority, has promised legislative and presidential elections in 2021, for the first time in more […]

Runriket, Where the Power Struggle of a Viking Ruler is Written in Stone

The Viking era (800 -1066 AD) is arguably one of the most fascinating in history. Runriket, or the Rune Kingdom, is a unique archaeological area in Sweden, containing more than a hundred runestones with a great number of inscriptions. Runriket is the largest known concentration of runestones in the world and they offer us the […]

Beyond COVID-19: The Power Struggle Over Alternatives For Health Care Reform

We have been repeatedly told over at least four decades that the free market will fix our system’s problems of access, costs, and quality of health care. That claim has been proven false by long experience. For-profit corporate stakeholders, often investor-owned, have demonstrated their commitment to profits over the public interest. The enormous medical-industrial complex […]

NYT: Post-2020, Democrats Struggle with Socialism

Democrats are having a vehement internal debate about the role of socialism and left-wing priorities within the party, after a bruising election in which they may have won the presidency but also lost ground in Congress, contrary to expectations. A New York Times analysis on Sunday presents two alternative views. One blames the “socialist” label for […]

National Socialists Use German Moser – Put Hard Earned Money into Struggle, Not Luxury Gay Jew Hair Salons

This is gay and Jewish. Buy once. Use it an entire lifetime. Pass it onto your favorite son. Beta fag soyboy cuck vegans buy incredibly expensive hair cuts from Zohan and other anti-Aryan Hebrew conglomerates. Don’t be an obedient bitch slave goyyim. High quality German product. Aryan. Anti-Semitic. National Socialist minimalism. Cut your own hair […]

Deception 2020: The Struggle Is The Same

[embedded content] In this eighth and final installment of the Deception 2020 Series, we uplift the solidarity of the shaken – acknowledging how shitty things feel right now while highlighting the power and hope that rests in our actions far outside the confines of a voting booth. Jacquie Luqman, co-host of By Any Means Necessary joins us […]

Left-Democrats Abandon Struggle For The Working Class To The Right

By Roger D. Harris, Popular Resistance. October 29, 2020 | Educate! NOTE: I know people talk about them as a “wing of the Democratic Party,” but I find the idea of “Left Democrats” an oxymoron.  – MF All indications are that Joe Biden is heading for a landslide win. Losers will be Trump and those Republicans who […]

Tesak: By Dedicating My Life to The Anti-Semitic National Socialist Struggle, I Have Become Immortal

In memory of “the Cleaver” (Tesak). Life path and funeral of Maxim (Russian: Памяти Тесака. Жизненный путь и похороны Максима) [embedded content] Turn on CC and auto-translate to English to see the video with English subtitles. Thanks YouTube Jews for translating the video and helping to spread truthful anti-Jewish National Socialist propaganda. 00 Hits: 17

The second intifada, 20 years on: Thousands died in a struggle that failed

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00 Hits: 0

Tribute To Kevin Zeese: Life And Loss In The Struggle For Liberation

Zeese never wavered in his opposition to the corporate duopoly, white supremacy, and the forces of militarism. “His actions and ideological commitments were grounded in a deep identification with the oppressed.” The pain of loss is immeasurable yet comrades across the globe have come to view it as an inevitable aspect of the fight for liberation. […]

The American Revolution and Women’s Struggle Against Injustice

The American Revolution marked a turning point in the lives of colonists living in America, who, after years of mistreatment by the British, finally declared their independence. Although this turning point was meant to benefit all living in the colonies, women did not benefit so much from the American Revolution with regards to their independence. […]

Tell The People That The Struggle Must Go On

Above photo: MST (Brazil), Families had tear gas hurled at them during eviction proceedings at the Quilombo Campo Grande in Minas Gerais, 14 July 2020. Young children marvel at an obvious contradiction in capitalist societies: why do we have shops filled with food, and yet see hungry people on the streets? It is a question of […]

‘Our freedom struggle is inseparable from the labor movement’: Announcing the JVP Union

“The Palestinian cause is not a cause for Palestinians only, but a cause for every revolutionary, wherever he is, as a cause of the exploited and oppressed masses in our era.” Palestinian Marxist, writer, and revolutionary Ghassan Kanafani On Wednesday, my coworkers and I successfully organized a union at Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), the […]

50 Years Of Struggle From Black August To Black Lives Matter

Above photo: Jonathan Jackson, 17, with William Christmas, James McClain and Ruchell Magee take judge, prosecutor, three jurors as hostages to waiting van Aug. 7, 1970. This Aug. 7 marks the 50th anniversary of the heroic attempt by Jonathan Jackson, younger brother of George Jackson, to free three Black revolutionaries from the clutches of the California […]

Armed struggle, right to return, unity keys to Quds: General

IRNA – The strategy of right to return, Muslims unity, and continuation of armed struggle are the only ways to liberate Quds and the entire Palestine, a senior advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader said on Friday. Participating in the Quds Day rally in the southern Province of Kerman, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said, ‘The […]

Imperial hubris takes its toll: US Navy finds most new officers struggle with handling ship collisions

     Nearly 85 percent of junior officers in the United States Navy present “some concern” or “significant concern” with regard to their ability to handle a crisis involving a collision with another ship, according to a recent internal assessment that reviewed 164 officers. Following the lethal collisions in 2017 between commercial ships and US naval […]

Open Letter to Wajahat Ali: Don’t undermine the Palestinian struggle

Dear Wajahat, Like you, I’m a Pakistani Muslim. I am a woman who is married to a Jewish man. I, together with my husband, am active at a progressive synagogue in San Francisco, where we live. I’ve spent years studying Palestine, particularly on the similarities between Israel and our shared home country of Pakistan, as […]

Land Reform: The State Of The Campesino Struggle in Venezuela

Land Reform: The State Of The Campesino Struggle in Venezuela Above: Venezuelan Campesinos in Merida state (Archive). Hot topic in Venezuela in light of food shortages and economic crisis: the state of the campesino struggle and land reform. The poor peasant: they shoot at him, kill his pigs, tear down his shack, sometimes they rape his […]

Minority of White Farmers Struggle for Survival in South Africa

An embattled minority of white farmers has been targeted and subjected to a wave of barbaric murders. Instead of protecting them, the South African government passed a law allowing it to seize their farms without any compensation, and to distribute them to favored, black groups. They have struggled to attract much sympathy abroad. Comments Source […]

Unions, Democrats Promote Deal To Suppress Struggle By Colorado Teachers

Unions, Democrats Promote Deal To Suppress Struggle By Colorado Teachers Above Photo: Teachers rally outside the Capitol on April 27, 2018, in Phoenix, on their second day of walkouts. (Matt York / AP) The Colorado Education Association (CEA) is collaborating with the Democratic-controlled state government to suppress the resistance of teachers in the state and prevent […]

The struggle of Palestinians is the struggle of Native Americans

My name is Rebecca Miles. I was born and raised on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation and I am enrolled Nez Perce.  I have lived my entire life in Lapwai, Idaho and since 2009 I have been the Executive Director of the Nez Perce tribe. I have spent my entire adult life committed to the […]

Palestinian struggle is being attacked by a digital occupation

Palestinians, their supporters were happy to find their way to the world through social media, but their happiness did not last too long as social medial platforms launched fierce wars on the Palestinian content. Young Palestinians turn to the internet as one of the few places where they can roam freely in a virtual reality […]

The Little-Understood Struggle Between Stalin-Era Soviet Communism and Zionism

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The struggle against colonialism: a review of ‘Why Palestine Matters’

Why Palestine Matters: The Struggle to End Colonialism Edited by Noushin Framke and Susan Landau 104 pp. The Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), $15.00 There is an adage that some of the most productive conversations at conferences often happen in hallways outside the meeting rooms.  The idea for Why Palestine Matters: The […]

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