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Canada: ‘A Lot of People Are Suffering’: Physicians Oppose Sweeping Lockdowns

Wake Up To The Truth People walk along a deserted street in Old Montreal on Nov. 18, 2020. (The Canadian Press/Ryan Remiorz) By Lee Harding November 18, 2020 Updated: November 19, 2020 Ontario Premier Doug Ford says another lockdown is possible, but an increasingly vocal group of medical health experts are urging a more measured […]

Sixty-thousand British War veterans are ‘homeless’ or suffering ‘mental health’ issues

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Pa. Boy, 12, Lived in a ‘State of Perpetual Suffering’ Before Being Starved, Beaten to Death, DA Says

(PennLive/The Patriot-News) — The siblings of a 12-year-old central Pennsylvania boy who was found beaten and starved to death and covered in feces in his family’s home “were told to ignore him and not talk to him,” the district attorney said Monday morning. That was just part of the torture Maxwell Schollenberger suffered at the […]

Humanitarian crisis leaves Yemenis suffering as severe aid shortfall closes clinics

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Qatar: Migrant workers still suffering ahead of FIFA 2022, new report claims

A Human Rights Watch report published today has revealed systemic abuse of migrant worker rights in Qatar ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2020. It found that in a country that relies heavily on migrant workers, many employers are withholding, delaying or arbitrarily deducting their workers’ wages. “Without the migrant workers daily life in Qatar […]

The American people suffering an unconstitutional DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS during this contrived non-pandemic? Here’s the legal remedy!

DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW Summary:Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of […]

The Jewish Satanists/Death Cult That Runs the U.S. Doesn’t Care About You; They Thrive on Suffering & Death

TOPICS:Economic CollapseFood BanksTexasTyler Durden AUGUST 14, 2020 By Tyler Durden Dramatic images released this week show thousands of cars  stretching for miles, lining up for provisions at a Texas food bank as the state continues to deal with the effects of its coronavirus outbreak. At a food drive held in Dallas County on Tuesday, cars from “the […]

Yemen: A Torrent Of Suffering In A Time of Siege

Above photo: Some of the 40 blue backpacks worn in a protest in New York city against the war in Yemen. Each backpack was accompanied by a sign with the name and age of a child killed on a school bus in Dahyan, northern Yemen, on August 9, 2018, in a Saudi/UAE airstrike. Credit: CODEPINK. […]

When it comes to economic suffering, some parts of the US are feeling it far more than others

   2020 has been a very tough year for the U.S. as a whole, but some portions of the country have been hit much harder than others. For example, if you live in a rural area that hasn’t seen any civil unrest and that hasn’t been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the way […]

Acknowledging The Suffering Of Others “Denies Jews Their True Status As The World’s Ultimate Victims”

One of the unintended consequences of their incessant promotion of anti-White ‘multiculturalism’ is that Jews now have to endure sharing their ultimate pity party with the suffering and victimization of other people — which they fear will erase the ‘uniqueness’ and supremacy of Jewish suffering: …Renowned scholars have also stated in the past that the […]

3 of 5 Palestinian children are suffering traumatic nightmares

Children living in the Gaza Strip are experiencing unusually high rates of nightmares and are showing increasing signs of psychosocial deterioration as a result of the violent response to the Gaza protests, just over a month since they began. 56 per cent of Palestinian children surveyed by Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in March were suffering […]

Doctors in Syria’s #Douma refute reports of patients suffering from chemical poisoning

Doctors in Syria’s Douma refute reports of patients suffering from chemical poisoning Earlier Syrian Red Crescent Society doctors told the media all rumors about patients with chemical poisoning were not true EASTERN GHOUTA, April 9. /TASS/. Syrian doctors in Douma have dismissed rumors they are treating patients that had been brought to them with symptoms of […]

How To Recognize When Your Society Is Suffering A Dramatic Decline

When historians and analysts look at the factors surrounding the collapse of a society, they often focus on the larger events and indicators — the moments of infamy. However, I think it’s important to consider the reality that large scale societal decline is built upon a mixture of elements, prominent as well as […]

Big Pharma is making billions off psychiatric suffering, but what is it really costing us?

(Natural News) Back in 1996, annual spending on psychiatric disorders was $79 billion in the United States. Two decades later, that figure has nearly trebled to $201 billion. While some might see this as evidence of progress and a sign that more people are receiving the mental health care that they need, […]

Why the Imbalance of the Feminine and Masculine Energies is the Cause of Human Suffering

February 12th, 2018 By Pao L. Chang Guest writer for Wake Up World Man (“male” or “female”) lives in a reality governed by the Law of Polarity. This type of reality is unique because it allows the manifestation of positive and negative experiences. These experiences are great for teaching the souls/spirits of humankind to transcend dynamic life […]

Palestinian Suffering Is Caused by Very Existence of israel

Palestinian Suffering Is Caused by Very Existence of Israel Antisemitism: The Tool to Silence Those Who Expose Israel and Zionism Under Israeli control there is no justice for Palestinians, no freedom for Palestinians and no equality for Palestinians. This is not a secret, in fact this has been known and reported for decades by various […]

Flu epidemic set to hit UK as 8.3 million now suffering symptoms

     A flu epidemic will hit England within a fortnight, if current trends continue, according to latest figures showing more than eight million people now suffering symptoms. The new data shows a “significant excess” of deaths among over 65s in England, and among those in all age groups in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Across England, […]

America’s dirty little secret: 42 million people are suffering from hunger, but still plenty of money for more wars

America’s dirty little secret: 42 million people are suffering from hunger While families across the country gather around the dinner table during this holiday season, there is a different, far less cheery scenario playing out for millions of other Americans. They’re the ones who go hungry, and for whom food — and enough of it […]

Inspiration behind ‘ice bucket challenge’ dies at 46 after suffering from ALS, raised $115million for cause

     The man who helped to propel the ice bucket challenge into a global social media phenomenon has died from motor neurone disease, aged 46. Anthony Senerchia, who was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) 14 years ago, is survived by his wife Jeanette and nine-year-old daughter Taya. His obituary read: ‘Anthony’s positive attitude and […]

Breathtaking Film Explains the Purpose of Meditation and the Answer to Human Suffering

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times Samadhi Part 1: Maya the Illusion of the Self is the first installment in a series by filmmaker Daniel Schmidt. In this visually-stunning film, Schmidt attempts to articulate to the viewer the meaning of samadhi. He also examines how we are the cause of and, through samadhi, the solution to all […]

‘They Killed Him’ Officials Delayed Care For Vermont Inmate Suffering From Untreated Cancer

Bobby Hutt died of cancer in October 2014, after suffering for over a year. His sisters say the Vermont Department of Corrections “killed him” by waiting until the cancer got so bad that Bobby’s leg broke beneath him. Like many people who have lost a loved one to cancer, his sisters look back on his […]

Our Addiction to Suffering

Amy L. Lansky, PhD, ContributorWaking Times The Buddha said that suffering arises from craving — for instance, craving for more love, more possessions, more physical prowess or beauty. But sometimes I wonder if the truth is more akin to the reverse — that we crave our suffering. In other words, are we actually addicted to suffering? In […]

FLASHBACK – Germany is ‘exploiting’ refugee suffering to recruit ‘slaves’ via mass immigration

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YEMEN: US Military Industrial Complex Benefits from Suffering of a Brave Nation

Starvation and Cholera threaten the children of Yemen, even without the Saudi coalition daily bombing raids. (Photo: Twitter) 21st Century Wire says…. “This barbaric nation [Saudi Arabia] should not be getting our weapons,I am embarrassed that people are out here making money and making a buck, while 17 million are living on a starvation diet.” […]

Man Sues Ogden Police Officer After Suffering Punctured Lung and Broken Ribs During Arrest

OGDEN, Utah – A man is suing an Ogden police officer for allegedly using excessive force during an arrest. Guy Gailey is suing for the arrest, which occurred at 2:30a.m on April the 6th. Gailey said he was riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the street when […]

Israel main cause of Palestinian suffering, UN says

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 31 May 2017 Palestinian children play on the rubble of their family home demolished by Israel occupation forces in the East Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood, on the pretext it lacked a virtually impossible to obtain permit, 26 October 2016. As Israel’s occupation passes 50 years, demolitions are hitting new records. Mahfouz […]

Activists attempt to ESCAPE Ecuador after suffering shocking ordeal

(Natural News) When activist Carlita Shaw first headed to Ecuador six years ago, she had no idea what was in store for her. She went to the South American country to work on biodiversity conservation projects in conjunction with Amazon indigenous groups, and while she accomplished a great deal, her stay there has recently been […]

Could you be suffering from a dehydration headache?

(Natural News) Common as they are, headaches can be caused by a great number of things. What many people don’t realize is that dehydration is one of them. According to, not having enough fluid in the body causes what is called a dehydration headache, which occurs when the brain pulls away from the skull […]

Artist Suffering From Anxiety & Depression Illustrates Her Life In Hilarious Comics

While there’s certainly nothing funny about depression or anxiety, many sufferers often find solace in the idea that they are not alone. As an anxiety sufferer myself, one of the ways I originally found relief was in knowing other people were experiencing similar symptoms. Sometimes we would even laugh about it, because it was astonishing […]

Humanity is Suffering from a Divide and Conquer Strategy

Phillip J. Watt, ContributorWaking Times  So much infighting. So much disagreement. So much disharmony. Humanity is dazed and confused like never before. Given there’s so much intellectual and emotional carnage eating away at the truth, let me try and break down politics, economics and the division it has on all of us: – The […]

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