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Facebook employee dead after ‘apparent suicide’ at headquarters

“Menlo Park Police Officers and Menlo Park Fire Protection District personnel responded, and when they arrived, found the victim unresponsive,” Menlo Park Police Department said on Thursday. “Firefighters and paramedics administered medical aid but were unable to revive the victim.” A preliminary investigation indicated there was no foul play involved in the apparent […]

UK School Apologizes For Asking Teenagers To Write ‘Suicide Note’ As Part Of English Exercise

A UK school has been forced to apologize after a group of GCSE pupils were asked to write a mock suicide note as part of an English writing exercise. One “shocked” parent complained after students at Cheney School in Headington, Oxford, were set the task as part of studying J.B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls. In […]

The United States: A Nation on Suicide Watch

“The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan required major shifts in national resources from civilian to military purposes and contributed to the growth of the budget deficit and public debt. Through FY 2018, the direct costs of the wars will have totaled more than $1.9 trillion, according to US Government figures. Pollution is a serious issue. […]

Game creator’s suicide after feminist Zoe Quinn accuses him of abuse shows peril of Twitter trials

Not only is your social media feed becoming a live broadcast of an execution of the lost and the vulnerable, but the people handed the axe and hood may be no saner than the ones they are beheading. Let’s leave for the moment –and we will return here– whether the claims against Holowka are likely […]

‘Nothing’ to indicate Epstein death was not a suicide: Attorney General William Barr

. . . AIM Patriot John comments: Attempt to “get ahead” and condone the upcoming exposure of Satanism?! Newsweek: Time to Rethink Taboo on Cannibalism? . . How to Destroy the Climate Change Hoax . . ‘Nothing’ to indicate Epstein death was not a suicide: Attorney General William Barr . President Trump is the Chosen […]

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide: Ain’t Nobody Buying That!

Derrick Broze breaks down a new poll showing Americans do not trust the autopsy ruling that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. Source: Americans Say Murder More Likely Than Suicide in Epstein Case Support the Future of The Conscious Resistance Network: Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, […]

Epstein used wealth to survive in jail, DoJ guards not cooperating with ‘suicide’ investigation

   He couldn’t buy his freedom — but he could buy vending machine snacks, the “friendship” of fellow inmates, and hours on end away from his cell meeting with lawyers. Millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein spread his wealth around as much as he could in the month before he committed suicide on Aug. 10 at the […]

Epstein’s Lawyers Oppose Official Suicide Ruling, Will Pursue ‘Independent’ Probe

Alas, the speculation will continue. Matters have not necessarily been helped by the fact that the Epstein family has retained the services of celebrity pathologist and cul-de-sac gatekeeper, Dr. Michael Baden, to further investigate the reported suicide of billionaire and convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein. We’re told that Baden had “helped investigate” the assassinations of […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers REJECT Coroner’s ‘Suicide’ Ruling

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein have rejected the coroners official ruling that the child sex trafficker committed “suicide” by hanging himself. Following the Friday ruling, three of Epstein’s attorneys announced that they are launching their own “independent and complete investigation” into the pedophile billionaire’s death. Reid Weingarten, Martin G. Weinberg, and Michael Miller released a statement […]

It’s Official: Epstein Committed Suicide by Hanging, Medical Examiner Rules

August 16, 2019 By Tyler Durden A New York medical examiner announced on Friday that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell, according to CNBC. The 66-year-old millionaire pedophile was found in his cell on Saturday morning at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), after which he was rushed to a nearby hospital and […]

‘Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide’ Rules Medical Examiner

The Facts: Protests in Hong Kong against an ‘Extradition Bill’ that threatens the freedom of residents have ramped up, to the point where the Hong Kong Airport had to be shut down and the Chinese army is closer to intervening upon this semi-autonomous nation. Reflect On: Is Hong Kong now the central theatre playing out […]

The pornography of “American” power. How Judaic American Mass suicide culture has turned Americans and the world into madmen and warriors.

Every ad every movie and all of media and academic world drive the gentiles to war or self-inflicted suicide. Very little good or useful information gets seen by the masses. The gentiles are mystified by the pornographic media.  Not just fantasy sexual pornography. Pornography of all kinds. There are now countless forms of distraction that […]

List of 71 Clinton Associates Who Died Mysteriously or Committed Suicide Before Testimony

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the highest profile prisoner in US custody, was recently found dead in his prison cell in Manhattan. This occurred the day after two thousand previously sealed court documents involving the Jeffrey Epstein child sex abuse case were released to the public. The documents described how Bill Clinton held a private party […]

Jeffrey Epstein’s Cellmate Was Mysteriously Transferred Day Before ‘Suicide’

Correctional officers at the New York City prison that was housing Jeffrey Epstein didn’t check in on him for hours leading up to his apparent “suicide” on Saturday, which occurred just after his cellmate was transferred, leaving Epstein alone in the cell, for reasons that remain unclear. Epstein, 66, was found unconscious in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, and later pronounced dead, raising […]

HOLY CHUTZPAH! Epstein Suicide Psyop Sends Serious Message to Humanity

    There’s only one force in the world today powerful and pervasive enough to ‘suicide’ the most valuable witness and closely guarded inmate in history, and get away with it. State of the Nation Now guess who that might be. The key clue comes from the Yiddish word found in the post title — […]

Former MCC Inmate: There’s No Way Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide

There is no way that Jeffrey Epstein could have killed himself, a former inmate of the Metropolitan Correction Center in lower Manhattan has claimed. In an interview with the New York Post, an ex-convict, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, reveals what it is like spending time in the special housing unit high-profile prisoners […]

On Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Suicide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes I have been patiently waiting for the response of Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers to his reported death before weighing in on the matter. After being found wounded in his cell, one would expect that if Epstein believed he was in mortal danger, he would have communicated that fact to his very competent legal […]

#Epstein #Jeffreyepstein Jeffrey Epstein “Dead of Suicide” HMMMMMM

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Facebook employee dead after ‘apparent suicide’ at headquarters “Menlo Park Police Officers and Menlo Park Fire Protection District personnel responded, and when UK School Apologizes For Asking Teenagers To Write ‘Suicide Note’ As Part Of English Exercise A UK school has been forced to […]

Here Are the Questions Re #BreakingNews: Jeffrey Epstein Dies From Suicide While On Suicide Watch

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts IDF officer hit by rock while driving in West Bank, moderately hurt An Israeli military officer on leave was moderately wounded Friday afternoon after being hit in Cop Arrested With Gloves, Knife, and Zip Ties While On His Way to Meet a 14-Year-Old Girl An […]

Jeffrey Epstein Dies Of “Suicide”

Op-Ed by Caitlin Johnstone Disappointing everyone yet surprising no one, accused sex trafficker and alleged billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has “committed” “suicide”. Details are muddled and conflicting, with CNN reporting that Epstein “was taken from New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center at 3:30 a.m. Saturday in cardiac arrest and died at an area hospital” and the New […]

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