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India eyes opportunities for energy supplies from the Arctic as Russia invites strategic partner for joint exploration

At a recent conference in New Delhi, acting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that “Russia and India are working together on geological exploration, which could allow India to become the first non-Arctic state extracting resources in the Arctic.” He added that “all of this makes it possible to speak with confidence about the prospects […]

Since Feeding the Homeless Is Illegal, Activists Carry AR-15s to Give Out Food, Supplies

By Matt Agorist Dallas, TX — Feeding and clothing the homeless in the land of the free has now become a revolutionary act. Luckily, however, there are still good people willing to carry that act out. In December 2014, the Dallas city council enacted Ordinance No. 29595, which makes it illegal to serve food to […]

Portland Trail Blazers sever ties with company that supplies IDF with rifle scopes after campaign by activists

Portland Trail Blazers president and CEO Chris McGowan has announced that the National Basketball Association (NBA) team will no longer partner with a rifle scope manufacturer that has a contract with Israeli military. The move comes after a year-long campaign by local activists to pressure the Blazers to drop the sponsor. Blazers president and CEO […]

Regional NSW is running out of water supplies

Communities are facing a tough road ahead. Photo: ABC Parts of regional NSW could run out of water as early as November, with other locations set to follow, as reports predict the “worst-case scenario” for communities with no urgent intervention. Almost a dozen towns across regional New South Wales and southern Queensland are staring down […]

California Farmers Are Planting Solar Panels as Water Supplies Dry Up

In Blade Runner 2049, the California Central Valley looks like this: (In case you’re wondering, the solar concentrators in the opening scene of the film were inspired by the idiotic Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, which is based on concentrated solar thermal energy.) Nestled in among the heliostat fields are protein farms: […]

This is how WW3 was started in the Pacific because the U.S. blockaded Japan’s oil and gas supplies.

    Syria & Iran To Defy Sanctions By Building Railway From Tehran To Mediterranean By News Desk AMN BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:00 A.M.) – Iran is preparing to begin construction on a large railway that links their capital city of Tehran to the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, the Director of Syrian Railways Najib Al-Fares […]

BUSTED: Democrats are intentionally withholding assistance and supplies to illegal minors at the border so they can blame Trump for "caging children"

(Natural News) Even as they feign being heartbroken over the plight of illegal alien children being held in detention facilities at America’s southern border, leftist Democrats have kept themselves busy actively blocking aid to these same children as a gesture of hatred towards President Donald Trump. As you probably know, Nancy Pelosi, […]

Iran exceeds JCPOA cap on heavy water supplies

Yusef Jalali  Press TV, Arak Iran is going to quadruple its stockpile of low-enriched uranium and will exceed the limit set on its stockpile of heavy water. The announcement was made by the spokesman of the country’s Atomic Energy Organization at Arak Heavy Water Reactor Facility in central Iran. Press TV’s Yusef Jalali was there… […]

Reduced Iran oil supplies badly hurt Asian refiners

Asian oil refiners are seeing their profits shrink from the loss of Iranian crude supplies after the US decided in April not to extend sanctions waivers for imports from Iran. According to media reports, refinery margins have dropped to the lowest for this time of year in 16 years and are expected to deteriorate […]

Russia Announces Delivery Of More Supplies To Venezuela’s Military

Even after repeat threats issued to Moscow from President Trump himself — including recently saying bluntly “Russia has to get out” — the Russian military now appears so unconcerned by such warnings that it’s simply announcing its Maduro support actions ahead of time via state media.  Russian news agency TASS said Friday, citing a military-diplomatic source, that Russia plans to supply Venezuela’s […]

Amazon must remove toxic school supplies, kids’ jewelry from marketplace nationwide

(Natural News) Washington state investigators found that more than 15,000 people bought school supplies and jewelry geared toward young children that contained dangerous levels of lead and cadmium from Amazon in 2017 and 2018. (Article by Sean Walton republished from Even after Amazon was notified of the illegal children’s products and […]

Amazon must remove toxic school supplies, kids’ jewelry from marketplace nationwide

(Natural News) Washington state investigators found that more than 15,000 people bought school supplies and jewelry geared toward young children that contained dangerous levels of lead and cadmium from Amazon in 2017 and 2018. (Article by Sean Walton republished from Even after Amazon was notified of the illegal children’s products and […]

Amazon told to stop selling kids’ school supplies that contain over 80 times the legal limit of lead

This pencil pouch has over 35 times the legal limit of lead, 29 times the legal limit of cadmium. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says Amazon has committed to nationwide corporate reforms after the investigation led by his office found dozens of children’s school supplies sold on Amazon had illegal levels of […]

Prepping basics: 4 Lists of essential survival supplies

(Natural News) When SHTF, do you have enough food and supplies to keep your family comfortable? If the answer is “no,” check out the lists below and start preparing the items that you still need. Don’t wait until it’s too late before you stock up your pantry and pack bug-out bags for […]

Iran has enough supplies of 20% uranium: Salehi

MNA – Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said that Iran has enough resources of 20% enriched uranium and also that the country is able to resume its peaceful nuclear activities. Ali Akbar Salehi made the remarks Tuesday in an interview with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). He called upon the […]

War on Palestine’s food supplies: israeli (apartheid state) navy opens fire, detains 4 fishermen in Gaza

Israeli navy opens fire, detains 4 fishermen in Gaza GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained four Palestinian fishermen, on Saturday morning, including two brothers, off the coast of the western besieged Gaza Strip. Head of the Palestinian Fishermen Union in Gaza, Zakariya Bakr, said that Israeli war boats opened fire targeting Palestinian fishing boats […]

Molds in Food Supplies are Thought to be Responsible for Thousands of Cases of Liver Cancer, Immune Suppression in Children

Natural News| Mycotoxins, the toxic substances produced by fungi, are one of the most serious food safety problems that affect staple crops. Aflatoxins, the focus of this research, has been extensively studied and it is responsible for a whopping 90,000 cases of liver cancer annually. For this study, researchers looked into aflatoxins to determine how agricultural research […]

Apartheid state’s war on Palestine’s food supplies: israeli Navy Opens Fire At Fishing Boats, Abducts Four Fishermen In Gaza

              The Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a statement strongly condemning the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinian fishermen, and the illegal confiscation of their boats, and called for the release of four fishermen, who were taken prisoner by the navy, on Tuesday, in two separate attacks. Al-Mezan […]

The War on Palestine’s Food Supplies, israel (apartheid state) to Reduce Gaza Fishing Zone by One-Third

Israel has announced further reductions of the Gaza Strip’s fishing zone, stating it was in response to the weekly protests near the fence east of the coastal enclave. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s office said in a statement on Saturday that the fishing zone will be reduced from nine nautical miles to six nautical miles. […]

US to send Israel more F-35s after Moscow supplies S-300s to Syria – reports

US President Donald Trump decided to lend a hand to America’s most devoted ally following consultations at the “highest administration and military levels,” DEBKAfile, a military intelligence news site, said to have ties with the Israeli security services, reported. ‘New reality’? Israel may increasingly use F-35s in Syria raids after Russia’s S-300 delivery The move […]

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