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Willing Accomplices: Western Media Support for CIA Coup in Bolivia

by Stephen Lendman Without establishment media support, US planned aggression, color revolutions, old-fashioned coups, and other hostile to peace, equity and justice actions wouldn’t get out of the starting gate. Propaganda support is crucial, manipulating the public mind. Media operate as gatekeepers, proliferating the official narrative, suppressing vital hard truths essential for everyone to know. […]

Video: With Russia’s Support Syrian Army Kicks Off New Offensive in Southern Idlib

On November 14, the Syrian Army backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a limited offensive on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its Turkish-backed allies in southern Idlib. Government forces liberated the town of Luwaybidah and the nearby Khaznah hill after a series of clashes with militants. Then, army troops supported by artillery […]

If North Korea and Japan went to war, South Koreans would support Kim Jong-un, says new survey

The survey, titled “The Situation in Northeast Asia and South Koreans’ Perception,” found that 45.5 percent of respondents would support North Korea, while just 15.1 percent would support Japan, while 39.4 were undecided.  The survey, which was carried out by a state-sponsored think tank led by research fellow Lee Sang Sin, involved 1,000 participants and […]

Thousands of Lebanese rally in support of President Aoun amid anti-government protests

Press TV – Thousands of people in Lebanon have held a rally in support of President Michel Aoun, after more than two weeks of anti-government demonstrations that ultimately forced Prime Minister Saad Hariri to step down over a troubled economy. Supporters mostly rallied outside the presidential residence, the Baabda Palace, near the Lebanese capital, Beirut, […]

Iraqis block roads in support of anti-government protests

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqi protesters blocked roads in Baghdad on Sunday to raise pressure on the government to resign after more than a week of renewed mass demonstrations. Protesters blocked one road with burning tires and barbed wire, and held up a banner reading “Roads closed by order of the people.” They appeared to be […]

Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association comes out in support of a bill that protects Palestinian children

The Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (RRA) has come out in support of a bill that promotes the human rights of Palestinian children and they’re calling on congress to pass it. H.R.2407, the Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act, was introduced by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) in April. The bill would […]

Poll: Only 8% Fully Support Extinction Rebellion

A new poll reveals that only 8% of people support the message and methods of protest used by Extinction Rebellion. A survey for the Telegraph newspaper in Britain reveals that 54% of respondents think climate change protests have been a massive “waste of time” and that the demonstrators are “protesting for the sake of protesting.” […]

Toilet rolls & tensions fly high in Barcelona amid fresh rallies in support of jailed pro-independence leaders

   Defying Madrid’s demand to “firmly” keep order, supporters of jailed Catalan pro-independence leaders launched a fresh rally in Barcelona. The protest later turned into scuffles with police and barricades were also set ablaze. The unrest is gripping the Catalan capital, as well as other cities, for the third consecutive day. The mass rallies were […]

Just hours left to support young Palestinian writers

This week, we at Mondoweiss have been highlighting some extraordinary people: youth in Gaza who work with the project We Are Not Numbers to sharpen their prose for publication.  And we’ve asked you to step up to support this valuable project and its partnership with Mondoweiss. If you already have, THANK YOU! We are very […]

AOG Pastor Challenges Australian Christian Churches to Support Hillsong Child Rape Victim

    Open letter to the Members of the National Executive of the Australian Christian Churches. Dear Sirs, I am writing to you again, as I did just over 12 months ago to appeal to you to assist Mr Brett Sengstock, a survivor of childhood sex abuse by clergy and, as you well know, a […]

Canadian imam: ‘Filthy’ candidates in elections support Zionism, homosexuality

A Canadian imam called candidates in the country’s upcoming elections “evil and filthy” supporters of Zionism who approve of homosexuality, warning Muslims they would be judged for their votes. “This voting is a testimony and will be recorded,” Sheikh Younus Kathrada of Victoria, British Columbia, said in a sermon on October 11. “On Judgment Day, […]

The match has been increased! Support Gaza writers by unlocking these funds before time runs out.

I’ve been a reader and supporter of Mondoweiss for years, and because I think it fills such an important role, I’m writing to urge you to act now in support. If you commit now to be a recurring donor at any level, you will trigger a $100 match. But only if you sign up by […]

A Coalition of Support: Parliamentarians for Julian Assange

Australian politicians, and the consular staff of the country, are rarely that engaged on the subject of protecting their citizens.  In a couple of notorious cases, Australian authorities demonstrated, not only an indifference, but a consciously venal approach to its citizens in overseas theatres.   Mamdouh Ahmed Habib (image below), a dual Australian-Egyptian national, was detained […]

Why would Trump support the Kurds? They want to kill him. Kurdish Militia Trained Antifa Fighters In Northern Syria

Kurdish Militia Trained Antifa Fighters In Northern Syria Source Article from Related Posts People’s SEXIEST MAN ALIVE is John Legend – but would you dare to vote for anyone else in 2019? Various glossy magazines, internet sites and television shows like to poll and rate different actors Hillary Clinton: ‘I CONSTANTLY Think About What […]

Jon Voight Used To Support Democrats, But They ‘Do Not Represent America Anymore’

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight ripped the Democrat Party in an interview Wednesday, saying he used to support the party but “The Democratic party doesn’t represent America anymore.” “I’m a big supporter of our president, and I feel that what has happened with the Democratic party is something that I’d never thought I’d see happen,” Voight, a […]

I am proud that we support movement organizations like We Are Not Numbers. Can you help us strengthen the movement?

You are painfully aware, I think, of the limitations on life in Gaza: intermittent electricity; shortages of clean water, food and medicine; widespread unemployment; the constant threat of violence by Israeli forces. You empathize with the ongoing trauma, depression and anxiety experienced by young people there. And if you’re like me, you wonder how they […]


South Front 07.10.2019 The US has continued supporting its efforts against the Houthis.Since the beginning of the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen in 2015. Despite wide-ranging and seemingly endless support, which comes in spite of bombing of civilian targets and other questionable methods of fighting the war, such as using child soldiers from African countries, Saudi […]

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Probe of Corrupt Bidens

A new poll shows that a whopping 57 percent of Americans support a Justice Department investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter regarding their dodgy dealings in Ukraine and China. Only 37 percent of respondents were against investigating them, according to a new poll published by Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP. reports: The poll showed […]

KFCgate: Something like this can only happen with the full support of the C.I.A.

Related Posts Willing Accomplices: Western Media Support for CIA Coup in Bolivia by Stephen Lendman Without establishment media support, US planned aggression, color revolutions, old-fashioned coups, and Video: With Russia’s Support Syrian Army Kicks Off New Offensive in Southern Idlib On November 14, the Syrian Army backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a […]

Axis of Resistance.The West and its Allies Support al Qaeda and ISIS Globally

The real Axis of Evil consists of Washington-led NATO and its allies. The magnitude of the human and environmental catastrophe is unimaginable in scope. Western governments and their agencies send strong delusion to North Americans, who remain largely ignorant to the reality of the catastrophe being committed in their names. The Western War Of Terror, […]

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